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EFILive is a platform for tuning with near limitless possibilities. While the platform, or medium, is extremely important to allow for different processes to be passed along to the vehicle's ECM, the physical tuning is equally, if not more, important. Many have attempted to tune their own vehicles using various EFILive platforms, and unfortunately, many have failed. It typically takes tuners YEARS to develop a "knack" for properly tuning a vehicle, and even longer to master it.

We, at Diesel Power Products, strive to find the best tuners in the industry to make your truck run at its optimum. Again, while the hardware may be the same, the tuning is where the difference lies. There are unique differences that can easily be felt by a "seat of the pants" judgment of even the best tuners out there. Each has their own unique ways of tuning different vehicles. One person may prefer tunes from "this guy," while your best friend with the exact same truck prefers tunes from "that guy."

Overall, we only will bring you the most reputable names in the industry, and we've personally ran tunes from the below companies and can attest, that they truly are masters of tuning.