Jump Start Your Diesel with a Cell Phone? Well, Almost!

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Nearly all of us have been there, you go to get in your rig, and you’re usually in a hurry to get somewhere, and…..nothing, dead battery.  And unless you’ve got a full survival kit in your toolbox, you typically don’t have a jump starter.  But what about the jumper cables you keep under the seat?  Well, those only work if there’s another vehicle nearby willing to help.  For most, carrying a full sized jump starter in your vehicle at all times just isn’t practical, but what if you could have a reliable power source the size of most smart phones?  This is where the FuseLED POD (Power On Demand) Jump Starters come in.

These super compact jump starters and power supplies are about the size of most modern cell phones and pack a serious punch.  The newest addition to their line up is the X5 that is even capable of jump starting a diesel with dual batteries five times on a single charge.  Whats even cooler is that these will hold a charge for about a year, meaning you’re not having to constantly remember to keep it charged for when you’ll truly need it.  Furthermore, you can use the X5 to power up numerous devices, such as cell phones, notebooks, laptops, and more via their 5V, 12V, 16V, and 19V output ports.

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