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SKU #: DYN-CR92-2X3050 Dynatrac ProSteer HD Upper and Lower Ball Joint Set 03-13 Dodge Ram 2500 / 3500

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    • 2003-2013 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4
    • 2003-2012 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4
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If you're the owner of a Dodge Cummins and haven't changed your ball joints, you either don't have any miles on the truck, or you're the luckiest Dodge owner on the face of the Earth. At DPP, we're al ... read more

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If you're the owner of a Dodge Cummins and haven't changed your ball joints, you either don't have any miles on the truck, or you're the luckiest Dodge owner on the face of the Earth. At DPP, we're all Dodge owners and are all VERY well aware of the front end issues with these trucks, but we've also found the permanent fixes. One of the key ingredients to the equation are upgrading the ball joints, and Dynatrac has just that. Even the first impression when seeing the girth of these is impressive. But then after years of service and NOT having to replace worn out ball joints, that's what is really impressive. Whether your truck is a pavement pounder, or used for hard core off-road use, these ball joints WILL stand the test of time.

Now available in a knurled design! For those that aren't aware of what a knurled ball joint is, many of the aftermarket ball joint suppliers use "knurls" on the body of the ball joint to ensure they fit tight into the knuckle, as opposed to having exacting tolerances, such as Dynatrac. Unfortunately, if you've ever installed a set of knurled joints, you'll forever have to run knurled joints, hence why Dynatrac offers these. You DO NOT want to install the Dynatrac knurled ball joints if you don't need to, thus, if you're not currently running knurled ball joints, we highly recommend you purchase the STANDARD DYNATRAC'S.


  • SkuDYN-CR92-2X3050
  • ManufacturerDynatrac
  • MPNCR92-2X3050 | CR92-2X3050-A | CR92-2X3050-C
  • Increased ultimate strength over OEM ball joints
  • Over 3 to 4 times more durable than OEM ball joints with ability to absorb high impact loads over a long period of time
  • Two times more pull-out strength than OEM ball joints
  • Rebuildable without special tools for lower repair costs
  • Long life, less downtime and less tire wear
  • Improves performance, handling and driver's feel of the road
  • High strength billet steel bodies
  • Super strong chromoly steel, heat-treated stems
  • Effective seals prevent contamination and promote long ball joint life
  • Heat treated, precision ground stainless steel ball conforms to Military specifications
  • Teflon coated wear points
  • Uppers and lowers are fully greaseable
  • Fully adjustable internal bump stop
  • The only way to go with powered hydraulic ram steering
  • (Powerful steering systems will punish conventional OEM ball joints)


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Verified Buyer
not satisfied.
I've been a Mechanic for over 25 years. The install was easy. But the Ball joints are making snapping noise when turning. I was told that the knuckles should be real stiff after installation and that they should wear in after 500 miles. They were not stiff at all. I called Dynatrac and the tech said that they had to ease up on the tolerances because they were getting complaints about the stiffness. I paid over seven hundred dollars for these. . . Not happy!
Verified Buyer
Extremely Tight
I put these in my 12' 2500 and it made steering extremely darty and sketchy almost like they're frozen and not rotating. I called Dynatrac and they said these are precision heim joints with close tolerances and it's normal for a new set until they break in which is usually 500 miles of off-road or 1000+ on-road. They actually suggested finding the worst road in my area and take that way home everyday. I'm very happy with fit and finish, let's see if they actually loosen up when they break in.
Verified Buyer
Worth the money
Made my 06 2500 feel like she was new again. Hopefully I’ll never have to press them out again. My pickup handles like she should! No more wobbly legs.
Verified Buyer
Heavy duty
These ball joints are extremely heavy duty compared to stock. They made my 2005 drive like new again. Guys at diesel power are top knotch. Had an issue with a wrong address and they were able to intercept and correct the address and still get it to me on time for two day air. Highly recommend these ball joints. They are rebuildable while in place so you should never have to press them out again
Verified Buyer
Worked great
Balljoints are very well made
Verified Buyer
Easy install, look nice as well
Good installation instructions, truck feels much more solid now.
Bulletproof: Enough said!
Bulletproof: Enough said!
These are super stout compared to the factory...
These are super stout compared to the factory stuff! Hoe they are the last ones I ever have to install!!!
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how do I know if I need knurled or standard ball joints ??

The easiest way to tell if you need knurled ball joints is to remove one and see if the area where the ball joint presses into the knuckle is splined. If it is splined that would mean you would need knurled joints.


Do these work for the 2 wheel drive axle as well? '06 dodge 2500?

These will only fit 2003-2012 Ram 2500/3500 4WD applicaitons


What is the process for rebuilding the ball joints??

Here is a link to Dynatrac's website. On there you can download the instructions and get a better idea of what is involved. https://www.dynatrac.com/rebuild-kit-for-heavy-duty-balljoints-for-most-dana-60-axles-and-dynatrac-pro-60-knuckles.html Here is a link going over how the balljoint works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVfeapriubg


So. I work in a well known tire shop. I can't say how many times I've replaced balljoints on dodge trucks. Some smooth barrel joints some had knurled bodies. So. On my personal truck a 2011 ram 2500. I have knurled balljoints. My question to you is do you sell or know of anyone that sellshe knurled OFF SET balljoints. Reason I ask is when I went to allign the truck my camber is horrid negative and actually outside factory spec on one side. But since I can't use a smooth body balljoint I have to use knurled body joints. But.. I need offset balljoints. PLEASE HELP!?

For knurled body joints or performance replacement joints we do not have anything that will be off-set. Reason being is their is no need to build a offset / adjustable ball joint. If the truck has a poor camber issue, it most likely has a bent axle housing. As these are solid axle trucks and camber is not adjustable.


Do the dynatrac ball joints come with grease fittings??

Yes, they will have a traditional grease zerk up top, and a needle style zerk on the lower.


How can i tell if i need smooth or splined barrels with out taking the truck apart. I cant afford it being down for a week?

There is no tried and true method. But general rule of thumb would be the amount of joints previously installed. If it has less then three sets replaced, we would suggest standards.


I'm the third owner of an 06 4x4 not sure how many time the ball joints have been replaced. Would it be recommended that i buy knurled rather than smooth??

I would suggest smooth, Knurled would only be needed if the truck has had multiple ball joint sets before.


I have a 05 4wd, truck has had the BJ's done at 80k (oem's) and then once again @ around 117k with MOOG's and now at 141k I'm being told they have some slight play. 24k miles !!! Being that I currently run MOOG's would I need knurled ? or could I go smooth? thanks !!?

Most likely with that amount of changes, the knurled would be best suited to insure they are a tight and snug fit into the steering knuckle.

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Dynatrac ProSteer HD Upper and Lower Ball Joint Set 03-13 Dodge Ram 2500 / 3500

Dynatrac ProSteer HD Upper and Lower Ball Joint Set 03-13 Dodge Ram 2500 / 3500

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