Red-Head Steering Gears

Red-Head Steering Gears was founded in 1981 by Seattle area automotive entrepreneur, Warren Foster, who also founded Foster's Service in Georgetown, WA (now Foster's Frame & Axle) and T 'n' W Pumps in Georgetown, WA (now Foster & Snyder in Pingree, ND).

The business was purchased by Tom Foster and then Harvey Foster, both nephews of Warren. Tom is now retired in Arizona. Harvey moved to Seattle in 1979 to go to work for Warren in his frame and axle business. This knowledge of front ends has been very helpful in diagnosing steering problems.

Harvey worked at the frame and axle shop for 6 1/2 years before joining Tom at Red-Head. Harvey has built and tested between 43,000 and 47,000 steering gears in the past 21 years. This business has had and continues to have a number of other great employees, all family members.

Why we carry Red Head Steering Gears.....

As anybody that deals with us on a regular basis knows already...we want the best for our customers.  As most people with a Dodge truck realize, the stock steering gear box leaves a lot to be desired.  It was no different on our 2005 Dodge (3 gearboxes in the first 25,000 miles) or our 2007 Dodge (3 gearboxes in 75,000 miles).  We have been searching for the answer to the gearbox dilemma and after testing a few other aftermarket boxes have settled on Red Head as being the best.  Steering is smooth, effortless AND they are built to last.  But it doesn't stop with upgraded Dodge boxes, they build upgraded boxes for nearly every application and we've had nothing but positive feedback on every unit.  Red Head gets our Seal of Approval!