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"Been there, done that" is a phrase that could best describe ATS Diesel Performance's history in the diesel industry, as its been an extensive one.  Even through the immense evolution that ATS has undergone over the years, one thing has maintained a constant, their ability to maintain the title of "Made in the USA."

ATS Diesel Performance is rapidly expanding and offers high performance transmissions, valve bodies, patented torque converters, and their flagship Co-Pilot Transmission Controller, along with high performance engine upgrades for Cummins, Power Stroke, and Duramax powered diesel trucks. ATS offers performance upgrades ranging everywhere from their Arc-Flow Intake Manifolds to their Aurora Turbos and Twin Turbos, as well as Twin CP3 kits!  Upgrades and drive train components offered by ATS now equip trucks from all over the United States, as well as other countries with outstanding results. From full-time RV users who travel nonstop, to high horsepower competition based vehicles, ATS has the answers.


Clint Cannon and Ranee Elder founded Automotive Transmission Specialists in 1993. At that time, the company specialized in transmission repair for all types of vehicles. In 1997 the company "Performance Torque Converters" was founded and they started doing torque converter rebuilds in house. Bringing the capability of building torque converters in house gave them more flexibility to service their racing customers. As the popularity of diesel trucks grew and more people became aware of the power upgrades available for their diesels, problems with diesel transmissions emerged.

Clint started research and development into a more robust torque converter to address the transmission issues. It was discovered that a clutch pack design was the answer to providing a robust torque converter. The development of the TripleLokĀ® Torque Converter and a company focus on Diesel Performance products resulted in a rename of the company to ATS Diesel Performance.

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