Lawsuit Against Ford & 6.0L Power Stroke Diesel Engine

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The issues related to the 6.0L Power Stroke Diesel engine have long been in the news. Consumers are enraged over the poor quality of the diesel engine in Super Duty Trucks and Excursions.

Manufactured by Navistar, these defective engines were used in Ford trucks from 2003 to 2007.

Ford owners have been arguing that the 6.0L diesel engine is faulty since it first came out. The engine continued to be manufacturer for another 4 years, at a rate of 275,000 diesel pickup trucks yearly. During this time, Ford advertised the high quality of the engine, leading to the Super Duty Truck becoming one of the best selling Ford vehicles.

Problems with the diesel engine are said to include damaged injectors, necessary turbocharger replacements, decreased resale value, and frequent breakdowns.

A class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Ford Super Duty Truck or Excursion owners. Handling the suit is a firm known as Strom Law LLC is located in Columbia, South Carolina.  Strom Law is  reviewing claims by Ford owners who purchased a vehicle with the 6.0L diesel engine. Attorneys at Strom invite Ford owners to contact them for a free legal consultation.

Strom Law Offices are no longer taking additional plaintiffs for this case. They do not have any additional information on open cases against Ford.

Joining the Lawsuit: We found a law firm called Goldwater that was gathering information for the lawsuit. Over the past year[updated January 29th, 2013], it seems that the Goldwater lawyer has fizzled, because the website has been taken down.

We have been told that PISCITELLI LAW FIRM  is now doing the class action law suit. Their information is below. We were told that currently 18 people are apart of the class action law suit.

PISCITELLI LAW FIRM is no longer taking on clients. They do not have any additional information on open cases against Ford.

Strom Law firm that was mentioned above might still be taking on cases. Their contact information is:

Strom Law Firm, LLC.
J.P. Strom Jr., PA
2110 N Beltline Blvd
Columbia, SC 29016
Direct link to their Contact page for the PowerStroke case:

At this moment we do not have any direct information on the Lawsuits across America, but we are eager to hear about any information on the law suit that we can share with our readers. Please use the contact us tab to share information about the lawsuit with us.  Thank you.

Ford Problems

(Before or after it breaks)

Since we posted this to our blog nearly a year ago, it has become our most popular post. After reading all of your comments I realized that we were not giving any real answers, so I wanted to let readers know that we have some resources for broken 6.0L owners. We have a category on our website specifically for this problem called “Fix your 6.0L”. In the section you will find many parts including  AutoEnginuity Scanning tools, head studs, upgraded egr cooler, cooler delete kits and much more that will fix common problems associated with the 6.0L. We also provide free support and have experienced diesel techs that can help you with your 6.0L. Although the problems are very common with the engine, if caught early, the engine can sustain many years of use. Please give us a call if you have recently purchased a 6.0L and are looking for tips to keep the truck on the road, or click the link/image to the right to browse our selection of parts.

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507 thoughts on “Lawsuit Against Ford & 6.0L Power Stroke Diesel Engine

  1. I bought my 03 super duty f350 6.0L truck new in august of 2003. I have been trying to sell it for the past year now with only being faced with new challenges time and time again with trying to get this thing running long enough to sell. I even got a high pressure oil pump from the dealer to find out it was bad and in turn got my $1,500 stereo system stolen when getting it towed to 3 different mechanic spots trying to figure out the problem and with the problem being the high pressure oil pump I had bought from the dealer. The stupid thing is that when i asked to buy a new one I was told I needed to buy a new truck if I wanted a new one. The high pressure oil pumps are only sold as a re-built unit… Same was with the ficm that also when out on me. I felt like I was going to the ford dealer just to be able to buy swap meet parts. How can I not buy new parts I asked.. They just said… “That’s just how it is”… WTF?!?! I’ll never in my life buy/own another ford again.. I paid just under $50,000 for a truck that isn’t even worth $5…. I have close to $6,000 invested into it now and it recently blew the engine with only 130,045 miles on it. I’ve been having issues with it when it turned 127,000 miles.. That’s not a lot of miles for something that cost so much. Whenever I run into an issue with it… I just Google the symptoms and sure as shit… yet another common problem with this hunk of turd ford so knowingly robbed so many for and now chooses to turn their backs on or if they do acknowledge any type of appreciation towards the customer/victim it only comes with a middle figure and a door being slammed in your face…. F*CK FORD!!!!

      1. I also bought my 2006 F-350 4WD Powerstroke With All The Extras and started having problems too- and my truck had less than 50,000 miles on it. Paid Cash Too. First The FICM, EGR? and oh yeah – Fuel Injectors . I always stressed I don’t want remanufactured parts because it usually becomes part 2 of the same damn problem. A month or so after having 2 injectors go bad I start to feel a miss so Ford mechanic ran diagnostics ( both before and after running and no codes showed up and wound up changing a part on the passengers side below windshield that showed early sign of corrison from radiator line- ???? Left for Utah (I live in California) and guess what – more missing. Made it to Utah only to have it not start while in a drive- thru with my daughter. Had it towed only to find out that the injectors and possibly the high pressure oil pump has to be looked at too. Here’s my main Gripe – Why Wasn’t It Mentioned That Even Though Only 2 Injectors Were Bad, Atleast 4 (Best Outcome All 8) should be done. This time I’ll go with Bosch because they’re not remanufactured. Can anyone let me know what a reasonable price is? I’ve gone online, asked Ford, and the amounts are all over the place. So Much For All My Preventive Maintenance- lol.
        Appreciate Any Help I Can Get. Susie Roy

        1. Is their any law suit going on as of 2017 ? Please let me know.. I’m having issues too.. thank you!

          1. No it’s not I have checked! 4 yrs ago I had ford replace all my injectors and as of June 2017 motor is gone another 9,000.00 to have motor rebuilt in the last 4 yrs I have put 20,000.00 in my truck Ford should be willing to help but they won’t gave me nothing!

          2. I am having a lot of issues with my 2005 Ford f250 6.0 if you know of a lawsuit please let me know.

          3. Are you sure you’re not talking about my 2006 Ford F3 50 super duty a piece of crap I’m going to Chevrolet next love the diesel

          4. My 2008 6.4 is a beast no issues ,I’ve had it 2 years, it’s been deleted ,bullet proofed ,and tunner and upgraded exhaust, for emission chokes the engines to death,ride of the junk and head stud bullet proof engine and ur problems will go away,o and I eat vets for breakfast and spit out anything Chevy at night!

        2. I know for a fact that even the “new” injectors are not new. They are remain and if they tell you different theya are full of it. 817 983 8841 Chris. I have a line on the best remans in the country try. Call for more info parting out 2004 f350 fx4 4 door 4×4 with 6.0 and clean title.turns over needs hoop or ipr of something silly

          1. 2006 f-350 with power stroke . Have more $$ in repairs than cost of truck.
            I bought a diesel because I was led to believe this truck would last.
            I was never promised it would run! My mistake- DO NOT BUY FORD
            Have replaced injectors; only for them to fail while under warranty… part only no labor! If it’s listed I have replaced or repaired it. Also a victim of theft while being repaired- could not “prove ” I had custom train horn when left in shop; only to find it was switch with standard horn. Then told the horn must have been bad; no invoice for faulty horn. Now it just won’t start. Turn the key have lights, radio, dash lights, but will not turn over. Batteries replaced 18 mo ago along with radiator. One more repair will donate to charity so at least I can write off, looking for charity that trains people in auto mechanics- must have tax ID!
            Ford will not take this vehicle in on trade in because they know it has no value.

        3. Susie- if you find out what’s been going on with your truck, let me know, please!! I never wanted a diesel dually or any diesel, as they make me sick and just recently, mine gives me nosebleeds, so I haven’t driven it in over a year- my son and spouse have, but it’s been broken down more often than not most of this past year and all of this yr, until a few wks ago- I’ve only had it less than 2 yrs- bought used after “a new engine” was put in- guess what? – with the same or more miles on it- how can that be a -new- engine?? When I found out, I was furious, but I had paid cash and it was too late- if my spouse had told me this sooner, I would’ve said a resounding NO!!! The o ring has been replaced 4times in less than a month and today it only lasted maybe 5 HOURS before it just stopped and won’t start???? what can we do??

          1. I grew up with an old ‘53 black ford- I loved that truck!! Was always breaking down- in the 70’s-80’s- and I learned to fix it, drive it, Hotwire it, and break into it- my mom would either lock her keys in it or it just wouldn’t unlock- mom gave it to my nephew one day- I wasn’t happy.

          2. spent over $1,5000 on the same problem.countless o ring replacement,injectors replacement,few oil pressure pump replaced and still have same problem.Last oil pressure pump put in back in december(12/2018)and all o rings on injectors now it died everytime i took my foot off gas and it wont start unless use starter fluid everytime.2 mechanics that worked on it wont even call me back or they gives me the run around just because they wont deal with it.HELP

      2. I bought a 2004 f350 lariet with 45000 klm by the time it hit 100,000klm I has to put a motor not a very happy customer.i have all the bills of how much I have spend on the truck

    1. Hey if u haven’t fixed your truck yet and still looken to sell I’m looken for a none running truck with 6.0 send some pics to 5743606687 will come get it

      1. Are you still looking for an F250 2003 with a 6.0L diesel to buy? Where are you? My truck is in great shape but the engine needs replacing at 158k miles, which I was looking to get at least a good 300k miles out of it.

        1. Damn fool I was bought an ’06 super duty. 6.0l used only to find out I’ve been suckered into buying someone else’s trash. $5000 for a body motor needs replacement in less than a month my ownership.It’s my first diesel and the worst experience ever. $14,000 to replace not happening just dumbfounded .

          1. I’m in the same position, I bought a 2008, with a 6.4liter it only had 75k miles on it, I’m from Az, I bought it in Utah put 1500 miles on it give or take, and it still sets in Heber City Utah with blown head gaskets and to find out that the exhaust was straight piped and the dealer knew all this but nothing will happen to the dealer or to the shop that passed the inspection on it but myself a disabled man I’m out another 8-10k for the repaires. I’d like to find out if I could swap engine out with a 7.3liter rebuilt engine instead, but really having trouble getting answers

          2. That can defiantly be done, but yes finding a shop that would tackle that job may be difficult. There would be a ton of work that would be needed to make all systems functional.

          3. I also bought an 06 in 2015. Only 160000s on in. Had it 3 weeks and she quit on me. Hauled it off to the garage. After 14000$ in repairs(FICM, high pressure oil pump, all injectors, fuel pump, etc, etc!!!) it is finally fixed. Now the dash cluster is hit and miss whether it wants to work and it will stick in tow haul and not drive like it should. Thinking this is the last Ford I’ll ever buy


          1. I have a 2003 F350 king Ranch 4×4 With bad engine ( melted standpipes) in Huntsville Texas 77340

          2. I have a 2004 F350 Super cab Lariat with 67,000 miles on it. Suspecting the head gasket is going. Looking to sell it if anyone is interested. Located in New London, CT.

          3. 04 f250 motor not starting after shut off 2 weeks ago replaced ficm because code reader. And shop told me was the problem… WANT TO SELL

          4. I know for a fact that even the “new” injectors are not new. They are remain and if they tell you different theya are full of it. 817 983 8841 Chris. I have a line on the best remans in the country try. Call for more info parting out 2004 f350 fx4 4 door 4×4 with 6.0 and clean title.turns over needs hoop or ipr of something silly

          5. I have a 2006 F350 King Ranch in good shape but needs a front bumper. Runs great, till it doesn’t. Getting ready to move to remote area in Wyoming, can’t afford to have it towed from up there. Just replaced some injectors and starter relay motor, won’t start today and sounds like fuel starvation. Replacing fuel filters but possibly need new lift pump.

            Would like to sell it.,.

        2. I have a 2005 f-250 super duty , looking to buy truck for the bed or just bed by it self . Prefer none rock salt area , but does not matter. I don’t know all the years but around 1999-2013 beds.

          south eastern pa 19053

          1. We sell performance parts and accessories for the diesel pickup trucks. I do not offer any beds. That you would want to source from a local scrap yard or other avenue.

          1. Cummins is nice but that fool should hush as ford could only dream of ownin cummi s they back in the 90s bought like 10% of cummins stocks but around 96 or 97 it was bought back ford only released a few f650s and 750s that i recal where they purchased the right to put it in as a power house and was the only viable engi es ford ever had in medium duty trucks vs all other options of the time

          1. I have an 2003 6o I just put $4,000 worth of injectors in didn’t even get her a hundred miles and now it won’t start like it’s hydrolocked or something

      2. STAY the hell away from any f’in ford anything especially their diesels there horrible trucks from 99-to present..

        1. I bought a 2001 7.3 , I put a tuner on it . the intake and exhaust a wicked wheel in the turbo ,external trans filter and a coolant filter. I had it 3 years it’s a dust free 2 wheel truck. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
          It has been awesome truck for pulling are 35′ toy hauler.

          1. That is because it is the 7.3 liter it has the better engine. All issues are on the 6.0 .

          2. The ones who have a 7.3 Deisel Keep them . Any one who wishes to sell one Let me know
            I ve had nothing but major headaches year after year with the most expensive 6.0 out there on the planet . I ve done practically everything to it .. when you get done spending another 3-5 k and your doing all the work . Along with mechanics that work on trucks all the time. A 6.0 is an abnormal animal in its own nature ! (It’s not a 7.3 Liter . ) Unfortunately it’s not!
            With constant maintenance and injectors and glow plugs and glow plug modules . And films, and Ecu..Egr delete and bypass , turbo , exhaust , jem module , fuel pump, upgrade fuel blue spring kit, dropped fuel tank and checked for blocked suction screens on sump , relays, starters, alternators. Batteries and main crossover harnesses, Egr blown ( prior to deciding to then delete it again when it blew again ) now the up pipe for turbo is rotted out even thou it’s stainles ? ? I guess it’s not 316 stainlsss it’s just coated ? Idk … I m sure many are and have been in the same boat.. it’s an animal when it runs right .. but Those times are few and far and they have been that way from the beginning through the second motor and upgraded software … along with installing Hypertec tuning on the engine.
            Today my parts came in .. which I ordered “up pipe “ for turbo.. with bolts and gaskets and hardware …
            I read the codes again and new codes I ve never seen before expect maybe three of them have been re occurring …
            Here are the codes :

            The C1185 along with p1000 I’m not concerned with .
            However … where does one start with all these codes ?
            Replacing the up pipe to turbo is where I’m going to start then clear all codes and see what cones up !
            But this is seriously Getn ridiculous anymore !
            Any advice or thought would be appreciated… I can easily take it to ford … however when they see me come through the door . They know the non forgiving type of truck this has been the entire time since I’ve owned it and bought it brand new !
            Every time I thing well I should be good for awhile . The superduty slaps me in the face again and there goes another 1500 min

        2. I’ve had 25 new ford trucks you couldn’t give me another 69,000 miles on my 2010 F3 50 motor goes bad under warranty fordsays it’s not a warranty problem well ford I will never buy your junk again driving Dodge and Chevy’s now Great trucks with a company who cares Bob From Iowa

          1. That is excellent to hear! This article though is pertaining to the 6.0L engines that they started putting in the F-series trucks in 2003. The 7.3L is a much more reliable platform than the 6.0L.

          2. The 2000 is a 7.3L completely different engine. While not the best engine in the world (good in light duty world, junk in medium duty world) compared to the 6.0L it was a very reliable motor. “Compared to”. In medium duty trucks you can’t compare a 7.3L (T444E) to a DT466.

      3. amen to that brother! i hate this fuc$ing truck! and yes, Fuck ford for doing so! my truck runs like shit and is alway fucking breaking. last week my 6th alternator in 3 years caught fire! so now i am looking for an engine wiring harness that is non existent! WTF!!!! i can only find used ones on ebay. you cant even buy a new one at the dealership!!!!! aftermarket doesn’t even make them. so how and the hell are you supposed to fix the fucking turd! If it weren’t for carma i would have driven it through the fucking door of the dealership that i bought it from and set fire to the fucking thing and report it stolen!!!! fuck you ford! my next vehicle will be a chevy or god forbid a fucking toyota! at least you can buy parts for them! fuck you again ford! thankyou guys for letting me vent. damn im pissed

        1. I bought mine the f250 to months ago had #3#7 injectors blew and a very plugged EGR valve two weeks later the turbo was seized up it wouldn’t turn it’s good now I use Rotella 15-40 and charged antifreeze also low sulfur or super low diesel and drive the shit out of it it’s used the old man who had it drove it like he wad dead that’s this engines problem you to drive like u stole it thanks

        2. You Go Gal !!!!
          Damn, definitely my kind of Woman.
          I can tell that you are the type that doesn’t give anyone any shit ..& sure as Hell won’t put up with any either…period!
          That is…until you feel that you being fucked with.

          After 22 years in the USMC (Retired at the age of 39).
          Then another 20 years as a U.S. Deputy Marshall, I bought a 2005 F450 – 6.0 Diesel 4X4 Super Duty with 23,000 miles on it.

          Took it to my local Ford dealership as soon as I got it…
          Had all the ‘Bells & Whistles’ (Banks Air Induction System, all high performance NEW filters, etc) installed on it & I’m now a self employed Car Hauling contractor moving vehicles all over
          U.S.A. and I have not had One Measly Little issue with mine.

          I’m going to be a NEW 2017 F450 with a bigger motor & just keep this truck as my primary Back Up.

          Are all of y’all sure you didn’t by a Fucking Dodge ?

          1. We bought a 2008 F450 with our fifth wheel 3 years ago and it’s been nothing but trouble every step of the way. It’s a beautiful truck, loaded, and hauls like a beast, when it runs. Unfortunately it’s in the shop again, 20,000 bucks in and we still have a truck that doesn’t run yet again. Anybody looking for a good hauling truck to put a new motor in? I’m ready to unload this puppy.

        3. Really you can’t find parts in your alternator he’s burning down I can get them all day long to Amazon don’t know whereyou’re shopping at?

      4. I have a 2004 6.0L F350 Lariat package in great condition. Lifted, upgraded wheels and tires. Truck is not running right now. Chipped, brand new after market FICM, all new injectors put in, the #5 went out again. Let me know if you’re interested. $12,500. 87,000 miles

          1. bryan,
            I have a 2004 ford f250, king ranch, great condition, new Michelins with 50 miles on the truck. Motor is not running. If you are interested send me a email.

          2. I have a 06 6.0 f350 that has A few problems that I am working on. Almost done I hope. I put all new parts in it and I would like to get 16.000 for it. I can send pics of the truck. It is very good looking.

          3. I have a red 96 f250 not running imagine that 🙂 I’m in clarkston wa. Just pay it off and you can have it 208-791-3346 I usually don’t put my # on these sites but fuck it I want a chevy

        1. Will you give me a call. Mine has 63,000. Bought brand new. My problem sounds same. 205 522-1267 My name is Eddy

      5. I bought afford 06f 250 4wheel drive crew cab it had 75000 miles on it about 6000 miles later I dumped almost 8000 dollars in to it I ought from a dodge dealer for 28000 dollars I had know idea what a peace of shit i got it seem to run ok now I’m a Chevy man and ford didn’t even use vaseline I bought DODGE DEALER IN LODI CA that’s all I got to say BRUCE ALLEN

          1. The term bullet proofing is in regards to fixing and preventing the common issues that are associated with the 6.0L. Replacing the problematic parts with parts that are designed to fix and prevent failures! Contact our sales department @ [email protected] or give us a call and we will get you the parts you need to make sure that truck runs as long as it can!

      6. I have a 2006 f350 dully 6.0 not running what is your offer please call me if you’re interested in buying it 775)501-7057 Kellie thanks

      7. We are looking to sell our 2006 F350 6.0L asap. Its a NIGHTMARE but it does still run. Are you interested in a running truck?

    2. the ficm can be sent out or someone in your area may rebuild them for around 100.00-200.00 depending if you upgrade to the 54 volt ficm, also i was just looking at a website i believe it was bullet proof your diesel that sells oil pump hope this helps

      1. I have a 2004 6.0L F350 Lariat package. Lifted, upgraded wheels and tires. Truck is not running right now. Chipped, brand new after market FICM, all new injectors put in, the #5 went out again. Let me know if you’re interested. $12,500.

    3. amen to that brother! i hate this fuc$ing truck! and yes, Fuck ford for doing so! my truck runs like shit and is alway fucking breaking. last week my 6th alternator in 3 years caught fire! so now i am looking for an engine wiring harness that is non existent! WTF!!!! i can only find used ones on ebay. you cant even buy a new one at the dealership!!!!! aftermarket doesn’t even make them. so how and the hell are you supposed to fix the fucking turd! If it weren’t for carma i would have driven it through the fucking door of the dealership that i bought it from and set fire to the fucking thing and report it stolen!!!! fuck you ford! my next vehicle will be a chevy or god forbid a fucking toyota! at least you can buy parts for them! fuck you again ford! thankyou guys for letting me vent. damn im pissed

      1. I don’t want to repeat what Daniel just said but that’s what I feel like…Word to word !
        Ford, you SUCK ! Never again! Chevy, here I come !

        1. i hate to say it after being a ford man for 50 years but my 03 f350 6.0 give me the address of any of the top people in ford ill kick in there front door and whip there ass they got ii comming 8 grand in repairs truck still runs like shit when it runs

    4. I had the same problems man the ficm the egr the injectors this engine turned me against ford and the majority of my vehicles in the past have been fords but the 6.0 can eat a dick cause i had just in replacement parts up to 5,000 dollars or more its sickenining

    5. ford trucks have been junk since they went away from their proven designs. I love my 89 bronco and wouldn’t trade it for the world. The newer fords can’t hold a candle to the strength of the older ones, but I would LOVE to swap in one of the new 3.5L ecoboost engines.

      1. Well where should I start. I have a 2006 f250 6.0. Up until about a month ago my trucks been good to me. I love my truck I own a small tree company here in Newburgh New York. On July 14th my robe came untied from my belt. I fell about 55 feet. I just started getting back on my feet and recovering from my accident. Then 3 days ago I was on the highway doing about 62 miles an hour my truck shut off I got it turned back on was blowing white smoke now I’m told my engine is blown. Only has 112,000 miles on it. If anyone can help me with my issue please email me or call me @ 8456994666. I think ford should have stood by their product and take care of those that have issues with their trucks since it is there wrong doing.

        1. Here in Canada we have shops that will replace the 6l engine with the bullet proof 7.3l diesel. Brand new engine for $15000. Then you’ll have a truck for a least 500,000mi

          1. I too have a 6.0L and looking to replace with a 7.3L, Where abouts in Canada do you know of these shops? I am in BC.

          2. I do not know of any shops specifically, but I would suggest calling around with shops that specialize more in custom work.

          3. I have 2- 7.3 Diesel trucks F 350’s to sell both run great, one in a 1990 and one in a 1994 with utility bodies on them, the 1990 has a new transmission 305-233-2753 Bruce

        2. Hi, I am repairing a 6.0 at this time and with the white smoke blowing out you need to find out if yur head gasket(s) is blown. Hook up tubing to yur Degas bottle into a water bottle and note the bubbles. Pretty sure you have a bad oil cooler and yur egr cooler needs replaced.

          1. you may want to go with the EGR Delete or the newer Steel tubing design(prefer). Egr deletes tend to crack yur Y-pipe over time. The upgraded Oil cooler is what you want to replace with. *Note, Never replace yur Oil, or both fuel filters with After-market fuel filters!! Will destroy yur fuel injectors and starve yur HPOP. Only Motorcraft or a Screen filtered/tab type for fuel only.

          1. I bought a used 2006 F350 6.0 turbo diesel super duty have it 3 months on vacation now with it it’s blowing white smoke and using coolant like crazy any ideas what I can do or what’s going on?

        3. That happened to me with my 2004 f250 6.0 when it had 57,000 miles. Stalled. White smoke. Towed to mechanic. EGR replaced, head gaskets blown. $5500 repair cost. Mechanic told me to go ahead and start saving for injectors as they were next. My “blood runs Ford blue” is no more. Neither I nor any of my family members will ever purchase another Ford. They refused to acknowledge or help with the repair cost of a known problem. I still own the truck. It now has about 140000 miles on it. With its lower resale value and my additional investment in the repair, I couldn’t afford to get rid of it. Shame on Ford for not taking care of these known issues. Bye Bye Ford!!!!!!

    6. I agree completely, I have a 2006 ford 6 liter, 14k later in repairs from a ford dealer, absolutely no help financially to fix their mistakes. wouldn’t buy another ford if they ran on water

    7. I am in the same boat,have an 04 e350 superduty that I can not get rid of. I will never buy a ford again,and I will bad mouth ford to everyone.F-CK FORD.They are leaving people high and dry!

    8. I have a 2005 f250 superduty 6.0 diesel powerstroke . AT 130,000 miles the engine started pumping oil out of the coolent reservior. It was the day of the flood in Columbia,S.C. I was told it was the EGR cooler.I had it replaced at $1300.00 ,that did not fix it.I had to put a reman engine in at $20,000 from jasper engines.I know the truck was not worth it, but I had no chiose.It was cheaper do that than buy another truck. HELP,HELP,

      1. I’m looking for an f450 western hauler style truck with a bad motor if any one has one contact me 4056206733

    9. FUCK FORD!!! P.O.S. ’03 F350 superduty w/ 6.0 That I have NEVER got to hear run on whats supposed to soon be my new means of keeping my family alive because
      my spark plug launching device,my ’00 f250 SD 5.4L 2WD (cost me about 25% of last years income just to keep it going so I could work!)decided to disassemble itself!F@&$*?G FORDS! My choice in a work truck has made me live once again, in near poverty and so deep in debt and without a means to work I see no out.

    10. If there is a law suite against Ford with this 6.0 liter engine, I want in. Help me getting reimburshed for $5000.00 repair bill for head gasket leaking, ONLY 60,000 MILES, Truck over heating. I called Ford to see if they could help on cost, and of course they said NOTHING they could do. What The Hell as they advertise Customer satisfaction. Call me. I want to sue. 406-652-1539 Montana

      1. Also interested with a law suit against Ford. Let me know if you hear of one.

        I have a 2005 F250 that I can’t sell because everybody seems to be aware of the problems with engine. In 2010 turbo had to be repaired after only 51000 miles.

    11. I have an 04 f350 I’ve had for a year. I changed the alternator. When I was taking the Core back my truck wouldn’t start. I towed it to my mechanic and it’s the lpop and hoop. We ended up having to take the motor out. The camshaft was done as well because of this. This is going to be a 10,000 bill from my local shop. I’ve owned fords for year and still have a few. Between the tranny $2000 fix and now this 10,000 problem, I’m not at all happy!!! That doesn’t count what I put down buying this truck. They are putting updated oem ford parts in it. I hope this truck will last??? I’ve lost confidence on ford and will phase out my ford fleet. I bought a 2010 expedition el in 2011. I went to the dealer and told them my dash squeaks really bad. They put tape behind it instead of replacing the damn part. I spent $1200 when I bought the expedition for a service plan oil and general stuff. They changed the oil twice and marked what they inspected. I went to my local mechanic for something unrelated and he noticed my seal to my transfer case was leaking and had been for a while. The dealer checked that area but must of forgot to check?? Not!!!! I had the seal replaced and haven’t gone back to the dealer since….. I lost $1200 but I have a feeling I saved myself a lot of headaches. 50,000 vehicle. I’m going to check out dodge. I’ve lost confidence in ford. I really hope my truck will last after this VERY expensive fix

    12. I to bought a new ford short box, crew cab , duely 6L full leather loaded. It lasted 161,000 kms. It needed injectors, heads, head studs, egr cooler etc. To keep it on the road in the last 5 years it was over 12k in work, parts etc. Ford would offer me $6700 for a trade in. Told ford dealer to go f*ck him self. Would not trade for another ford or buy one ever after this one. To solve problems I installed a 5.9l Cummins second gen. Love my truck again. Still wouldn’t buy a new ford again, not ever!! As for law suits, good luck.

    13. The 03,being the first year for the 6.0 was the worst(as you have found out).05,06,07 were much better motors.I own an 06 with a rebuilt motor but the re-used the turbo which blew when it had 123000 miles on it.I’m a Harley tech by trade so I wasn’t going to pay someone to fix it.I found a lot of help from guy knows a lot on how to get these motors running right.First thing,dump the egr.I don’t know who the rocket scientist at International was that thought an egr would work on a diesel.If you delete the egr,you double the life of the motor.

    14. You ran your diesel, without proper maintenance. You failed to repair parts that were going bad for some time, you blew your own engine. You are a dumbass.

    15. The problem is the buyer and the maker,
      If anyone is going to buy a Super Duty you have to buy a REAL Super duty with a 7.3 powerstroke anything less is NOT a Powerstroke, I have over 550k miles on mine and have never had to do anything to it but replace hubs, an alternator and rebuilt the tranny at 300k (as to expected)probably only because I run a tuner on it for Hi performance/ reprogramming all factory economy robbing performance, I would definitely buy another REAL 7.3 POWERSTROKE

  2. I have a 2005 f350 lariate, I paid $54,000 in 2004. I was faithful with all my services, they would tell me I needed something else I said fix, yes I was to a victim of around between $6,000 and $10,000. I even bought the extend warranty for the motor. My truck has 187,000 and my warranty expired October of 2011. Remember I was faithful with all my services. I take in for an oil change, I pointed out I just noticed something leaking, they changed the oil but I the same breat they said I have fuel in my coolant system. My assigned service person said it could be injected sleeve and he said a couple other things. When the final diagnosed came down they said a blown motor $15,750. Not good, I did everything in my power to service my truck faithfully and look what I got, scammed, taken what ever you call it. I call it not right. One thing I forgot too add when I bought the truck I’ve had many of problems but they had gotten fixed, they assured me that my motor would never over heat and old never blow a motor because of so many features that would prevent it to happen. Well look a crack head blown motor? Wow

    1. I had the same problem. Contact a good attorney who is handling these Ford lawsuits in this area. Ford and I just closed and they are paying me $60K. No kidding.

      1. Hi, the same thing happened to us, our motor blew and we don’t even have 100,00 miles on it. Please email if you have any suggestions. We don’t want to take to the Ford Dealership to get fixed cause we know we will be taken for probably $15,000 to $16,000, knowing how the Ford Motor Company is.


        Mr. & Mrs. Roy & Kathy Kenyon

      2. I have an 06 F-250 WITH A 6.0, THE LOW PRESSURE OIL PUMP FAILED CAUSING A BLOWN ENGINE. ORDERED A NEW LONG BLOCK 65OO$ Now I’m told the cab has to come off to replace engine, no telling what thats going to cost. Do you have a contact number for the lawyer you used.
        Thanks, Ricky

        1. We also just settled with Ford for a full buy back of our 2005 F250. Our lawyer was phenominal !!! They are in Los Angeles.

          1. Please send me the name of your attorney by email. My husband and I bought a F250 in 2004 it has 52 work orders on it and the turbo blew off in the first month we had it. It has had egr ‘s coolers etc. to many parts to mention and we have all the documentation to prove it. We just need help. My husband ordered the truck at 42,000. dollars with every bell and whistle you can name. Please help us find the great attorney that isn’t afraid of Ford since the government didn’t have to rescue them they don’t care about what they do.


          2. can you send me your attorneys name my dad is having the same problems thank you

          3. I just bought a used 2004 F350 4×4 6.0.
            I’ve only had it for one year now, and dropped
            $9,000.00 into the engine. (Top end rebuild) and a few other repaired to trans. and electric system. Please advise me. I’m a disabled Vietnam Veteran on a very limited income.
            There has been a Ford in my family since Ford’s came off first assembled line.
            Please send your lawyers address.
            Just plain sick and tired of being bleed to death!.
            Dan Sampson
            Escondido, Ca.
            [email protected]?

      3. I would like to know what Lawyer you used. I have Spent a ton of money on My 04 has about 80,000 miles on it. Also how long ago did you do this. I can’t find anyone taking a lawsuit around here. I live in Kansas.

      4. We just bought a 2004 6.o turbo a few months ago that was bullet proofed and had it looked at, oil changed etc. They said it looked ok. We just had the oil changed a few weeks ago like suggested every 3-5000 miles, and now it just blew a lifter and is a complete loss. Do you think there is anyway we can get some kind of reimbursement from settlement?

      5. Could you tell me what state you are in and what attorney you used? Our problem is all this and more. The maintenance depart. caused our problem and I have written documentation of it.


    2. I have to add to this right now, because YESTERDAY, 12/12/14 we heard from the attorney we agreed to represent us against Ford for California Lemon Law…. and WE WON !!! It has been over a year and a half but now that our “jury trial” was merely a month away, Ford came through with a settlement offer. Full buy back for our 2005 F250 Diesel. Plus a little something extra, AND Ford is paying ALL attorney fees, based on the Lemon Law guidelines. So today we celebrate… next week we sign and cash the check, then we shop anything BUT Ford 😉

      1. can i get your att name and number i have 2 f350 6.o pieces of junk both motors i have stock over 12,000 into each know ford dealer said that bouth motors r junk payed over 65,000 for each ……..HELP…THANKS….WILL NEVER BAY A FORD……..

        1. Please send me the attorney info as well. I bought 2007 and it now got a blown motor at 122,000. For that kind of money you shouldn’t have this issue.

          1. Someone should sue the manufacturer of the motor, that would be Navistar!, its their motor, was just used by ford

      2. Great news for you Cindy. This truck has been such a disappointment and money pit for so many and Ford Motor Company has turned their back on their loyal customers with an air of arrogance and deceit. I live in the southern CA area. Is your attorney looking for more work? I would appreciate having his contact information.
        Thank you,

      3. In july we bought a 2006 f250 6L, after having it for not even 3 weeks, we replaced injector #8 and ficm. Got to drive it maybe a couple of months after that. We have since replaced #8 again, turbo, altenator, and put egr delete on it and they say it sounds like there are more injectors getting ready to go. The douche bag we bought it from said he replaced all the injectors, which was a lie, found out he replaced #1 &#3.

        So my question is, is there any hope or help for someone that bought it used, unbeknownst to all the problems this engine is know to have? This is our 1st diesel so we didn’t know the issues of the 6.0.

        I live in missouri, can someone please help? This truck is costing out the ass and can’t keep doing it.

      4. We also took them to the Lemon Law court in St Louis, we won also. Crap!!!! Ford ended up giving us 2 options, To take back the truck and be s.o.l. but have no more payments and clear name off of title, or us pay Ford for the mileage which they said would be about $15,000 and we continue our payments and keep the truck. Biggest bull crap ever. Or truck blew fuel injectors almost monthly starting at 39,000 miles. Ford replaced them almost every time until the warranty was up, and then when it happened one week later, I ended up calling the vp of Ford and argued back and forth and finally he gave in and replaced them one mor time. Since the engine has blown up and has been sitting for 4 years, just sitting there not running. Would love to sue the shit out of Ford. Only option our deisel guy said is to put the same engine in and resell immediately. In other words sell someone else your headache, I’de like to sell it to Ford.

      5. Dear Friend, Can you please give me the Name of the Attorney that Represented you in your case against FORD. I have replaced EGR Valves, Transmission, Turbo 3 Times, and the LIST CONTINUES………….!!!!! WORST SHIT I EVER BOUGHT !!!!! FORD REPS. AT the Dealership have done NOTHING TO HELP. I have a 2007 F- 350 King Ranch 4 x 4 Loaded & WHAT A PIECE OF JUNK….!!! I WILL NEVER BUY FORD AGAIN.
        Please let me know whom to contact !!! I have had to Warehouse the Truck due to COST RESTRAINTS & decided to buy a small car just to get around.
        Thank You,
        Kim Andersen / [email protected]

  3. I bought my 2003 F250 SuperDuty 4×4 6.0L diesel brand new. I have sunk over $15,000 in the last 24 months which would include all new injectors, all new glow plugs, new EGR valve and the turbo being cleaned. Then the turbo blew up causing shavings in the motor oil with another EGR valve with the motor being flushed 5 times with another oil change 1,000 miles later and then the heads starting pouring out oil, I had the heads rebuilt with two valves being replaced and now the rear main seal is leaking and my truck has 157,000 miles on the motor. I took it in today to a dealer to trade it off and they informed me they would only give me $7,000 for a trade-in because no one wants a 6.0L diesel because of the amount of money it takes to fix the motor that breaks down to much. I will never own another Ford after having all these problems and not having a truck no one wants.

      1. I am struggling with whether to put a new engine in or just walk away. To bad I spent money on paint on the body.


      1. You replaced 6 of 8 injectors?? Wow your mechanic must be a real gem, or looking to secure future visits.


      1. Most likely the FICM and they probably replaced it with the same piece of crap. Expect it to fail again. Your best bet is to send it out to be repaired. Some one who specializes in fixing them. Think about it: These Einstein’s at Ford took a crap computer, made in Mexico and mounted it over the valve cover in one of the hottest places and most vibration they could find. Real genius. I talked to the guy who rebuilt mine and he said the vans don’t have the problem because they mount the FICM in the cab. Ford planed this to fail so they could screw the owner out of more money… Bonus, when they installed the FICM chances are they re-programed it and now you have less power and worse mileage. Do your self a big favor and find yourself a good diesel mechanic and stay the hell away from the Ford dealer…

    3. I bought my truck brand new in the summer of 06. The first time it blew up luckily it was still under warranty….. it pumped the crankcase full of diesel fuel. The bill would been 4500 to fix. The second time still under warranty injectors and injector tubes this time to the tune of 5200. Third time just off of warranty, injectors again, 2300 this time. Fourth time, oil pressure problems, 1800 dollars. Fifth and final time, the repair shop said, injectors, high pressure oil pump, head bolts, head gaskets. I am not fixing it this time, in fact I don’t have the 7,000 plus to fix it. That is more than I can get out of the truck. This truck has only 108,000 miles on it! I feel like I’ve paid for it twice!




        1. if you interested i have a 2004 ford 450 sd looking to trade or sell. if interested call me. Im looking for 12,000. it can be negotiated. email me if interested.

        2. I just bought a 03 super crew 6.0 4wdr with custom front and rear bumpers a chip and programer 3 months ago and yesterday it just started smoking and making a ticking noise so i turned it off and is setting in the drive way .it still runs just a ticking and white smoke .a have a clean title. I need to sell it asap .need to get ride asap for my dauters cemo treatment at md anderon .thanks so much and questions call at 281 576 6685 for ray cavender thanks again .i live about 30 miles on the south side of houston texas .in old river tx. Email me for pics thanks

    4. ’06 6.0 Yeah I have one too, not running. Extended warranty to 100k, started leaking water couldn’t tell where from, so I put an EGR delete & new oil cooler in and SCT programmer in now the prick cranks great but no start. Called the guys at SCT said it was a FICM issue not their scanner, called the shop I bought the scanner from and they said $750- $1100 for a wire harness or $300 for rebuilt FICM, what a racket, guess I’ll just start tearing it down and wiggling wires to see what happens. Forgot to put the truck has 101k miles on it, coincidence or computer clock telling it to screw up, nothing but problems with this S.O.B. since new and no telling what this is going to end up costing.

      1. Bought new 2004 f-550 200in wheelbase 4×4 4dr.Custom 11ft tool box, aluminum wheels,fuel cell goose-neck hitch.Well over 60k invested.In the shop every month while under warranty.17k spent after warranty.Just blew intercooler.(again).WTF I am loading with fertilizer and towing to ford dealer.Will never buy another ford diesel.Have f-250 and f-350 with V-10 no problems.Why wont ford help loyal truck owners with this debacle?

    5. Just paid18000.00 for a ford250turbo deisel on oct.20 2015 six days ago. Started acting up on day two, took it to dealership, 8500.00 estimate to fix.inner head gaskets blown and 2 or3 other things. Sure are some shirty people out their

  4. At 127,000 on my 2005 f-350 I had water in the oil. Ford told me it was junk! I gave ford $13,000 for a new motor, that they claimed to have all the upgrades done to it, and to install it. 72,000 miles and 3 years later, I have a hole in the block! Really? 199,000 miles, and working on 3 motors? Wow! When I asked ford what they were going to do about it, they said nothing, it been too long! $13,000, 72,000 miles, that piss poor quality in my book! When I had about 50,000 on the new motor, I was thinking of trading for a dodge, the dealer said he would give me $10,000 for my ford! Wow! The dealers don’t want them either! What A joke! You know, all the ford diesel trucks in Mexico have the Cummins motors! Ford can install them. I think anyone with a 2003-2007 with a 6.0l, should get a cummins installed free of charge!

    1. Now that’s the best Idea I’ve heard. I have been looking into swapping out the 6.0 for a Cummings at a cost of 12,000 to 17,000, love the truck but got noting good to say about the 6.0. Ford has been waiting for enough time to pass so that they wouldn’t have to do anything about it.

    2. I think this a great idea, we should all bring are broken trucks to Ford corporate and have a big bontruck fire. they are all crapp Found on road dead. sad commentaries.

      1. I purchased an 2005 6.0 lit. F350 dually in Oct 04. Today I have found I have diesel fuel in my coolant. I only have 100.700 miles on the motor.
        I have had the turbo changed twice, 2 injectors. driving down the road my truck would just shut off while driving at 5 miles an hr or 60mph. scary, after they changed my turbo I had oil leaking took it to dealer three times and they realized my crankshaft was out 70,000th and had to change the short block. thank God it was still under warranty with only 67,000 easy miles on it. I am looking at spending oodles of money now to fix this pile of junk. sad to say should have bought a toyota truck. I had a Chevy dually before the ford and it was a lemon and they bought it back.
        Planned breakdowns are the greedy way of corporate American auto makers to rob from us the consumers.

        We need to get paid for all our suffering and losses we experienced at the hands of these corporate thieves.

    3. Yes that is what they should do. Live in Oregon anybody know a lawyer around here that can help….541-993-9971

  5. Very frustrated also. My 6.0l just went down with oil congealing the coolant and heating up the engine. An oil temp guage would have been a help. Ford dealer now has all the fixes to help the 12000.00 dollar replacement engine but didn;t mention it before. This motor has been very hard to keep running and Ford has not been helpful.

    1. I have that same problem now did u ever get iy fixed and if so Wat was the actual problem cause I don’t have that kind of money to have Ford screw me over like that right now

  6. I have a 2004 Ford F250 with 117,000 miles on it. The trucks head basket and head bolts failed with 40000 miles and Ford warranted the repairs. Since then I’ve replaced a cam sensor, fuel injector control module, egr valve, and starter. Ford now claims the egr cooler failed causing the head gasket to fail again. This is going to cost me $ 6000 to repair. Here is my complaint about this lemon of a truck: I purchased the truck for 43000 in 2004; then tried to sell it with 114000 for 17000 (Kelly blue book trade in value) the best offer I got was 6000 which I considered a slap in the face. So I decide to keep it now I have to spend 6000 to make it run. I’ve maintained this truck since I bought it, yet no check engine light nor temperature gauge indicated to me that there was a mechanical problem when the egr cooler failed. I don’t understand how a consumer/lay person is supposed to know to stop running the vehicle and bring it to the mechanic with out some kind of indicator. Ford’s 6.0 has some design flaws that has cost the consumer under for told repairs. It’s also cost the consumer resale value. I’m not one to usually sue or complain but I bought this vehicle to last me 200,000 miles or more like a diesel had the reputation to. Something must be done.

    1. Very thankful that I have a after market Gage, truck heated up to 230 without the factory idiot Gage showed normal, WTF.

  7. I have a 2005 Ford F250 Lariat FX4 6.0 diesel with 99,000+ miles. This month, I had my first and only mecanical problem (EGR). This truck has been a dream to own. I change oil at scheduled intervals. I use ROTELA T6 synthetic with premium Ford oil filters. The truck has been upgraded with Banks tuned monster exhaust, Banks
    Intake systems, and a BullyDog premium tuner. The truck is very fast and
    believe it or not unusally good fuel mileage (if you keep your foot out). I follow all Preventative Maintenance schedules. This truck is not cheap to operate; however and if you want a good truck – love and take care of it, and it will be great to own.

    1. I felt the same about mine at 115k but then… and you will also, hate to tell you,
      start to smell coolant when you accelerate. Its not a matter of if, its when!

    2. fool you will have problems to come no f-in ford diesel ever went +200,000 w/o major problems only chevy diesels and again Chevy diesels run that long w/o a hitch.. u got a 1996 northstar’ lookalike engine both were and continue to be junk…even the newest f-diesel trucks are junk as a with Caddie northstars!!!

      1. I’m doing my first ever repair to an ’05 excursion with the 6.0… Got a real bad tank of fuel and plugged the fuel filter enough to starve the injectors, replaced the filters and 2 injectors were dumping fuel… 224,000 miles!
        I hear so many people saying that they have done the maint but I work on them and can tell you that either where you taking them is not actually doing the work or the truth is being exaggerated!

        I have had many 6.0 customers and just as many won’t listen… I said your batteries are weak you should replace, then they get Towed in with a ficm blown.. It’s a powers supply … One side of ficm is power other is control… The transformer overheats and the solder connections are crap on the pc board so when cranking the voltage drops and the current spikes … Nothing electronic likes current spikes… Also if your alternator is popping check batteries, ground etc…
        The head stud failures are from the tty head bolts.. They are designed to stretch into a torque load and move with the expansion and contraction keeping even torques … Problem is that they were invented for aluminum engines and my the cylinder pressures that diesels make, so they stretch when hot, and do not return after many cycles the next boost and pushes cyl pressure into coolant… Also the coolant level is always low on every truck that comes in my shop.. The cap is junk … When he coolant level is low the EGR cooler get air pockets and then the 1,400 deg exhaust heats the cooler tubes to only have the coolant then hit the metal and it cracks… I can go on and on.. By the truth is.. That this is nothing more than a small issue with this engine that a lot and I mean a lot of mis information along with mechanics that are down right hacks and I would not let touch my lawn mower have screwed up… The biggest reason for injector failure is not changing the filters… Actually changing the lower filter instead of draining it off… The issues are as follows…
        TTY head bolts inadequate for application

        EGR system well any EGR system in a diesel is a bad idea.. But this is a coolant issue that causes the failure of the EGR cooler… The rad cap is not designed for the application, it’s the same cap used on every ford vehicle… Yes a $5 rad cap has caused thousands of these engines to fail… Once the coolant boils.. The level runs low, the the extended life additives turn to solids and those solids plug he oil cooler… Then the flow to the EGR is cut off and then when the EGR valve opens and super heats the cooler only splashes of coolant can get through and when it does the cooler fails..

        When the cooler fails it puts coolant into the cylinders and this raises the cyl pressures even further stretching the head bolts and failure…

        Fuel starvation from not changing fuel filters, both of them every 15k miles
        The injectors are mini versions of the 7.3 Injectors and very susceptible to any contamination and this is why the aux filters on top are for the fuel injectors to begin with…

        The turbo… Ahh the dealers love replacing the turbos… Remember my any EGR is bad..well the 6.0 has a variator.. It can change the angle of the turbo to accelerate or decelerate turbine speed… From the exhaust gases and the oil throughout the intake system it gets gummed up… Unless a bearing fails the turbos all have been replaced not because it’s not fixable bit oem dealers have items that are non serviceable parts according to manufacturer.. So they replace.. Does not matter if warranty or customer pay! So in the real world unless your turbo sounds like a freight train dragging a tank across the tracks, a simple disassemble and clean all the soot off will put it back it working order!

        The rest is production BS to aid in the time to assemble the engines at the factory… Including the head bolt issue.. They are the stc fitting ( snap fitting) it’s nothing more than an easy and fast way to index the HPOP ( high pressure oil pump) and the oil passage during assembly, there an O-ring rhat fails from the pulses of the HPOP.. Let’s touch on that.. Any piston swash plate hydraulic pump pulsates and is not smooth fluid flow.. You have to step up the oil pressure in stages to get 3,000 psi.. Each stage is a pulse so anything in the system is subject to these pulses ( something that the engineers obviously don’t understand about hydraulics I guess) so any fitting with an o-ring will have excessive movement against the o-ring especially with extream temp deferences , cold oil as engine is warming up, or extra hot oil under hard load or with oil cooler plugged in coolant side… ( please see above oil cooler ) then there is the stand pipes , they transfer oil from the HPOP to the oil rail… They are 2 piece ’05 and up and have o-rings everywhere.. And the dummy plugs ( fuel rail plugs) they plug off the spot where the stand pipe is machined for depending what side of the engine they are on, same piece machined to fit either side… The fix is a delrin ( plastic) washer backing up the o-ring to keep the o-ring from moving and self destructing..

        Let’s finish up with batteries… Both batteries should be changed like headlights.. If ones bad change them both.. If you even think you felt your truck not crank right… Replace both batteries… This is probably the highest electrical demanding diesel ever!! Throw in some cold mornings and a weak battery and you have a voltage drop causing current spikes and havoc throughout the electrical and electronic systems..

        The 6.0 is not the 7.3 but with a few things correctly repaired and by someone that actually knows diesels not just flow charts the dealer puts out.. I have customers over 500k and one at almost 800k on an excursion!

          1. All I can say is listen to the people who know these engines. We just bought an 06 F350 King Ranch Dually 4.10 rear end in September 2018. We’ve put around $8,000.0 into it so far to make it more dependable truck just like guy’s like Rob suggest. We tow a 20 foot enclosed trailer for our construction business and 95% of the miles are with that trailer. It’s not heavy, but that’s a lot of miles usually 300 one way.
            I’m not using any tuner or programmer and don’t plan to. Truck was alway’s stock but the oil cooler had blown and the turbo was replaced. We set this truck up for the long term. We’ve done new batteries and alternator, Coolant flush with VC9 and Simple Green HD with CAT ELC coolant. Coolant filter. Bullet Proof Diesel water pump. EGR Delete, Turbo service just to be safe. HPOP connection upgraded, new upgraded stand pipes and dummy plugs, reman FICM from Circuit Board Medics, New Degas Bottle Cap with much better spring, 4″ exhaust, SBC Cold Air Intake, Mag Hytec larger tranny pan with upgraded 08′ filter plus another in line pre-filter, Aluminum radiator form ASI Performance, Heavy Duty Mechanical fan clutch from Bullet Proof Diesel, Firestone 5,000 pound helper air springs, backflush valve for oil cooler, silicone upper and lower radiator hoses from Mishimoto, Edge CTS2 monitor with EGT probe in manifold, New IPR valve, Poly urethane body mounts. Replace plastic intercooler pipe with Ford metal one and boots. Some of these may not have been needed but I wanted to start with what I know is good and go from there so I replaced them anyway. We bought it Alabama and when we got home changed the oil to Schaeffer’s 7000 Supreme 10w30, new fuel filters (Ford). I use all Schaeffers fluids, tranny, differentials and a fuel additive which is a cetane booster also Schaeffer’s. Excellent stuff, been using it for about 5 years in other diesel’s I’ve owned. Also, I put BP diesel in and if not that, in Wisconsin and Minnesota they Have Kwik Trip and use that as my second choice. Drove lot’s of miles, never had fuel issues with either one. Never put an off brand in your truck. We bought this truck with 97,000 and have almost 106,000 so it’s early yet I know. But, I’ve talked and dealt with people who know these like Rob, and doing these simple things I’m confident this truck will serve us well for many years. I maintain it religiously as it’s our life’s blood and that is the key with these. I learned the hard and expensive way, found good people to work on my trucks and help me to learn. I’m no mechanic, but there are good ones out there that know what they’re doing and can help you have a long and happy life with your truck!
            May the Lord richly bless your and your family and help you find the right person to work on your truck.

      2. I’ve got 290,000+ on my 2005 f-250 6.0 crew cab srw 6 3/4 bed running strong. Never had a repair bill I didn’t see coming. I use my sct live wire tuner for gauges. Still running headbolts, haven’t head studded or upgraded gaskets. I tow weekly, constantly pulling uphill and she keeps going. Only problem I have with the truck? The seats are worn out.

        1. I bought my 2006 F350 in 2008 with 17k mi. 4wd, 6.0 (late model) and have done 138 virtually trouble free miles. EGR delete and an oil cooler, NOTHING ELSE! But, I take it in for service ( not a Ford Dealer) every 5k miles and tell him “Do everything Ford said to do for this mileage. I LOVE MY 6.0!!!!

  8. We own a 2006 F250 and have had problems with the EGR. We have recently spent thousands on replacing parts and the EGR delete kits. We are currently considering trading it in, but have been offered substantially less than the value of the truck due to these issues. We would like more information about what we can do at this point.

  9. I have a 2005 F-550 with 133,000 miles on it. We replaced the turbo,EGR, head gaskets, fuel pump and 18 injectors in an 8 cylinder vehicle. I have over $18,000 into the engine so far, plus additional work performed under warranty. Our problems began showing up around 90,000 miles. I need to replace two vehicles in my fleet and will not consider a Ford due to these problems. We expect 300,000 miles out of a diesel engine. Values on this truck is very low – so we pay a large amount to repair it and also take a major hit trying to unload it. Ford needs to stand behind this engine!!

    1. I have a Ford F-550 with a 6.0L diesel engine that has required major repairs. Just getting it out of the shop today with a bill for over $8,000.00. The truck began having problems under 50,000 miles. Now, the problems are the injectors, oil pump, and fuel pump. I was told by the local Ford mechanic that these engines were actually made by International and there are design flaws in the bolts that hold the engine in place. The bolts were not designed to hold this weight of an engine and hence, we have major issues. Has anyone had this same problem? What is the recourse? The truck is no longer under warranty. I even purchased an extended warranty and that is no longer in effect. Ford should reimburse consumers for their expenses related to engines with design flaws from the factory. What to do? Any advice?

  10. I bought a ford 2003 450 truck 6.0 diesel truck, everyday i was fixing something in the engine, injectors, power, or it would not have power lose all the power,….finally i got rid of it.

  11. I have a 2006 F 450 with the 6.0 liter. Today the motor blew in it with only 117,000 miles on it, not to mention less than three months ago the EGR valve had to be replaced. So within six months i have had to spend nearly $17,000 on this truck. (new motor, egr delete, ficum, and a host of other issues) I called Ford Headquarters today and all they say is the motor is a good motor and we can’t seem to find any recalls in the computer. It’s hard to keep small businesses IN BUSINESS when you sell a crappy product like the 6.0 Liter. Ford claims no responsibility for the faulty motor and will NOT work with you on getting a replacement. It’s sad that I have a 7.3 Liter in an F250 and have never had a problem with the truck. Obviously something is wrong with the 6.0 liters.

      1. Yes you can, but it is not going to be a simple build. It is more common to put a cummins into the Ford to build a Fummins Truck. There is a company called that does the conversions and sells kits to do them.

  12. I have 04 250 sd 1 set injectors under warranty, 3 sets out of my pocket. The last failure cost me push rod parked in high weeds forget about that money pit. I bought a new gmc I’m done with Ford. They wouldn’t even honor the 12month warranty on last set. They said it was water, which is not possible when it’s running, witch it was. I’m not stupid, well maybe I was, I bought a 6.0

  13. I had 2300.00 worth of work done on my 2005 f-250 superduty with 6.0L engine.
    The service dept. said replaced the ficm and a few other things I can’t pronounce. I had to have the vehicle towed in to them from my home. Now the truck surges through the turbo charger on a regular basis. This to me seems to be a safety issue. If it does it at a stop sign you better have a good hold on the brake pedal or you’ll be out in the middle of traffic and possibly killed. Ford motor co. should stand good for all the vehicles that were ever produced with the 6.0L diesel engine. I called the dealer that did the work and told them it wasn’t running right after they worked on it. They said bring it in and we’ll run a diagnostic check and see what is wrong with it. That test costs the customer between 250.00 – 750.00. This is done and then they’re trained to tell the customer it wasn’t what they had repaired previously and would end up costing what ever amount they can come up with. This sounds like shoddy practice on an American co. ; but that is the truth. I just keep driving mine; because that is all I can afford to do at this time. I reported them to the BBB; but don’t know if that will change policy by Ford on this engine or not; but I tried.

    1. I have a 2006 Ford F-250 Lariat Turbo Diesel. When I purchased the truck in 2006 it had only 3000 miles on it. I have a travel trailer that I pull to different camp sites around NC and the truck has not given me any problems until recently it would not idle and when you pressed the accelerator it would shut down. I live very close to a ford dealership and they kept my truck for 5 days and finally called me to tell me that my fuel module was bad and it would cost $895.00 to rebuild and replace it. I got the truck back and drove it about a week and it started doing the same thing. I took it back to the dealership and the mechanic said the truck needed to be reset to standards and all the updates to make the truck perform better. Another $143.00 for upgrade. I pick up my truck and drove it 10 miles same problem. I returned the truck and this time the dealership kept it for 3 more days. This time I was told that it was the fuel filter housing leaking and had to be replaced another $ 343.00. I got the truck back and it performed very well this time but I kept smelling diesel fuel coming inside my cab. It got so bad until it made my eyes burn and gives me a headache. I have carried my truck back to the ford dealership at least 5 different times and the mechanic blames the odor on the fuel leak that had ran down in the the engine from the leaking fuel housing and it would go away in a couple of weeks, but it has been 2months and I am still getting a bad fuel odor coming thru the air condition vents. I have had my exhaust system check no results. Ready to get rid of this truck. Its very clean and I will let it go for $12,500. I hate to let it go but reading all the remarks on this page just makes me sick. I will never buy another Ford. Anybody interested 336 380 1174.

    2. I have a2003 f350 with a 6.0 I was told diesels were were million mile trucks. I have now changed out 3 injectors 2 first time now another and also egr valve twice I bought the truck so I could keep it a long time I don’t have the money for all this please help

  14. I purchased my 2004 6.0 Powerstroke Diesel used. It had 60,000 miles on it. I have always owned Ford diesels and had such good luck with them, I had no worries about this one. All my Ford trucks ran well with regular maintenance, and lasted 250,000+ miles.

    In less than 1500 miles after I bought this used 2004, it started blowing white smoke. Turned out an injector needed to be replaced. I had to have it towed, then rent a car until it was fixed. Got it back. Within a week another injector went up, same scenerio, towed, rent a car, etc. Over all, it cost me $6000.

    It has been running good since then, but just last week it wouldn’t start. Towed to the mechanic, turned out to be the fuel regulator module. It needed to be purchased and then Ford had to program it. The cost was $1100.

    I sent Ford, and the Federal Trade Commission, all the information with scans of my bills and receipts. Ford’s response was “sorry for you.”

    I cannot sell this truck, and I cannot afford to keep it. I purchased this truck based on my years of good experiences with Ford products. Now, because of this truck and their lack of concern for their loyal consumers, I will never buy another. I am looking to unload this truck and buy a Chevrolet, or a Dodge.

  15. What I see here is everyone blaming Ford ( I’m not a Ford lover) but the actual problem is the government demanding tougher and tougher emissions on engines. Prior to the 6.0L engine, Ford used the tried and true 7.3L Power Stroke engine, but just wouldn’t quite pass emissions. Many of these engines are still in trucks and working every day. It’s not much different than ethanol in gas today. You get 15% less mileage with ethanol in the gas plus it’s more expensive. When are the people going to demand some of the tried and tested engines and fuels from the not too distant past and tell them to pack it where the sun don’t shine with all their new regulations. It’s only going to get worse if we don’t do something, the EPA has gotten too strong. By the way, I’ll keep my 1991 Dodge with 435,000 miles on it with no problems, and it still gets 20 MPG..

    1. Thank you for speaking the truth. I come from a long line of ford owners. Apparently these people did not do their home work. I heard in 2003 that people were having trouble with their 6.0. So guess what I did. I kept my 2001 7.3 and still have it!! Like you said, the 6.0 was very poorly put together to keep the EPA happy. I have heard nothing but good things about the new 6.7. Those are still a little out of my price range right now though. If you own a 6.0 “after 03” I don’t feel bad for you. You guys had the same information as everyone else. I had several friends go over to dodge for a while until ford straightened things out and now they are back. Stop crying and move on.

  16. I own 2 6.0l fords one is my personal veihical a extrnded cab with a short bed my other truck my work truck a 05 superduty 9ft dump body and no problems there eather it is the driver who makes the machine dont blame the trucks or ford bc many of my friends own 6.0l and have no problems eather i giess all of u got the shotty ones

    1. ANTHONY,



      1. I have a one owner 03 f 250 super duty, with 450,000k had an egr/oil cooler at 200, 000 haven’t had a problem since, if anything does happen the truck owes me nothing and has served me well since day one.

        1. Did you replace the EGR cooler with a stock one or did you get an aftermarket one? The EGR cooler is one of the main problems with these engines, so if you did upgrade it to a better design, that is probably why you have had less issues. You are very lucky.

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        2. it sounds like I’m one of the few oddballs here with the 6.0. we’ve had our’s sence it was new back in feb 2005. put a EGR delete and removed the muffler and cat to free up the exhaust. Had the turbo replaced at 7,000 miles due to a bad oil return line. other than a bad alltinator it has been trouble free. I use my truck but don’t abuse it. i did add a oil bypass filter and coolant filter, been across the country a few times with no problems and get about 20 mpg.

    2. You will get rid of both as do cad/northstar owners have done even 2012 northstar is junk as is a f-in diesel ford p/u anything dump or not..

  17. i have an 04 f250 6.0 with 68000 on it. bought it last october and already have had to get a new turbo that ford blew but wouldnt take responsibility for even though it went in for just an module recall upgrade, also a icp sensor, tranny work. when its actually running its a great truck tried to get rid of it but they tell me that even though kbb saids 18.500 theyll only give me 10,000 for it. so im putting egr delete and list of other hoping its going to pay out

  18. I had a 06 6.0 and it was a hunk of junk I spent more money fixing it then I did putting diesel in it to drive it I had it almost 2 years it had 40,000 miles on it I sold it for 5,000 $ that’s the most they would give me for it I lost alot of money but I spent about 10,000 fixing it

  19. I have a 2004 F250 Diesel with the 6.0 engine in it. It has been nothing but problems. Right now, it is sitting in the Beach Ford dealership and I can’t even get it home to Ohio due to yet another “flaw” in the make of this engine. The mechanic (supposively the best around here) said that the best thing I can do is drop another engine in it… another 6.0 engine and then off load it as soon as I can. Fixing it is not an option as the engine has so many issues known to Ford that it would not worth fixing the current problem. We also own a 2001 F250 with the 7.3 engine in it and it runs like a dream! I would really like to be a part of the existing lawsuit. I think just the fact that Ford recognized the issues with this engine and quite installing them in their trucks is enough for Ford to be responsible for the repairs or replacement of this engine.

  20. In 2011 my husband and I bought a 2004 Ford F-250 6.0 Turbo Diesel 4×4 truck for a little over $14,000. Since our purchase we have had to replace the following:
    Thermostat housing (twice)
    Coolant over flow tank (twice)
    Both batteries at the same time
    8 fuel injectors
    FICM (Fuel injector control module)
    Coolant hoses (All of them)
    Both wiring harnesses
    Now the current issue is the AC doesn’t work and the sensor is going out. The sensor causes the truck to die for no apparent reason in the middle of the highway or on a back small road. We use this truck for our business. We tried to trade it in for a Dodge but the biggest offer we have received for the trade in is $2,500!!! THAT’S IT! NO ONE wants this truck because it has the 6.0L I would join the lawsuit but have no money for a lawyer because we have spent an estimated amount of $25,000 on THIS TRUCK. We have over 400 customers that we come in contract with every week and we have instructed them NOT TO BUY FORD truck/vehicle with the 6.0L engine. It’s nothing but a money pit! I HATE THIS TRUCK!! I have had several trucks from Ford and loved them all. This truck is so embarrasing for us and the Ford company.

    1. It’s a class action lawsuit it does not cost you anything, there are many law firms involved I would look it up online and call as soon as possible we have been in it a year and a half but it is starting to progress now so I would hurry the more people the better.

    2. You should have done your home work. You would have learned real cheaply that the 6.0 was crap. But instead of spending 15 minutes online you made a bad business decision. In 2011 people had know for 8 years the 6.0 were bad. I have some ocean front property in Arizona I have for sale real cheap.

    3. I have an 05 I purchased used with 8,000 miles on it back in 06. I tow a heavy bumper pull enclosed race car trailer, and a 14k 5th wheel with it. I didnt do anything but change the oil and dump fuel in it for 7 years. Then the EGR cooler went out. Changed that and the oil cooler then decided to pay attention to the maintenance and stop neglecting it. No problems since. By the way, the EGR cooler was my fault. ELC coolant should have been changed before this happened.
      After doing some learning about 6.0 I find them to be amazing engines. They are flawed, but that can be overcome.

  21. I own a auto repair shop and I’m also a dealer. I have lost a lot of good customers that went out and bought the ford trucks with the 6.0 diesel engine. They would come into my shop for repairs, we would do the repairs and the truck would be back in a month or less with a totally different problem. I almost got sued because one truck kept breaking down and the customer got a lawyer. I convinced a good customer that it wasn’t our shop it was the 6.0 engine.
    To the person or two that say they haven’t had a problem with their 6.0 engine you just keep driving it and you will see. And as a dealer I will not buy a truck with a 6.0 engine at all, I have lost some good customers over this truck.

      1. Yes, it is commonly referred to as turning it into a Fummins. This is really common. The company that deals directly with it is called Destroked. Their website is: We no longer work directly with them because there are simply too many questions from customers that did not want to buy anything, they were simply curious about the project. You can contact them directly, they were always great to work with.

  22. 2003 f-350 CATASTROPHIC ENGINE FAILURE (mechanics exact wording) had to replace motor. This is after we had replaced ERG valve twice, turbo, 5 injectors and injector pump. This truck has cost us over 10k so far and still breaking down constantly. I will never be able to trade this money pit in. 30k so far for a non dependable truck. VERY DISAPPOINTED. Junk yard said NO core charge, not worth the scrap.

    1. having same problems you experienced {I have a 2007 F250 6.0 diesel) (egr valve 3 replacements, injectors, intake manifold, etc.). Called Ford, said no recalls, they said to just save your bills in the event they have a recall. No help!

    1. Its going on now look it up online we have been in it a year and a half but things are starting to move along so please join its no cost to you, I have the same year with only 58,000 miles broke down 5 times and is now broke sitting in the backyard HIDING!!!!!

  23. Just bought my 05 6.0 f250 diesel fwd a month ago, it had 78,838mi. Just last week I had to take it to shop for the ficm. I read somewhere that the ficm was a recall, anyone know for sure if that’s true? I did get an ext.warranty on truck when I bought it that is suppose to cover things like this, but I am sure that I will have to pay out of pocket. Didn’t know all this when I bought the truck should’ve used Google before instead of after the fact.

  24. You guys this you got it bad. I have a 2008 F450 4 X 4 King Ranch Edition purchased in April 2007 that has less than 2,900 miles, that’s right 2,900 miles, that has the Turbo gone along with other problems that the dealership hasn’t revealed to me yet. And guess what, warranty is out as of April 16, 2012. This truck costs $65,000 and today it ain’t worth a plug nickel.

  25. Sorry I made some errors in my statement above, it has less than 29,000 miles. Am so upset that I can’t even think straight. Sounds like Ford didn’t improve their engine in their later models. If I had known about the problems with these trucks I wouldn’t have bought this one. We did have a 2000 Ford F350 that was a good truck but traded it in for the 2008 Ford F450.

  26. I own a 2003 6.0 diesel. Bought it new, problems started at 90,000 miles.
    Turbo, egr twice, injector, sensors three times, untold amounts of wasted money. I will NEVER own a ford truck again. Lost all confidence in US auto , Gonna try a Toyota now.

  27. I have a 2003 f350 6.0 pick-up the truck is a good looking, but that doesn’t make it run. The engine overheats, no power. They should stop making that worthless engine.

  28. I have a 2003 f350 6.0 pick-up the truck is a goodlooking ,but that doesnot make it run. The engine overheats, no power. They should stop making that worthless engine.

  29. I wish I would have read about these problems earlier before I purchased my 03 F250 SD at the end of May 2012. I test drove it and it ran fine. Bought it for what I thought was a steal, $12,500 with only 71k miles…only has 72k miles and had to have the EGR valve replaced. I had purchased the extended warranty but they don’t cover emissions equipment, so $380 out of pocket. Now I’m being told there its a leak in the head or valve gasket all I hear is”more money please..hahah” coming From the mechanic. Now I’m hearing all this and I’m kicking myself in the ass for buying this truck. I’m going to go down and have a talk with the dealer about integrity and how its important to run a business. I might even stand out in front of the dealership with a sign warning people. Mayberry if we all did this, Ford would lose money and maybe do something to fix the problem. We need to ban together and fight Ford until they fox the problem. Let’s get the wired out

  30. Ok…sorry about all the misspelled words in last post. Phone puts it’s own words…grrrr.. I’m sure everyone got the gist of it.

  31. I should have waited and got the Chevy or Dodge like I wanted. I just got a you hauler and worried that i’m going to break down when towing it.

  32. 2004 6.0 super duty F-250 with 35,068 miles and replaced engine. 2 months ago.
    EGR cooler went south and melted my number 4 piston. Replaced with engine with
    22,000 miles. Just this morning blowing smoke. Gotta be an injector or 2.

    piss on ford.
    I want in.

  33. I bought my F350 super duty (2004) in 2005 or 2006 with 27,000 miles on it. Every time that I took it out of town something would happen to it. the first time it cost me $2,600.00 for 4 injectors and a control module. The next time it blew apart was in South Dakota for the same thing. Through the first 4 years there were 2 turbos installed on it, two new head gaskets supposedly a new air cooler because the district manager from Kansas City told me that they had trouble with them being too small. On my last trip to Sturgis the engine locked up and blew the air cooler for the turbo apart. I pulled the engine apart and found that when the two turbos were put on the plastic inlet to the turbo was broken and I found out that the engine has been sucking sand and dust directly into the turbo. Now ford says that is too bad, and they will not do anything about it. They did tell me that they would sell me a long block for $9,700.00. This truck rides and drives nice with or without a trailer, but I can’t afford to keep buying the truck with new engines all the time. I would be happy if ford would buy back this never ending money sucking 6.0 for what I paid for it. So far all they tell me is that it is too bad!!!!. I would love to get some kind of satisfaction from ford.

    For now all I have is a locked up motor and no satisfaction for any of my trouble or expense.

      I have a nice truck without a motor for sale if anyone is interested.
  34. After hearing some of these problems that the 6.0l is having I went into my local ford dealer to trade my 2006 ford f-250 crew cab 6.0 l and they were told by ford not to take any 6.0 l on trade, I have had ford trucks for most of my life, but I know this is my last ford truck.

  35. I purchased a F350 Super Duty out the box in 2003, @3000 miles replaced EGR valve, started to have trouble with the turbo, I had to just about punch the Ford dealer to get him to replace it under warranty. Then the REAL problems started, 5 injectors @ 5 diffrent times at about $1200 a shot, an intake valve failed, a piece about the size of a piece of pie broke off and damaged the piston $3500, then the starter failed, now the truck is smoking, Ford have had it for over a month telling me they are on the “HOT” line with Ford and they have no answer!! Want to pull the engine. There is no way I will let them do that. Does anyone know if there is a law suite pending, or a class action against Ford? Fords attitude to this problem is scandalous, the are aware of the problem and are not prepared to do anything about it! A good HONEST lawyer can take the to court and win millions in punitive damages. Come on good lawyers where are you? There is a fortune waiting for you and all of the above!!

      1. there is a legit one going on I’m in it I’m in my bed so I don’t have the paperwork and i cant remember the full name but this law firm is in Louisiana and the first out of the 3 names is Pendley. there are a lot of firms working together as one on this its class action so its no out of pocket.

        1. Hi Jen,
          If you could please share with us more details on the “Legit” one, we would all appreciate it!

  36. My 2005 superduy f350 is in the shop now for a $2500 turbo replacement. Only 55k miles on the truck and it was treated like gold the whole time we had it. Worst news is my mechanic told me to get rid of it because all he sees is problems from trucks with the 6.0L. I thought this truck would last me for 20 years, what a disappointment. It looks even worse when I see the trade-in values others on this site have been quoted.

  37. I Wow, I get so tired of hearing everyone whine and cry about their 6 liter, and oh how they got taken advantage of and got duped and wasted soooooo much money. Look, its very simple folks, ford will always replace oe parts….with oe parts. Yes there are design flaws that can be overcomed and it is a great motor despite all the naysayers screaming oh just wait, it will happen to you too. But it does take an amount of being an educated and knowledgeable person, time, and money to overcome the problems. You wouldn’t plow a field with a lawn mower would you? Sure you can but it doesn’t mean that you should. The same is true with the 6 liter f series trucks. They have to be set up for the tasks you plan to do with them. I hear so many guys that bring in their truck to my specialty diesel shop and claim that it blew the heads under normal operating conditions. Bullshit….a 20k lb car hauler with cars on it and stock suspension with no brake controller is not normal operation. My point is that if you want to make it pull, set it up that way with aftermarket accessories, if you want to drag race it, set it up for that. But daily drivers and normal hauling are nothing outside of normal for these vehicles so long as a person takes care of the maintenance and is knowledgeable about how to use these vehicles and drive them properly. Be an educated consumer and get it fixed right, or better yet fix the problem before it starts. 1200 dollars and some shop time can make a 6.0 damn near bulletproof. I know it does because I have done it. I own a 6.0. Bought it used in 09 with 100k on it. Put 30k on it with no probs, then put studs, gaskets, egr delete, bluespring, and a performance tune on it. I drive this truck every dayand pull heavy farm equipment with it. Still original engine and all components and transmission. 330k on it currently and fires up first time every time even in 0 degree weather. What I am saying is, educate yourselves before running out and buying a big truck just because it sounds good and you’ll have a bigger truck than your buddies.

    1. Hello DeiselPoweredMonster,
      Where are you located? I am looking into buying an f350 6.0 truck and need someone to check out the engine. If your nearby, would you be interested?

      1. I am not sure about my 2007 350 super duty truck had oil cooler egr valve done to it seem to run good but after reading all the tube people are having I wish now I never got the truck. But I will change coolant and oil and all filter and see what happens at the worst is I have to learn more about the truck and just tear it down my self and fix it but all in all the truck is a good truck has 160000 miles on it got it used had to fix it right after I got it. I have had Cummins in 18 wheeler before had all kinds of true out of egr valves oil coolant system the real tribles is our government with there hands in the automotive industry. That when shit goes wrong if I have to pull the 6 down the government shit will come off of it.
        Ford is still a good truck

  38. I purchased 2003 Ford F350 Super Duty Crew Cab FX4. Vehicle now has 320,000 miles. In the last 12 months oil seals leaked in both rear wheel hubs, replaced rear parking brake, replaced rear disc brakes, machined rear hubs, replaced brake switch on master cylinder (major design problem), use of horn causes speed control and horn to stop working, wiring harness to trailer connector destroyed by diesel byproducts, replaced front rotors, replaced front disc brakes, replaced alternator 2 times, replaced upper and lower ball joints and replace front and rear shocks. Power steering fluid leak and oil leak associated to ICP Sensor failure are my current issues.

    FORD is short for Found On Road Dead or Fix Or Repair Daily. Unless you can fix it when it stops working you should consider a horse.

  39. I’ve got an 04 Superduty F-250 which I’ve had to change the head gaskets twice on already and it looks like they blew out again today! This truck only had 72,000 miles on it when it blew out the first set of head gaskets (along with the radiator). The replacement has cost me over $3,000 each time it has happened. Today while driving down the road it again blew out the radiator and is acting just like it did when it blew the head gaskets before. I’ve also had to replace one of the injectors on the truck which was over $700.

  40. I Purchased My 2006 F250 SD 6.0 brand new for $38,000.00 , it ran fine for the first year then everything went to hell in a hand basket or should I say head gasket?! Driving home gray smoke blew the temp went up, towed it to the shop to find the head gasket blew $2500.00 fix then paid the $500 to get the new head bolts. Added 6 inch exhaust with after market air intake to help keep the heat down! A few months after broke down driving to hunting camp a plate behind the turbo cracked $3000.00 fix!!! Then 6 months later More gray smoke towed it in AGAIN replaced 8 injectors and fuel pump $2800.00 fix. 2 months later more gray smoke SURPRISE towed it in again Turbo housing cracked $2000.00…. Ran fine for 6 months then taking off from a light it wouldn’t go after a second or so a huge puff of gray smoke then it started going !! ERG Vavle was caked replace it along with cooler $3000.00 fix…. Now at 117000 miles driving home lost power with more gray smoke towed it in again, 2 push rods bent and broke, pieces lost inside motor Ford is telling me motor needs to be replaced cost $16,000!!! I have been a Ford Man my whole life but this truck has changed me, Ford will never get another penny from me this is the first time I’ve been F&&^ed with my pants on!!!! I say we all tow or 6.0 Diesel trucks and park them in front of Ford Company so they can see the junk they dumped on us!!!

    1. Sounds like it is time for a motor swap. Have you heard of a Fummins? Ford makes great interiors. We have a few friends with Fummins. It would probably cost much less then 16k and you would have a bulletproof engine. Best of both worlds! We at diesel power products do not do the swaps, you can check out the site called for more info.

  41. Hello, just purchased a 2005 Harley Davidson edition f-350 with a 6.0L. Beautiful & lifted, it is very nice. I got it with 108,000 miles and it was a repo for $17,000.00. I first changed all fluids and filters, made sure everything was cleaned. I drive from myrtle beach SC to Bethesda Maryland on a weekly basis I put 12,000 miles on it when I notice a feeling like an injector was acting up or bad fuel. I always run power source in it. Anyways I got up to Maryland and thought I got bad fuel or dirty filter. I replaced the fuel filters which i had just done within the last two weeks. Also I put some diesel fuel injector cleaner right into the fuel filter, truck started running good again but smoking a little. I got to NC and had to stop because I smelled oil so i pulled over and opened the hood to find oil over everything. I had to call a tow company to have it towed to Myrtle Beach. As I was waiting a mechanic stopped by and said that the oil cooler probably went bad. I got it home and cleaned it. I started it and it ran with no noise but white smoke was noticed and wet exhaust. I believe number 5 cylinder stopped the motor. I couldn’t find the oil leak. I took off the turbo plastic intake, and it started again and I ran it for 20 mins. Then I gave it a little fuel, still white smoke but didn’t smell like oil and still no oil leak, then when I let off oil blew out the turbo all over the engine. Then I started doing my troubleshooting and I found both a bad turbo and bad egr. I bought $3000.00 in parts and upgrades including studs, egr delete, gaskets, new upgraded oil cooler, new turbo, and HP. Then I pulled the heads and I found the mess. I took 11 gallons of oil/fuel mix out of pan. I knew I had a problem. Found a burnt piston with a hole in it, The gauges never showed any problems. I still own a 1999 f-250 with the 7.3L Powerstroke that I purchased brand new in Sept. of 98, it now has 452,000 mile on it and I do all my own work on it. I will pull with this and have my local machine shop and I make this thing bulletproof and out out about 600hp when I am done. Yes it will cost me probably about $10,000 but I believe it will be wort it in the long run. I will not use any Ford parts in the rebuild and it will be built like a race engine. I am going to fix the oil cooler and also move or shield the electrical components from heat with heat wrap. I want to join this law suit. I hope when I am done I will be able to help others with their 6.0 since Ford won’t!!!! I will fix these issues once and for all.. Thanks Will Witt

  42. I had a 2006 f-250 powerstroke all repairs done by City Ford Edmonton Alberta Canada..aprox..$15,000.00 in the last two months then 1 injector goes while out of town I call the dealership they say ya just drive it till you get back. When i drop it off at the service department they call and tell me 3 injectors are done, ok i say replace all of them. I pick the truck up they said we only did the three injectors..arrrrrrr
    I go back up north to work it starts running real ruff I call them the very next day to inform them. Turns out the trip from the dealership to work a 330 km trip kills the engine loosing compression in three cylinders. There next comment was “would you like us to put a rebuilt motor in. Get F$%ked, no way! I limp it home and decide to sell it for what other dealerships offered as a trade $5000.00 long an short is my neighbor bought it for the $5000.00 calls me 3 weeks later and informed me there was a couple wires to do with the injectors / work that Edmonton. AB City Ford service department did on my truck.
    I feel like a moron for selling the truck so cheap but was just so tired of dumping dollar after dollar into the truck. Second opinion just meant more money out of pocket.

    Looking like I will take them to court!!!
    Any input would be great.

    Thank you

    1. get an Oasis report . then make sure you document everything Ford dealers are out to screw us and that’s that .

      1. If people dont know what an Oasis Report is, I researched it and found this: “The Oasis shows all repairs done at the Ford dealer although I think in some cases repairs that were paid for by the owner may not show. Your local dealer should be nice enough to run one for your if not then try another dealer. It is a good faith/customer relations thing… ” Thanks to “Diesel_Doctor” from the for the explanation.

  43. If anyone is looking to sell their 6.0 shoot me a txt 443-794-9960. Looking for a crew can…. Yes I am crazy.

  44. I have a 2007 f350 6.0. I have 75000 mi on it and have had no problems with it. Should I keep it or not? I paid $31,000 for it when I purchased it and it had 42,000 miles on it at purchase.

  45. I have a 2007 F-250 that bought with 140,000 miles in APRIL FOR $15,000. The truck broke down in May, one month after I purchased it. I tried to take it back to the car lot, but they would only offer me $5,000 for it, so I am out of $15,000 and all i have to show for it is a broke truck with a major engine problem.

  46. Now I know why Neil Young wrote the song “A PIECE OF CRAP” he must have bought A Ford Truck with a 6.0 Litre Diesel Engine .This will be the first and last truck with a diesel engine in it that I will purchase!

    1. Honestly what you are experiencing with your 6.0L is not the norm. for a Diesel. Diesel trucks are the standard because of how efficient the motors are plus their general reliability that gas engines cannot consistently match when using them in heavy duty situations. Sadly Ford Royally screwed up with the 6.0L. You have 2 options if you need to keep the truck, you can add a few aftermarket parts that will probably resolve most issues, or if you engine is blown, then i would highly recommend turning it into a Fummins, i.e. adding a Cummins engine to it. It is a little costly, but you will have the best of both worlds. Ford interior with best in class comfort and a bulletproof motor.
      I do wish you luck.


  48. I have to agree with Monster, I purchased my 03 used w 84,000 miles, brought it into my local Ford. After checking the truck out they wanted to hit me with $8,985.00 in repairs and I quote “they are on the suspect of failure list”. I started laughing at the service tech, so your telling me because they are on the suspect list you want to replace them. Yes sir, and we will give you a 12 month 12,000 mile guarantee. Needless to say the truck run fine no issues other than fuel mileage wish it got more with the cost of diesel that would be nice.

  49. If anyone wants to sell there Ford 6.0 I’m looking for a crew-cab long bed single wheel but will intertwined any of your trucks call or text me at 574-370-6687

  50. Glad i found this website…i have a 2006 f250 170,00 on it…finally after a few years i have 8 grand sitting under the hood….and now its bulletproof…..but im ready to sell the engine and tranny….it has never had a programmer on it….just a work truck…figured i will drop a cummins in it…if interested in it…..(850) 373-6407…call or text …i can send a video of it running and or you can come test drive it if close enough and willing to drive…..everything has been done to bullet proof it and the last thing that was done was the head stud kit…..and still has warranty on it…..thanks and happy trails

  51. Hey there all I have to say is watch out for the dealers they screwed me big time, in 2009 I had my heads replaced on my 03 f 350. The first time was at 98,000 miles good thing it was under warranty but when I went to pick it up I test drove it around the block and it had no power so after looking under the hood it was just puking oil out the side of the block . I picked it up two weeks later and this time no leaks but still had no power but the service manager says the heads need to be broken in . lol really ok so now my truck is at 101,000 miles and no warranty and I couldn’t even pull a 500 pound trailer up a small grade so now I’m pissed and I took it to another dealer and of course its one injector number 7 . 1800 bucks later running good but 1,000 miles later the hpop went out . 3500 bucks later running good but now the rear main seal is leaking again and I had that replaced at 2,000 miles on a new truck so watch the dealers the one in particular is Steve Cory Ford in Camp Verde, Az and if I get screwed one more time I will pay to have it fixed then drive this pos thru the dam dealers floor and kick the Presidents ASS and when I get out of jail I will go buy a Dodge like I should of done in the first dam place, Good luck guys and remember to get an Oasis Report every time your vehicle gets fixed.


  53. I have like all the rest have one of ford’s 6.0 l boat anchors. I am a 30 year ford mechanic who can tell you guys and gals that this is for sure the worse engine put in a vehicle in my years with the company. I happen to have a 2003 with around 70’000 miles. To date it has had injectors, 3 new aftercoolers (ford bought one I paid for the others and all the injectors). I know of only a few T.S.Bs pertaining to the 6.0L and ford to date will not take the BULL BY THE HORN and stand behind THEIR problem. Maybe it’s time for Legal Action!

  54. 6.0L powerstrokes are great engines. I have an 03 350. You need to thank the EPA for the EGR system made mandatory after the 6.0 was designed and right before production. This egr system is what is responsible for eating injectors, blowing turbos, head gaskets and more. If you are going to purchase one, don’t mod it out. The air filters are better than any after markets, the turbos are amazing. The only mods I would make is a full egr delete kit and oil cooler upgrade. 6.0’s are also very strict engines. Don’t buy the cheapest filters. It’ll cost a little more but I always buy my parts from Ford. Especially the fuel filters.
    For those that have already gotten screwed, I feel your pain, and that sucks. And it is shitty of Ford to not fix this out of warranty. Good luck.

    1. I am in Northern Ontario. F-350 Turbo Super crew cab, Dually, 6.0L. Ran like a dream. No indication anything was wrong until it started to ride like a Bronco and heavy white smoke was billowing out the exhaust. There rear was solid black smoke(wheels locked up) and there was fire coming out from under the truck. Luckily there was a small spot to pull over on the TransCanada, and we shut off the truck and discovered the white smoke was vapourized diesel. Had the whole family in the truck and it was just angels that everyone was OK and that this did not happen on a back road as everything is white ice up here–or in the bush or at night or … So blown engine, very expensive tow home on a flat bed, and there was absolutely no indication anything was wrong with this machine. No lights, no sounds, no gauges. Just BANG! A blown Turbo, engine, and no truck. If there is a lawsuit in Canada I want to know about it. If there isn’t, maybe it is time there was.

  55. How do I get involved in the lawsuit? I too have had many problems with the POS 6.0l. At least 10K over the last two years. I have the 04.

    1. If you look at the original blog post, you will see an attorney that supposedly is doing the main suit. We do not have any connection with this attorney, so we do not know if it is for real. Please check it out and let us know.

  56. I have an f-350 6.0 and just put injectors in it and a year ago I put a fuel pressure regulator spring ect. in it drove it 100 miles and yet again is tore up. Now it is the weirdest thing I start it up and it will run like a champ and then it will get hot and still drive OK and then all of a sudden it will drive like crap and lose power and stop I wait for a few minutes and it will start again and go then the same thing over and over does anybody know my problem please it cost me 3000.00 of money I don’t have..

    1. I would lean towards a clogged EGR system, possibly the EGR cooler. I am not certain, i am the computer guy at the company. I would recommend giving the shop a call tomorrow and asking them. The number is 888.99.DIESEL. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

  57. Michael, you also need to be looking at the electrical system….my 06 SD was in and out of shop for a total of 1.5yrs (once a month every month) and finally Ford ‘ let’ the dealer replace it. The wires were cracked the whole length of the harness so no rhyme to reason of when or where it would/wouldn’t start. Yes, we’ve had most the other problems you’re reading about and had hubby stumped…he’s a 30yr top-notch diesel mechanic.

  58. 2007 6.0 with 52000. Just paid $1600 for 4 injectors on one side. Truck would rough idle on warmup. Problem solved. Now I have 299 code that I had 3000 miles ago. I am sure that my low mileage is the cause of that, too much sitting. But what scares me is the stories that I read here. I’m going to pull and clean my own turbo at this point. Guess I have to save up for the future stuff I cant do.

    1. If you dont have the main problems yet, i would highly recommend getting either an upgraded EGR cooler or a EGR removal kit asap. There are other things that can assist in saving your engine. If you have any questions, give the shop a call 888-99-DIESEL.

  59. ….are you kidding me after reading all of these comments, I would be shocked that you would still want to keep this truck if you say yours is running okay and you’re undecided.

    To DieselPoweredMonster , I have read every 1 of these and a few of them are women, so I hardly doubt they’re out there drag racing , and not everyone pulls heavy loads. Obviously there’s a big problem with the 6 liters, and it has nothing to do with somebody’s Foot. My ICP sensor just went out , the dealer wants 630 bucks but I’ll fix it myself. I should probably do the egr delete as well before that causes big problems. I have an early 03 6. ZERO, 73k miles. I never pull anything ever and I am always light footed.

    I ordered it new so I have 1 of the very early models in December of 2012. Within the first few months it had an oil leak. The entire cab had to be pulled off of the frame so they could work on it. They had to replace the turbo as well. They also did some update on it where the injectors purge for 30 seconds every time the vehicle is shut off. Rt now, I can only hope it’s the ICP sensor(P2285 or 58 do not recall off hand) and nothing more. I am starting to smell coolant when I am driving. So after reading some of these I hope I’m not in for a major bust. Never,Never trust the dealer, the service writers make commission off of what is replaced not to mention the mechanics get paid by the hours they can bill. They probably love it every time a 6.0 comes in the shop so they can rape somebody. They will replace things just so they can make money. Trust me it’s sad but true. the only people that are probably more dishonest are motorcycle shops. I won’t even go there right now but that’s an entirely different chapter. From day 1 I have never had my oil changed at the dealer never. Sad in today’s society that people are so dishonest but that’s what we have to live with. If you go to a surgeon he does surgery to make money, he will tell you, yes common person that is beneath me and my colleagues, you need surgery. Now Im getting sidetracked but surgeons think that they are God. Dealer = surgery, sad but true.

    Now as far as this class action lawsuit the only 1 that is really going to make out are the attorneys, this is also sad but true. I mean think of how many 6 liter owners are out there. If Ford has to pay out a settlement , we all may get 500 bucks= better than nothing. I hate to read all of this about the 6 liters but it’s true ,nobody wants them now. I sold my 7.3 liter that only had 32,000 miles on it just to get this 1 with the new engine lol. Like they say never by the first 1. I have always been a Ford guy and I hate to read all of this but it’s true. I called the dealer about my ICP sensor and she argued with me that there were no recalls on my engine at all. Ford does not care at all. It’s all about the money in the end sadly.

  60. first my apologies on grammar and punctuation As I am speaking into a tablet. check out on YouTube. you guys should also check out his bulletproof pricing on a 6 liter, that is all they do 4900 dollars out the door. many of you would have come out way ahead spending money with this guy. he replaces and modifies all of the components that are causing the 6 liter issues. even shipping your vehicle to his shop. apparently all his shop does is 6 liter trucks that’s it. mechanic claims that a faulty radiator cap is causing the majority of the problems with these head gaskets. he claims that the 5 dollar part is not sealing system properly and the boiling point is reached too early say 220 when fan activates at 230, not allowing the fan to kick on and basically super heating boiling the coolant going to the engine. he claims 95 out of 100 bickels that come in the door have a leaky cap that dont hold pressure. he claims many of these problems could have been avoided if the cap would have done its job. maybe ford did that so that you guys would come back and spend the $10k to 15,000 that you are. job security. Says Advance has a 5 dollar cap and their parts are quality. anyway it would be useful to you to check that YouTube site out as I have already learned a great deal. and no I do not know the guy, I simply was trying to figure out how to replace my ICP sensor and it is a b**** to get to if you have monster hands and arms like I do. looks like my FICM may also be bad but I’m getting ready to test it , another mechanic had a good video I’m testing the FICM with a voltmeter and did it all by himself.

  61. I am looking to buy a 2006 Ford F350 Long bed. Crew cab. Lariat with leather interior. Not dually. Looking to buy one that has a BLOWN motor or other issues with the motor/trans. If you are interested in selling, please send your pictures, price and where you are located to [email protected] Hope to hear from you soon!!

  62. 2006 E-350 super duty

  63. Well, I bought a used 2004 f250 with 90,000 on it. I dont want to jinx myself so I will be cautious here. My truck is a Crew Cab, Lariat model. It already had a EGR delete system on it. It also has an Edge performance chip on it as well as an aftermarkt K&N cold air intake, and an MBRP dual exhaust. I change the oil since I bought it, every 5 to 7,000 miles with AMZOIL full synthetic, and only use Ford fuel and oil filters. Also, about every three fill ups or so I use either Kleen or Sea Foam treatment in the fuel. She now has 118,900 miles and I love her to death. What nice truck. My brother in law has a huge farm and they all have bigger fords, and my Dad has always owned once since I was a kid. It’s not the truck, it’s the maintenance and your willingness to properly maintain them. They are not designed to be mistreated or used as race cars…

    1. Hi Phil,
      I am glad you are having good luck with yor 6.0, but i do want to strongly caution you about the K&N filter. They work great on non turbocharged gas engines, but they are not designed very well for diesels which suck sometime 3-4x more air then a non turbo engine. I would highly recommend checking out an alternative to K&N. I know they are very popular, but i would say that is mostly because of the sheer cost they spend in advertising. K&N air filters simply do not filter out enough debris. I would consider them incredible unsafe on a diesel truck, especially a 6.0L. AFE and S&B are designed for diesel trucks and will be a much better option for your truck. Good luck!

  64. I have a 2001 f-450, 3 2001 f-350s, and a 99 E-350, all with 7.3 L engines that will just not quit. In 2003 I thought about getting a 6.0. So like a good consumer I did my research. I went to the ford dealer and asked the mechanic if it was a good motor. He told me that since it was the first year for the new motor they were having issues with the heads. He told me to wait a couple of years until they got it all straightened out. So I kept the truck I had. A few years went by and they still hadn’t got it straightened out. Now after TEN YEARS the 6.0s are STILL bad engines and I STILL haven’t bought one. So what I’m saying is, the only people that I feel bad for are the ones that bought them brand new in 03. They didn’t have a chance to know they were going to be bad. You people that bought them anytime after 2004-2005 for a REALLY good deal, just didn’t research or ask any questions before you bought your trucks. 15 minutes on the internet goes a long way and could have saved you thousands to TENS of thousand of dollars!!I have heard good things about the 6.7 L that has been out for a while now. So at the end of this year, after more people have put significant miles on, I will probably buy one. But if at the end of the year I start hearing bad things, I will keep my 7.3 Ls.

  65. A lot of the issues with 6.0 are the owners.
    If you run a programmer in your truck adding 125 hp and over 200ft lbs torque this is not fords fault for head bolts stretching/ or oil leaks.Alot of the issues is also due to lack of maintenance once again not fords issue.
    I’m a dealer tech and 90% of the issues are caused by aftermarket equipment and maintenance. I have a 07 6.0 and have had no problems.
    Customers are lucky so many repairs were made under warranty that could have been denied. Plus everyone would agree 7.3 was the best engine and guess what most of them leak a little oil as well.
    Stop your crying.

    1. Well, Kris. I hope your ’07 doesn’t have a factory defective block like mine did. Didn’t show up until 128,000. Don’t blame it all on the owners. I take great care of my trucks. I have a ’97 F150 4.6L that has almost 300K on it, with only minor DIY repairs in it’s lifetime. If I didn’t take care of it, do you think it would have lasted that long? And as far as others, I have friends with fleets of these. They service them just like they always have all their other trucks. Why then, do they complain about higher failure rates?

  66. You guys who bought brand new after 2004 must have know what you were getting into all u had to do is google power stroke 6.0 and enough info is out there, if you bought used like I did you would know that the 6.0 motor is just as reliable as a 7.3 more power and more efficient in every other country in the world , the EPA drummed them down, but if you did your due diligence the truck will run for 300 k or more this international navistar motor is still in great use over in Europe, I just bought my 06 in jan 2013 and she is puring like I kitten I bought some aftermarket bypass and filtration kits for in $2000 and they are very DIY friendly with directions and YouTube , these kits negate the “week” like which causes head gasket and coolant failure it’s all based around the Eric and oil cooler get rid of those and upgrade to a bullet proof ficm and your just as good as the 7.3. If you didn’t do research when buying used you only have your self to blame and are great resources on these motors and there should be no reason to shy away from them

    1. Hi Matt,
      As nice as it would have been for the 2004 guys to just Google it, in 2004 internet information was not quite as prevalent as it is today. Also, most of the engines had problems around 60-100k miles. For most people this would happen about 3-5 years down the road or around 2008/2009. So please be a little kinder to our readers. People make mistakes. The truth is that the majority of our customers do not regularly use a PC and would much prefer talking to their neighborhood Ford dealer instead of spending time on the internet researching something that he does not know is a problem. Ford/Navistar definitely was in the wrong with the selling of this motor and people do have the right to be rather pissed. Ford knew there was a problem in the beginning, but it was not prevalent until quite a few years later, after they had replaced the 6.0L with the 6.4L. Even today if you stick with going to the dealer and using Ford fixes, you will go through countless cleanings of the EGR system, multiple injectors and Ford will just blame the engine. It was not designed correctly with the emission equipment and will not be dependable if you continue to walk the Ford line. I am very happy to hear that you have done things correctly and are having a good time with your 6.0L. We know that the 6.0L can be a relatively dependable engine if you tweak it before problems arise. In that case you can get a MEAN diesel truck for very little money. Good luck with your 06.


    1. Hi,
      Please give us a call and talk to one of our Techs. 888-99-DIESEL is the toll free number. They can often find a solid upgrade path that will make the engine much more reliable. Good Luck.

  68. I own a 2006 Superduty Amarillo Purchased brand new and have never abused the truck. First problems I had was the death wobble wife nearly died on freeway I contacted ford and they said hmm never heard of this.. I sent email with a link to about 15ooo complaints, I spent 2000 on aftermarket products to fix. Next the steering box literally exploded taking the pump with it ( i’m running a tire 1 inch taller then stock) Mechanic said he had never seen such destruction. Next went the Turbo this went at 40K miles and the EGR also. Had it fixed at ford now it leaks raw fuel out all the time. Ford cant explain issue. Now the steering is acting up again Wife can barely turn the wheels its so hard to drive. Truck is an 06. Its 2013 and only has 60,000 miles on it. It will be traded in on a Chevy next week. Really loved this truck Amarillo edition great styles lots of power. So many problems and ZERO support from Ford They should be ashamed to be an American owned company The product and service sucks!

  69. Please take my law firm name down. We are not taking any individual cases and we are constantly getting contacts from this blog. There is a nationwide class settlement that has been preliminarily approved. The judge will be considering final approval in a couple months. Again, please take my contact info down.

    Thank you.

    Frank Piscitelli

    1. Thank you for chiming in Frank. We do appreciate it. Please send me any information that you have, that i can share with my readers. Thanks!

    2. I have a 2006 ford and I have had many problems with it do you know any lawyers that are trying to help ? thanks ,Len

  70. i purchased my 2005 f350 6.0 in 2010 i paid for a warranty with ford,6m later ford refused to look at my truck…… out 5000. egr glow plugs fuel injectors .now it stalled at 55 mpr and wont start

  71. I just called the Piscatelli Law Firm and confirmed they are no longer taking any cases related to the 6.0 L Diesel Engine. His blog above indicates a nationwide suit under review currently. My question is, how do I/we become a part of that suit? Perhaps someone out there has that info. I bought my f-250 6.0 Diesel new in 2005 and without listing the problems am now, at 70,000 miles experiencing many of the issues that are being written about. Ford should have stepped up to the plate over this. Never again will I walk on to a Ford car lot.

    1. He just requested us to take his information down from the site. So again, we do not know of a lawyer that is taking on cases for the Powerstroke. Thank you for letting us know. If you find one that is taking on cases, let us know.

      1. I don’t believe, but not 100% sure, that any attys are taking any ‘clients’ regarding this case any longer….it’s at the stage now where you get a letter in the mail saying you may be part of a class action and you follow the instructions on that paper. If you haven’t received anything in the mail than try and find where you can make sure you are part of the class action part….sorry I’m not sure how to do that because I did receive a letter so I didn’t have to research that part

        1. Heather, I believe you are correct. Over the past year no attorney has contacted us directly. It also seems like Attorneys are taking small groups of 12-20 max. I think they are doing cases by state instead of the whole country.
          I wish I knew more. Good luck.

  72. I have always owned Fords. I guess I got this from my Dad and Grandfather. Still own a ’97 F-150 that has almost 300,000 miles on it. The only work above and beyond normal has been 2 alternators, a heater core, and EGR system replacement. Not bad in my book.
    On December 20, 2006, I made the fatal mistake of buying a Ford F250 w/ 6.0L Diesel. I loved my truck, took care of my truck, and had good service from my truck…until the warranty and extended warranty ran out. I had purchased the extended warranty to 5 years 100,000 miles. Once my truck hit 125,000, it went downhill. I NEVER pull anything over 1500 lbs (only have a 4x5x6 enclosed trailer). Pulled my Brother-in-Law’s 28′ camper 20 miles one time, and it was downhill from there. He normally tows it with his Lincoln Navigator, but it was being repainted from a fender bender that weekend. He asked me to pull it, and he would pull it back with his Father-in Law’s Chevy 1500. Like I said, if these truck could pull it, my F250 shouldn’t even know it is back there.
    I left for Arkansas (work trip) on Monday, following taking his camper. On the way, during a fuel stop, I noticed the reservoir bottle for the coolant was EMPTY. I immediately refilled it. It took about a gallon to refill, and I made a point to watch it. I checked my fuel for coolant…none. Checked my oil for fuel and coolant. No Smoke…No Problem. Hmmmm…maybe it was a fluke. Made it to Arkansas (13 hour drive) and parked the truck for a couple days.
    Started back, stopped for fuel, and coolant was low again. Had to add 2-3 gallons this time. Noticed what looked like spillage on the reservoir. Purchased a new cap, as I naively thought maybe this one was bad. Got back on the road, and about 10 hours into the 13 back home, I had a CEL. Stopped to have it checked and it showed EGR this and EGR that. CRAP! Had to add another 2-3 gal of coolant. I thought the EGR cooler had puked. Checked all my fluids again for mixture. NON FOUND. Called my mechanic buddy and asked him what to do. He told me as long as no fluids were mixed, drive her on home and we would worry about the rest later.
    About an hour from the shop, the black smoke started to roll. Yep, looks like that EGR crap was true! Took her into the shop for an EGR and possible head gasket job. After her tore her down, sent the heads out for a good magnaflux, and ordered the ARP studs, oil and EGR coolers, he inspected the old head gaskets…not blown. EGR was stopped up, but the cooler was OK. Oil cooler OK too. HMMMMMMMMM?
    After several hours of looking for the issue, he found it…THE BLOCK WAS CRACKED BETWEEN THE CYLINDERS INTO THE COOLING JACKET. Looks like pitting in the mold lines. That’s where my coolant was going. He said he has never seen a cracked block with everything else good…factory defect in the casting?
    I have a good friend that had the exact same problem at around 180,000. Is this the next big thing in 6.0 failures?

  73. I have a 2004 F-250 6.0 Lariat with 69,000 miles on it. I have a 3″ lift kit with 315-16 BFG tires and Helo Max 8 Rims. The truck is Black with Grey Leather interior. I have done an EGR delete, replaced the turbo cooler and several other minor things. If the truck stays pluged in it starts and runs perfect, if not pluged in it sputters and run bad for the first 5 min or so. this is a nice truck with low miles but I have invested over $6k into it in the last year or so. does anyone know why it is running so rough without being pluged in? This truck is also for sale….let me know if interested.

  74. i have ford Econoline E-350 2004 whit the fuel regulator valve problem .
    renplace it so many times . i bougt it brand new on 2004


  76. 2003 Ford F250 180,000 km’s and $15,000 dollars in repairs and only 20,000 km’s later truck it is in for new injectors again. Ford trucks suck. If I new that over the year it would cost me 15 grand to keep this thing on the road I would have taken it to the scrap yard. They just nickle and dime you to death.

  77. Wow. I loved the no bail-out of ford . But dam I’ve paid a large bail-out on my 07/ 6.0 / w 92,000 m. Just under 3000.00 At F-in Ford. See Ford Put the 6.0 on the computer – parts thrown at this under powered – hard to start – 6.0 .. Started @ 12.5 mpg – Now 7.2 mpg . F-in Ford tells me bring it back. We’ll put it back on the computer . I asked F-in Ford what are we going to do different ? See the computer told us we need just under 3000.00 of parts .We made the computer recommended repairs .?… Or threw parts at this – the F-in 6.0 . And the F-in 6.0 has no improvment . I can not through money at this 6.0 . I went to F-in Ford to fix this- my plumbing service van . So I can make money to live…. I dont need a company that can not- or -will not- or – is unable to fix and stand behind their product.. I’ll ask G M C for forgivness !!!!! What the hell happend to the GREATEST country in the world .?. Company’s not held to accountability!!??!! I wonder ??? What would HENRY think? say? or do? See ya!! FORD

  78. After so many horror stories I feel EXTREMLY fortunate. I have a 2006 F-350 that has just recently been starting to give me fits. But I have 385,000 miles on the engine.
    new tranny-new turbo and new high pressure oil pump. I haven’t had to replace injectors yet. I feel very fortunate. That said, my next truck will be a Dodge. I own a small construction company and have a 2001 Dodge 2500 with the Cummings which I used until I bought the F-350. I use the dodge for deliveries. It is still going strong at 581,000 with the exception of a fuel injection pump the engine is original.

    1. WOW! You are a really LUCKY person! I honestly have not heard of a single person having over 300k on a stock 6.0L engine! Congrats! I would still recommend doing a few things to make it more reliable, but i am not sure if that is possible in your case. You have been gifted by Ford a reliable 6.0L.

  79. Got an 2007 f250 Lariat 6.0 diesel I purchased new right at $52,000.00 Within the first 100,00 miles I had replaced EGR cooler, oil cooler, 4 injectors, head gaskets, 1 cracked head, clutch fan assembly, FICM, 1 glow plug, CAK tube, and 2 wire harness. Now I’ve got 147,000 and I’ve again had to replace EGR cooler, Oil cooler, 1 injector, FICM, trans overhaul, and a new drive shaft due to a shudder/vibration that I can’t get rid of. This truck is bone stock and is used to pull a 16′ enclosed trailer to construction sites. I made this large investment based on Fords rep and I expected to put a half million miles on this truck which is never going to happen. I contacted Ford about all the problems I’ve had, their solution was for me to buy one of their new trucks at the low price of $60,000.00. What in the hell makes them think I will ever buy another one of their vehicles ever again. My message to Ford ( Go F**k yourselves) I hope the courts make Ford pay dearly for those 6.0 motors, I have sure paid for buying one.

  80. I feel your pain. I have an 03 POS sitting in my drive way that had turbo issues … I took the turbo off took it apart cleaned it like FORD recommended , put it back together, replaced the lower drain tube that FORD recommended to the upgraded tube and also replaced the High pressure oil line that those Dip shits at FORD also recommended. Well now i have put it all back together and went to start the truck , now this is after FORD also checking the truck out not to my surprise it wont start the motor had a blown head gasket and filled a few cylinders with coolant and Hydro locked. And to top it off the High torque starter rung off a few teeth on the fly wheel … WTF FORD. This truck has been a POS since I bought it. I also will never own a FORD again….. Total Bullshit..

  81. i have a 2005 ford 6.0 thing runs great haven’t had a problem with it. I don’t know what you guys are doing but mine rips

    1. Josh,
      I am very happy that you are having good luck with your truck. Your experiences are shared by less then a 10% of our readers, so I still encourage you to take a few precautions with your truck. Ford already has been paid by the manufacturer of the engines due to the defects, it was an out of court undisclosed amount. There are law suits in most states in America, so there is no question on if their are problems, just when they will strike. Good luck and do take extra good care of that truck.

  82. I just bought a 2004 f-250 superduty 6.0 turbo deisel and it runs great with 192,000 miles. it was commercially owned before me. what can i do to keep it running great?

    1. EGR Delete kit or if you want to keep it, get an aftermarket egr cooler. The egrs still do commonly clog, which kills mileage and has cause many engines to go. Also Head studs are a must on these engines. Lots of head gaskets have gone on the 6.0L. If you want to check out our fix your 6.0L section, we have more options there. Also i you have questions, just give us a call: 888-99-DIESEL. Good luck with your new truck!

    2. Mike Mahdi , the 04 year of the 6.0 diesel needs a 4″ exhaust from the turbo back to the rear for heat relief , the smaller factory exhaust doesn’t allow for better exhaust flow to dissipate the heat from the engine , and heat is the cause of most of the 6.0 failures !!

  83. My 2005 F250 Super Duty, with 90K miles is in the shop, with the cab off, and the diesel torn down to the block. Both head gaskets were blown, both exhaust gaskets were leaking. They haven’t removed the oil cooler yet but I am sure it has failed also. The worst part is one of the heads is cracked beyond repair. SO here I set with a piece of FORD junk with barely 90k miles on it.
    I will never buy another American truck!!! And if I get this piece of crap fixed, it is going straight to the printing shop and I’m having the entire truck wrapped with all the crap that is wrong with the 6.0 liter.
    Ford eat shit and die!!!!

  84. I had a 2004 Harley F250 6.0 4WD that I bought with 62,000 miles and traded it in at 130,000 miles. It never left me on the road. It had needed a re-flash once for rough idle under warranty and when I traded it in the degas bottle was starting to whistle on deceleration. So the head gaskets were going. So since I had good luck with the 04 I bought an 05 Harley F250 again with the 6.0. This truck had 46,000 miles on it. An amazing truck. Garage kept and emasculate. This truck is a different story. I always like to tell people there full of it about the 6.0 that if you take care of it you won’t be let down. The new truck started the head gasket failure immediately so I did not screw around and studded the heads, put a new oil cooler, cooler filtration bypass, EGR delete, blue spring in my fuel pressure regulator, updated dummy plugs, always run lubricity additive and change oil before 5000 miles with oem filters always. And other upgrades because I had done all my research. “So I thought” with all my studies I had never come across the damn STC fitting that is on the HPOP delivery to the branch tube on the 05-07 only. When my STC fitting blew piss me off it cracked the rear plate on the engine. That is one expensive job. Luckily I found a Ford. Guy to save me money and h did the job on he side. Saved me close to $3,000 luckily because I already have over $5,000 in upgrades. Lets hope now it is ” bullet proof “. By the way the crappy ass STC fitting put in by International is made by Eaton which is another one I hold responsible for this screw up. A little clip to hold pulsating 3000 PSI pressure. Pretty stupid and not checked enough before approving to put into service. I love the way it runs when it runs. But you need to have money saved at all times to keep her running. I have a hum in the driv train but that is a different story. Good luck to all. Just don’t fix it, upgrade it. Stock is not good enough. And to those that go though multiple injectors try Hot Shot Secret to fix stiction and check your fuel pressure low pressure is the chase of new ones going out within a 1000 or less miles. Look into the “blue spring” and check the under cab boost pump. It will kill them quick.

  85. Yes JDM there is an update for the STC fitting on the 05-07 that is pretty bullit proof. It is nothing like the original. So I recommend anyone with a 05-07 if it has not blown next time the turbo is off go an extra step and update that fittind. The whole kit with o-rings fitting and new screen for the IPR valve is only around $58. If it has not gone on you it will. They will all fail 100% on that. And if you have your heads off in a 05-07 there is an updated kit that replaces both dummy plugs and riser tubes on the high pressure oil manifold with back up Teflon seals kind of how some aircraft engines are set up. That whole kit is around $150 or so. That is not a must but could save a break down or long starts in the future. Wish I had more info on 03-04 high pressure oil system but my 04 never had any hick ups for me to learn about it. Remember always go for the upgraded parts when inside the motor. It will make it more reliable and keep you happy as it will last longer. All revisions are because the original design did not cut it. 03-04 high pressure oil setups are changed in 05-07 from the HPOP to the W manifolds over the injectors. And both my FICM’s broke on my 04 and my 05 but fixes them myself with help on a forum on resoldering the boards.

  86. i have never been on a blog before but after my injector broke off in the motor in my 2007 ford f450 and seeing all these problems, i have a question for anyone out there. my engine is shot. i have an estimate for a re manufactured 6.0 from jasper for 10500. makes me sick to my stomach but should i replace it with this motor or would you recommended another around that price. would this be suitable. i have almost lost my business due to this truck breaking down and costing me thousands and not available when i need it. never again on a ford. but stuck now because even if i fix it i sure as hell cant sell it. 2007 f450 crew cab, behind cab toolbox and a 10 ft dump bed. great looking truck but looks don’t carry your business unless your a model and im no model. and can you believe only 70000 miles. pathetic

    1. You can have the Cummins engine put in with few modifications there is a company that sells a conversion kit to do it and their blog is listed on some of the post on this site and for not much more than you are looking at paying to go back with the 6.0 !! If you go back with the 6.0 you will still need to make sure your engine is what I call being Bullet Proofed or you will still possibly later have the same problems as before !! When I say Bullet Proof I mean ( ALL ) the 6.0 upgrades of Ford and Afternarket upgrades to include #1 one of the single most causes of heat build up is the EGR COOLER failure because your coolant passes thru little radiator like fins inside the middle of this cooler and also the hot EGR GASSES pass thru this cooler thru seperate fins passages in layers of coolant passage/gas passage and what happens is the Ford coolant eventually starts to thicken and get gummy in these coolant passages and clogs them causing the cooler to over heat and rupture these small radiator like passages then you have gasses mixing with coolant and will clog the cooler then the gummy coolant clogs up the engine oil cooler which all the heat buildup in turn causes the hex head factory head bolts to over heat and allows the bolts to stretch just enough to BLOW the HEAD GASKETS !!! But if you will purchase a EGR COOLER from BULLET PROOF DIESEL which is Lifetime Guaranteed and will not fail because that company takes the Ford factory square EGR cooler and cuts the ends off and removes all of the radiator like fins completely out and welds 6 stainless steel 1/4″ round tubes thru the length of the cooler and then welds the plates onto these tubes and in place on each end of the cooler and then welds the mounting ends back on making them rupture proof !! I don’t work for Bullet Proof Diesel but I have bought this EGR cooler from them at a price of around $350.00 a year ago and had it installed on my 05 f250 super duty 6.0 turbo diesel and have had no problems with it !! I have also had RPS threaded hardened head studs installed for non stretch to also prevent blown head gaskets ; these threaded studs are installed into the engine block the same principle as dragster head studs are installed to handle the pressure of the Diesel engine and there are several other engine upgrades that was done to the motor and you can get a lot of them at the Ford dealer parts dept. Like the fuel rails the oil rail plugs for the heads the upgraded oil cooler with bigger and stronger oil passages the upgraded turbo oil drain tube , the high pressure all in 1 steel welded oil rail connector because the quick connect original would crack !! But for the head studs and several other upgrade components you can get a kit from EXTREME DIESEL PERFORMANCE and you should also invest in their coolant filter complete no cut kit with mount filter and hoses with shut off valves for filter change this filter system will filter out coolant gook and sand or silica that was left in coolant part of block during manufacturing !! Well I hope all this information is helpful in making upgrades to your 6.0 diesel that is a huge improvement to the longevity of this motor all of which has been done to mine around $4500.00 and have not had a lick of trouble out of my engine oh yeah when doing the head studs make sure you use the Ford Factory HEAD GASKETS !!!! Don’t never use any other fuel or oil filters other than Ford Motorcraft or RACOR and Racor is the company that makes the Motorcraft filters for ford and is the same exact filter !! If you use any other filers on the technical 6.0 you set yourself up for disaster sooner or later and make sure you never fudge on your oil and filter change intervals as the 6.0 engine demands it for the injectors to last and the clean filtering of the oil , diesel, and coolant to have longevity of this motor and Thanks to all the research and reading of Ford Diesel Forum for all the informative research and teaching has been very helpful to me !!!!!!’

  87. I’ve got an 2004 ford f350 crew cab dually it has 338000 on it now and we have never had a problem I’m just worried that its going to break down and I’m going. To be stuck with huge repair bills what should I do to prevent any of that common problems from happening.. If you got and tips for me please let me know

    1. Hi Kyle,
      First, you are one lucky person! I would recommend going out and buying a few lottery tickets first. Just kidding. Anyways, you can read the original post to get a few ideas on how you can prevent a catastrophe, but nothing is bulletproof. If you want, just give us a call and we can give you a few recommendations. I would be really happy with the long life that you have got with it and probably sell it running to get another truck. 300k on a 6.0 is incredible!
      If you have any tech questions give us a call at 888-99-DIESEL.
      Good luck!

  88. Hi, where do I troubleshoot from here? 2007 F250 6.0 PSD with 132k. Just did EGR delete and updated Ford oil cooler. Engine and trans temp gauges stay dead center before and after this update which finished yesterday. Still losing coolant though. Seems nothing has changed. Lost 1 gallon in 20 miles. Some was splashed in engine compartment, but I did not see that before EGR delete…could be in the past that I did not open the hood before it evaporated?

    How do I check to see if I really need head gaskets. This motor starts up at 15 degrees F in about 1.5 seconds of cranking. It sounds great, the exhaust runs clear after a few minutes of warmup where you can see some black soot. But it just won’t hold coolant… then I lose cab heat, then I get off the road. So, is there a way to test for proper pressure in the coolant…put a tee and gauge somewhere…what should the pressure be?…could the reservoir just be bad?

    When a diesel mechanic diagnosed that I should do the EGR delete and a new oil cooler, he thought the head gaskets where probably fine, did not think it worth a couple hour diagnosis to determine if the heads were the issue….thought it better to start with deleting the EGR and making sure a good unplugged oil cooler was in place. Now that we’ve done that, I’d like many second opinions and I’d like to know for sure before I continue to spend money and not fix the underlying cause of coolant loss.

    What should I look for so I can be sure what to fix?


    1. Hi Ryan,
      I would recommend calling our phone number and talking to one of our techs during the week or checkout one of the Powerstroke Forums. Is there any oil in the radiator? These engines have so many different problems, that i don’t know what it could be. I have heard of a few people who had a crack in the engine and that was where the water was going. If you read above you might see that one. It did not look like there was a problem, but the water was just disappearing. It was a small crack in the water jacket and it was spraying out.

      Good luck!

    2. Ryan, I would invest in a monitoring system (Edge). I hope you did a complete coolant flush & replaced coolant cap? The OEM oil cooler has proven it’s self as a week leank and prone to FAULER!

      While you were into your truck so deep you have saved yourself the money
      You are now going to part with more money to tear it back down and check the heads for crackes, pressure test and check for flatness, if you are blessed the will only need a head job. Then ARP head studs. I suggest you spend a couple hours researching POWERSTROKE.ORG

  89. My 2005 King Ranch 4×4 has the 6.0 diesel and it has 133,000 miles on it. It is starting to blow white smoke when I first crank it up and keeps on until it warms up, then it is fine. I noticed some coolant missing recently and put about a gallon of fluid in the resivore. My mechanic suggested the egr delete and new oil cooler and it sounds like I should do that. Will that help with the smoke? There is no mix of fluids in the oil or radiator. Thanks.

  90. Have an 03 F-250 with 140000 miles. Computer has gone out. Either looking to sale the truck or possibly find a computer. Any helpful ad ice would be appreciated.

  91. My 2006 grenaded at 76000 miles, 13k to replace. That was after the high presser oil pump etc. Does anyone know where I can get some statics on the number of official reported events. I would also like to find the outcome to the Ford v. Navstar law suit.

  92. I go to court today. Me, the shop owner that had my truck for 31 days and gave it back with the engine blown, and FORD motor company. I went to court previously and the judge told me to return in 90 days and that he wanted to see Ford Motor Co. in front of his bench.
    The mechanic is blaming Ford for a crap engine and I’m assuming that Ford will blame the mechanic for taking a great running motor with an EGR related problem and causing the complete destruction of this engine….so it should be interesting.



  95. I bought f250 ford pickup new in 2004 with only 50 miles on it .It is f250 crew cab with an 8′ I only have 22000 on it It runs great, Pulled a 30′ 5th camper with and it did a great job The truck looks like new and I want to sell. I have it on the internet and had all most 150 calls on it. I get lots of calls that ask me if I have done the upgrade on it, but I have not. How in the HH aim I going to sell? I not happy with Ford motor co. because they have not had a recall on i.would not buy any more ford pickups. PS it is a 6.0 diesel


  97. We purchased a 2004 Ford F250 6.0 Diesel truck in 2009. In 2012, we got a hold of some bad diesel. Tried draining it and putting good diesel fuel back in. Needless to say, insurance company said fuel in bucket (container we drained it into) was contaminated and fuel in truck was good. Explained it to them but they say it was mechanical failure and denied claim. Contacted Ford Motor Company and all they could say as “sorry” due to our vehicle having 115,000 miles and exceeded the 100,000 mile mark. So here I sit with a $5000.00 paperweight sitting in my driveway with a blown engine. Will never buy another Ford Diesel again! Our 1999 Ford 7.3 diesel ran like a champ without any problems!

  98. What is a decent price for a new motor. I also had catastrophic engine failure yesterday due to ruptured egr and ford will not do anything except admit they are aware of ongoing issues with this engine. I was told by ford customer care they are working on a recall for defective oil cooler and egr if enough people complain.

  99. My ’07 6.0 horror started at the 5-1/2 year 128K mark. I bought this truck for work, but I don’t haul extremely heavy loads (1000 pounds at most) or tow much more than a 4x8x5 single axle trailer (1-4 days a month), only sparsely loaded. I NEVER dog my truck, because I paid too much and want it to last. I have a ’97 4.6L F150 with almost 300K on it, so I figured I would get at least 500K from a diesel. WRONG!!! I was on my way back from a job in Arkansas, and I started losing water. It was coming from the top of the reservoir bottle. I bought a new cap, to no avail. I had a mechanic tell me as long as the fluids aren’t mixing, bring it home. I had no choice, as a tow bill from Arkansas to NC was too much to handle.

    Once home, I had it checked. Looks like busted heads or gasket, or both. …$3-5K. Once into the engine, it was discovered I had a CRACKED BLOCK. That truck was NEVER overheated, never pushed, always serviced…you gotta be joking!!!!! Heads and gasket were perfect! Had a crack into the coolant jacket from the 2nd cylinder back on the passenger side (don’t remember how Ford numbers them!) $10K! After paying for the truck, now I’m really gonna pay!

    Just got it back! Will keep you informed!

  100. 05 F250. I also have spent well over $5,000 in repairs and now my head gasket needs to be repaired. I just put $2,500 in my 2006 Ford Focus. Always a die hard Ford person but….never again….never again. The class action lawsuit only gives you a few hundred dollars. Ford received something like 439 Million dollars from Navistar who made the engines. Who is going to reimburse me for the other thousands I have spent on this piece of S— truck!!!!!

  101. I had my EGR and oil cooler replaced under extended warranty this summer on my ’06 F350 6.0. Got wind of all the problems and the class action lawsuit and started researching. My truck was in mint condition with 40K on it so decided to invest in fixing it. Paid almost $12K to have it fully Bulletproofed and now it runs perfect. I also invested $150 in a Scangauge so I can keep an eye on oil and coolant temps. They now run within 15 degrees of one another. I highly recommend bullet Proof’s EGR cooler Bulletproof Diesel EGR Coolers if you want to stop fixing your Ford over and over and over. They replace the flawed parts (EGR and oil cooler) so they won’t cause any more problems. Don’t just keep putting in Ford’s flawed design or you will continue to have problems. Bulletpoof also fixed my turbo and head gaskets (damaged by the bad EGR and oil coolers)

  102. I have a 2004 ford xl 4 door cab 6.0L Auto Trans 200334 miles and everything is original excepts fluids tires and batteries wipers everything works perfect I have had absolutely no issues whatsoever Love My Dully Ford Ps I haul a Military Trailer approx. 10.000 pounds daily

  103. Find an attorney who handles these lemon law vehicles, Ford and otherwise. You need a good one. Anyway, we filed our lawsuit in May of 2013 with a 2005 F350 with a 6.0 motor. We have 154K miles on this truck. Anyway, just closed our case, out of court with Ford and they are paying me $60k. I am not kidding anybody.

  104. Do not get involved with a class action lawsuit against Ford. You would be lucky to get $825.00. Get a good attorney doing these kinds of cases for lemon laws and sue them directly. No money up front and Ford is even paying our legal fees on top of the money we get from them.

  105. I do want everyone to know that Ford did me right in this situation. I agree that they should never have sold this motor to the public and then tried to “fix it” till it got past warranty and then it would be the public’s problem. But, when I filed suit and before it went to court, they are paying me more to buy this truck back than I paid for it. I have 154K miles on it and still getting $60K.

  106. OMG
    I think I just screwed myself! Just bought a 2004 ford F350 Lariat 4×4 with the 6.0 ford diesel. Let me justify myself. I’m a diehard Ford fan, my father worked for ford for forty years, my uncle worked for ford for 45 years. I worked for ford for about five years. I’m 50 years old and have only driven 1 chevy in my life, have always owned Fords. I currently own, 04 F350, 06 F150, 02 F250, 98 f150, 2013 escape titanium, v10 tritan (sp) in a 38′ motor-home.
    Anyway, back to the point. I just paid $14,000.00 for my beautiful, black and gold Dually, four door, spotless inside and out. Perfect truck (I thinks to myself), the original owner of this truck took care of the oil inter-cooler under the intake, and had a 4″ stainless “SVT” straight exhaust installed. no other aftermarket parts as far as I know….
    I bought the truck with 169,000.00 miles on it. I’ve put 20,000.00 more miles on it without incident, but I wonder? …….. Let me also point out that these are very hard 20k miles, I have not been easy on this truck at all. I got no problem “stompin on the gas” at a red light! 🙂 I have also pulled a number of trailers with the truck and the past owner pulled a 40′ goose-neck, (not sure what type).
    I would be interested in speaking with DieselPoweredMonster about finding and fixing any problems BEFORE THEY HAPPEN!
    So, maybe I’ve been lucky, maybe not, I must say sorry to the Ford owners who CERTAINLY GOT SCREWED! Its time to STAND UP Ford and DO THE RIGHT THING!

    1. Russell, I would highly recommend you do some upgrading immediately especially if you are pushing the engine as hard as you mentioned. Nearly every truck has had engine failure so you want to be proactive. Having nearly 200k on the original engine build is quite a feat with the 6.0L engine. If you have any questions, give our Tech guys a call at 888-993-4373 or [email protected]

  107. My hubby and i live in Virginia, about 15 months ago he went out to Georgia to buy us an ’06 F350 6.0L Diesel. We needed it for our company.
    He didn’t make it 1/4 of the way home before it died on he and our son.
    Unfortunately, it didn’t come with a warranty (though you would think EVERY vehicle would at least come with a 24 hour one, he didn’t even make it 3 hours away from the dealership!).
    He and our son got back home but he left the truck where it was (on the side of an interstate).
    After MANY days of fighting it out with the dealership they told us to have it towed to a mechanic and have it checked out. We had it towed to a diesel mechanic close to the truck (still many hours from our home). After a few days we got the verdict…several injectors plus some other stuff…just to get it to the point of being able to limp it home. Total cost, around $2000.
    Many days of fighting with the dealership later, they offered and sent us a check for $600. They refused to do anything more for us and actually acted like they were doing us a favor by sending that. BTW, the mechanic said the motor was worked over to make it look nice and fixed just enough to get it sold.
    We paid for the truck to be fixed and my hubby limped it to a local Ford dealership because we contacted Ford about the issue. They said they would cover getting it running for us.
    So they told the Ford dealership to go ahead and fix what needed fixing. The work was done, so we contact the Ford rep we had been working with only to hear they decided NOT to pay for the repairs since it was out of warranty (we went over all of the info on the truck, including telling them it was out of warranty before Ford told the dealership to fix it). So now we were stuck paying THAT bill…another nearly $2000.
    It was running okay so we went ahead and had it deleted and the exhaust done.
    It ran for a little while after that then broke down again. This time? HPOP and a few other things. Total? Around $3000.
    Ran for a little while…then guess what? Thats right! Broke down again. This time? Head job to the tune of around $4000.
    Ran for a little while…then…yup, you guessed it! Broke down again! This time? New motor…
    We are still currently working on saving up enough money for a motor and labor to install it.
    We spent $20,000 on it originally, we have sunk around $11,000-12,000 in it before this new motor.
    Just for reference…we’ve owned it for around 15 months, in the last 11 months, we’ve only put 425 miles on it. Depressing, yeah?
    We are a small family of 4 that has gone through an illegal foreclosure (thanks to Bank of America) and a bankruptcy due to that foreclosure which led to us living with my husbands brother, his wife and 4 kids.
    Our only debt is this freaking truck. With having to pay this debt, we cannot save up for a down payment on a home nor can we afford to rent a place. Had we not had to sink so much into the repairs, we would have nearly had it paid off by now.
    On top of all that is the inconvenience factor. We live out in the boonies and cannot afford another vehicle. So 1 vehicle and my husband gone for work for nearly 18 hours a day, 5 days a week, leaves me and the kids with nothing to drive if we needed to get somewhere. We have to depend on relatives for rides anywhere.
    The sad part? I am in love with this truck…well, when its running anyway. Its so sexy…you know what i mean! The sound of the engine, the whine of the turbo, its super comfortable and seats all 4 of us (and groceries!) nicely. Plus, it hauls like a mother!
    Anyway…i’m totally depressed because, well, we’ve had enough. We’ve actually tried to sell it several times, but it seems as soon as we try to, something else breaks on it.
    I seriously feel bad selling it…cause i know the new owners are just gonna inherit the same problems…but maybe they will have the money to fix it…cause i know we sure don’t.
    Sucks having to save up to fix something on a truck when you’re still paying on the last 3 repairs!
    BTW, we contacted BBB about the dealership (Blue Ridge North Georgia Ford), unfortunately there is no lemon law in Georgia and nothing came of it…except a bunch of lies from the dealership owner. I left feedback for this dealership on 9 different sites and they were ALL removed. Hmph, figures.
    Also, if you contact Ford, get everything they say in writing and guaranteed.
    I’m very disappointed in Ford. It seems their customers don’t matter at all to them and they have issues standing behind their quality and word.
    This has all taught me a lesson, though. RESEARCH before you buy something! If i had, we likely would never have purchased a 6.0.
    Good luck to you all and know that you are not alone;o)

    1. Beth, I am very sorry to hear what you have gone through. As you have noticed, it is a very common story with the 6.0L engine. It is junk and if it has not broken on an owner yet, it will in time. Sadly no 6.0L truck is ever worth anything near 20k. That dealership pulled the wool over your eyes. Most go for 10k even with incredibly nice interiors and very low miles. Every one of them are lemons. If you want to turn it into a Fummins conversion(Cummins engine in a Ford SuperDuty), the truck would be a perfect candidate. Please be sure to do the few modifications that we mention in the article above. That resolved the issues for a lot of customers. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 888-99-DIESEL. I wish you the best.

      1. Thanks. Yeah…its pretty depressing.
        Actually, around here, trucks identical to ours (only running of course) are going for around $20,000, but they have to have all the mods already done, which ours have been done, everything but the rear gearing anyway.
        We intend to get rid of it as soon as its running, then get a Dodge, what we should have done in the beginning.
        But, you live and you learn, right? Just some lessons hurt a lot more than others;o)

  108. I find this sad and amusing.. What people don’t understand is that it’s all about maintence.. Poor jokes never change their coolant and blame Ford for their heads blowing. I have a 2003 6.0l F250 with 200k+ miles. Never had an engine problem, always changed my filters and fluids.. I also have an SCT tuner with an extreme custom tune from Innovative Diesel. Guess what. running on stock from factory head studs and gaskets. If you don’t want your poor miserable 6.0l give em to me!! I’d buy another 6.0l in a heart beat.

    1. Hi Ced,
      I wish what you wrote was true for everyone, but it is not common. I have met and talked with countless people who have maintained them religiously yet complete motor failure has been seen before the 60k mile mark. You are one very lucky person and I hope your truck continues to treat you the way all Ford trucks should. Do you still have the factory EGR cooler? If you deleted it, that could be the reason for your great success with the 6.0L.

      1. Does anyone know of an attorney in Louisiana that I can use? I am now out $17,000 in the last year….motor failed…new motor put in then they said the Turbo has to be replaced…all rusty…another $1,500…someone please help me!

        1. Forgot to say this is a 2007 F-350 power stroke and now people tell me we still need the bulletproof EGR and new oil cooler (not Ford factory).

  109. I drive a 2004 Ford Excursion with the 6.0L, and use the truck to earn a living with. It currently has about 400,000 miles on it. With it, I pull a fully loaded (10,000 lbs) 28′ enclosed car hauler all around the US, as well as several trips through Canada and up to Alaska and back while hauling cars, bikes, ATV, etc for my customers. I do all the maintenance on the truck myself, and have the Bullet Proof EGR cooler installed. I also have the Bully Dog GT Tuner, and on it, I monitor boost, exhaust, oil, coolant, and trans temps. Along the way, I have had to replace 4-5 fuel injectors, and I replaced the original turbo about 3,000 miles ago. Most recently, the low pressure oil pump would not prime, and after pulling it, I found a needle bearing from a roller lifter had passed through it. So, just yesterday, I pulled the engine. I have a replacement 2005 6.0L almost ready to go back in, which has 114,000 miles on it. Today, I plan to pull the EGR cooler from it, and weld 1/4″ stainless plugs into each end to eliminate the EGR issue, (yet still have the cooler in place for visual inspection). Over the years, I have owned a few 7.3L powered F250 and F250 trucks, but I actually like the 6.0L engine better because of the greater power and torque, and somewhat better fuel economy. I’m bummed that a $30 roller lifter took out my 400K mile monster, but I feed the engine treated me well. With all this said, I have believed the perfect truck (for me anywqy) would be a Ford F350 crew cab, with the Cummins 24 valve common rail installed. Some day I’m sure I will have one!

    On a side note, if anyone knows of a good, clean F250 or F350 crew cab with the XLT or better trim package, and a bad 6.0L motor for sale (preferably white in color, and within 1,000 miles of southern Idaho), please share my contact information with the seller.

    Stan Bearup
    American Falls, Idaho

  110. my 2003 f350 6.0 is and always was junk. purchased it new in 2003 and had injection problems right off the get go. then had to go in for warranty for the rear main seal leaking. then just out of warranty the ficm went. just recently with only 160k the high pressure oil pump went . what junk. had a 7.3 prior with no problems. not sure if I’ll purchase another Ford let alone a diesel. wish I could jump on a class action lawsuit to recoup my money .

    1. Sorry about your troubles. It sounds like you did get one of the better 6.0L engines even with your troubles. At least you still have the stock block. We have noticed that the 6.4L and 6.7L Powerstroke motors are much better.

  111. I have a 2004 Ford F 350 Super Duty dually with 270.000 miles replaced injectors at 200.000 with high pressure oil pump replaced at the same time now at 270.000 replaced oil cooler truck is a work horse running over 400 miles per week and with a 6.0 motor. this truck is the best truck I have ever had . I drove the Chev diesel with Allison trans and it was a piece of junk tranny problems all the time over heating and even blowing up a trans doing what I do with my F 350 daily . My ford can pull any thing at any time with no problems. I cant hurt my Ford with all I ask of it it has been the best truck I have ever had. I have never had my trans or eng even get close to hot.

  112. I hear everyone but i think I might be able to top all , 06 you know 4 door bla bla bla ,we bought it new, this is the second truck , had a 04 LEMON LAWED. Anyways drove it very little ,i had a service truck worked to much , find out the head sales guy that sold us the truck,only gave us a 35000 mile warranty ,when the truck had 2 bulls in the trailer in the rain the brake shoes in front shot out of the calipers.( you stil following) ?????
    no other problems . other than alternator, its 2012 i lost my job and had to start driving my truck,wont start ok changed oil gallies, April 2014 tuck wont start,water coming out of tail pipe ,you know the rest THE TOPPER IT HAS 55OOO ,2 payments with no warranty .PLEASE advise for us slower moving people ,where to put it ,in a not to nice place ,kidding what can i do? HELP!

  113. Hello,
    We have a 2005 F350 Dually King Ranch, just passed 70,000 miles. We saved up and bought the truck, customized it and have had nothing but problems ever since. We rarely drive it as it isn’t reliable. As of the end of May 2014, we had already spent in excess of $10,000 in repairs (many of them the same repairs) and 6 tow bills. We have been stranded on MANY occassions. In fact we have only driven it 8,000 in the last 2 years as we don’t trust it. Earlier this month, It broke down on us YET again and had to be towed again. Yet another EGR cooler replaced and a bunch of other bs, left with a bill of $2,700.00. Just 3 days ago (20 days after picking it up from the repairs and not even300 miles later, 100 of those miles being getting home from the dealer) it broke down again, had to be towed again and is now sitting back at the dealer for repair – one of the 4 codes they just informed me of is again the EGR cooler which was just replaced. At this point we just don’t know what to do. Need some input on whether there are ANY repairs that will hold this engine and if so what it they are? Or do we just go with a new engine for the truck (which is in excellent condition body and interior wise) and if so do we trust a new ford motor? Looking for recommendations and input…please.

    1. I feel your pain. We have the 2007 F-350 King Ranch…complete engine failure in February of this year with only 68,000 miles on it and we always maintained it. Then just last month we had to replace the turbo so now we are out $17,000 and have a truck I really don’t trust to take the big rig and horses to trail ride. Why doesn’t Ford do something about the 6.0?

  114. I had a 2003 f-350 super duty black 6.0, 6 speed 4×4 ext cab long bed awesome lookin truck set up good 4 inch lift on 35’s had a high pressure oil system on it and some extra features on it. The first thing that went out was the egr it was stuck half open then the ficm took a shit on me so i sent it off to arizona to bullitt proof diesel cause it was reading 50 volts which 48 is normal a buddy/mechanic of mine told me to get it sent so i did and when it came back it was only reading 40 volts so i had to buy a new ficm from ford for 700 bucks then after i got that in and back on the truck the number 8 cylinder injector went out then i replaced that then the water pump freeze out plug blowed out replaced that thenthe truck was fine for some months after all was fixed besides the head studs and all the rest of the injectors being replaced and then i started smelling antifreeze just about 8 months ago couldnt find a leak on the intake or in the radiator hoses and it wasnt smokin so i just went n traded it off on a dodge ram 2500 5.7 hemi didnt want a gas but couldnt find a good 7.3 eith good low miles but the dealership only gave me 6,000 for the powerstroke and it only had 159,000 miles on it but thats what pisses me off the most a person spends big money to buy the damn truck and when you go to sell it they dont wanna give ya anything for it bit grief and be a pain in the ass about it even if the trucks still in good shape but ford needs to pay for all the 6.0 owners pain and anguish for all the trouble we’ve gone through to keep their fuck ups running and on the road sincerly Trevor Noah Chamblin suck it ford!!!! Suck it long and hard!!!!!

  115. Here’s the low down on the 6.0l. Great motor maintence whore but great motor. If you treat it good it will be long lasting motor. Now for the guys who throw a tuner on without any precaution mods….what do you excpect these motors have additional components not like the previously great 7.3l which did have its flaws not that noticable do to it being a non emmisson diesel. All im saying is you spent the money on the diesel why not spend a little more on protecting it and giving it regular maintence. My 6.0l has 195,000 and havent had one problem with the motor not even an injector. Better luck with your trucks but be thankful you dont have the problems duramax has. Cummins no problems put it in a ford it would be all good.

  116. Well , I also iam a victum of the 6.0 Diesel 2004 new at 44,000 it cant be fixed , with only 147,ooo miled babyed truck has had all the upgrades love n it , yet sooo disappointed n an FORD MOTOR CO. its not right that we the cusumer has to pay for such SHIT as this…its one thing after another never has it stopped an FORD NEEDS IT STUCK RITE UP THERE ASS… I have a beautiful 4 door lariat 4×4 that stays broke down ,engine only with a total an have all recites of over 1oo,ooo its my nitemare it make my life a live n HELL FORD HAS DONE NOTHING ABOUT IT,WAY TO GO FORD

  117. HELP PLEASE ! I have a 2004 Ford F-350 6.0L Super Duty Truck. I need to know if anyone can tell me what I need to do to fix this truck. When you crank it from a cold start the truck will run for 28 minutes then cuts off, and won’t start again until it is cooled down. I have done this several times and the same thing happens same time span. I took it to the Ford dealership and they ran the diagnostics on it said it was the injectors they kept it for 10 days then told me they couldn’t fix it. I mean really their truck and they couldn’t fix it. So if anyone could tell me something about the problem it would be appreciated.

  118. There is a guy in Somerset Kentucky that knows how to make the 6.0 diesel run perfect! Even more HP than the 7.3 with better mialage. He won’t tell you what he does but when you get your truck back, there’s no more trips to the piece of crap dealership. At least not for engine problems. I don’t know what this guy does but ford should give him $25,000,000.00 for the fix info and take care of this problem for its patrons. My friend had his fixed and has over 330,000 miles. He had the fix at 78,000 miles. Only doen routine maint. ever since. The fix is about $1500 to $1800 if I remember correctly. I can’t remember his name but you can find him simply by calling any auto parts store in Somerset Ky. And ask for info. For the guy that fixes the 6.0 engines. He is like diesel genius in the area and very well known. Good luck with your trucks.

  119. E350 ford van 2005. 3ac units.condenser replaced, everything ac related replaced 7500.00 this was a disabled van for my wife.cost 55,000.00 our dream was to RV. Well, FORD destroyed that dream for the sake of money.we suffered 5 years of az summers with an ac that would blow 80 degrees. I tell you ill never buy amercian again. Finally after years of a merry go round, I found someone who gave the real scoop. Instead of ford recalling many fords with a none fixable ac unit, ford shipped these ill designed vehicles to colder climates so they would not have address the issue. This deal mechanic has worked for ford around 20 years. He said im truly embarresed and dissapointed with ford,the crap vehicles they shit out their asshole is terrible. He drives dodge. Wow!
    Ford motor company BURN IN HELL YOU MOTHER FXUCKERS. I would bounce a crowbar of his head if gived the chance. I cant afford another vehicle now. Too many years messing around fixing this thing 90 days in the shop. Our RV days are over before they began. My wife is now too disabled. THANKS FORD……..

  120. Well, I have 2006 f350 6.0l. 221,000 miles. Coolant all over the place under the hood. Radiator blow apart. Things fixed, made it 122,00 FICM went, 150,000 turbo cold side pipe blown apart. 165,000 glow plug and glow plug control module. I have taken care of the motor since new. After 10,000 miles added exhaust, intake, programmer PPE. I clean my EGR value every 7,500 miles with my air filter and mass air flow sensor. I have replaced 1 injector at 189,000 miles. Everything is still stock in the motor and turbo. But you have to drive these things like you stole them at least once a week. Blew out that un-burnt fuel and clean out the turbo. Also a fuel additive in every tank of gas. But must say, I’m replacing the radiator. And going to car max and buying a new dodge ram with a Cummings. Won’t go back to ford and in a die hard. But ford has done to much dumb crap with there motors, new 6.7 are even worse then 6.0 block are composite but small connecting rods the 6.0 they are blowing through the blocks. And for the price of 65,000 to 95,000 grand for a truck is just plain stupid! Anyways, for you guys that have low miles 6.0’s are like a wife, you know the saying happy wife happy life, well happy 6.0 happy drive. Change the oil add Rev-x every oil change, clean your EGR, fuel additive, and drive’me like you stole them. They will go far, but will cost you $$ if you don’t keep them happy. Or just buy a Cummings like we all should of they day we bought a 6.0l diesel.

  121. My 2004 F350 just blew the engine from a broken ejector with only 90,000 miles on it. Cost of a new engine is going to be $ 17,000 and blue book on the truck is only $16,000. this will be my last Ford.

  122. I bought my 2004 Ford super duty in early 2005 then 2 yrs later the EGR cooler when out cost me 1400.00 dollars and ford paid the labor. In 2012 it blow a head gasket in had the bad head bolts it was 3200. To fix it this time and no response from ford. I was told by a sales person that ford was buying some of them back but I did not hear from ford about my ford. Thanks for reading.

  123. I was going to sell of my 99 F350 4X4 lariat Super cab 7.3 Diesel and buy a 2014/2015 F350. However, given the consistency of the complaints and what appears to be a spiral down in quality of the Ford Trucks, I’ll keep my old truck and deal with the sloppy steering. I still have my 1987 F250 6.9 (with banks turbo), 273K miles, looks like I’ll be keeping that one too. I don’t have the time or the energy to deal with Ford about bad engines, bad transmissions, Turbo failures, brake problems, death wobble, etc. I grew up with Fords, my dad probably rolled over in his grave when i bought my 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel. The dodge has had some problems too, but insignificant compared to the 99 F350 (with it’s endless suspension problems).

  124. Oct 2014

    Does anyone know if FORD is helping to repair engine with 7.3 TDI or BUY back the truck at near cost?

    Even a good price toward a PROVEN engine trans work be great.

    PH 9153330793 CAll or Text

    1. I am not aware of a common issue with the 7.3 IDI engine. They usually are relatively bulletproof. Ford as of now has not bought back the 6.0L engines which clearly have manufacturer defects, so I would guess the 7.3 will not be purchased back. Good luck.

      1. Do you think there is any hope that Ford will do something about the 6.0? I’m out about $17,000 this year on my 2007 F-350 King Ranch. And I’m being told that the new motor will fail again if we don’t replace the factory EGR cooler with a bulletproof and replace the factory oil cooler.

  125. stuck in boston with my 2007 e-350 van..6.0 diesel motor..less than 80.000 miles on it..broke ford dealer ship….egr value…coolant fan…injectors..fuel pressure regulator..egr kit..oil lines..4,000.00 repair bill…looking for advice…on how to shove this motor in mr. fords ear..apparently he does not want to listen…any advice or lawyers…please help….stuck in beantown

  126. Brought my 2005 F350 6.0 King Ranch Dually brand new.And it`s really been taken care of,a beautiful looking truck.But everthing has gone wrong with it.Purchased price $54,000.00 and I put $10,ooo.oo into it.Now it needs an engine at 123,000 miles.Number 8 injector broke up the screwed up the piston.Injectors are 2 years old,and I`m waiting to see about the other codes.It`s been 7 days now,that it has been down.This was going to be my truck to pull a 5th wheel and see the USA,and find the places where my buddies are buried.Don`t look good now,THANK YOU SO MUCH FORD……GOD BLESS AMERICA

  127. I own a dump truck with the 6.0 crap engine and it’s been a problem since I bought it.
    Took it to the dealer 2 month ago they fixed it.
    Yesterday it went back, now I need injectors replaced,
    Oil pump and other things and fuel tank.
    They are crap. Crap crap. Don’t buy 6.0 fords engines.

  128. 2004 Super Duty 6.0… bought new…. lets see… 2 turbo’s (both while on warranty), 4 EGR valves, faulty disc eject. 101,000 and now EGR delete (because EGR cooling system failed after 250 miles prior replacing EGR valve in CA), blown head gaskets, turbo and injectors. Do I dump it now or see if the new repairs hold up? Oh yea, can’t forget the new head bolts replacing the stretched ones. My mechanic says it is now bullet proof??

  129. My 6.0 2006 f350 if junk..needs head gasket and a egr cooler. Among other things
    ford u should stand by ur product..even if the echoes had 300000
    K on the motor cause our product ..
    I make a payment every mo. For insurance and bank note
    on my 2006 f350 and its been broke down for 5 mo.
    tryed to sell it and trade it but haha shame on me I cant no one
    wants it for what I owe left..
    Ford u need to fix and stand behine my tk and everyone’s
    merry Christmas to me
    a truck of junk

  130. I bought 2004 F 450 truck from City of Austin TX. I was not told for any problems. with in first drive I learmed that truck was overheating while driving and overheating was every minute Gage will rise and next minute everthing was normal. I had replaced Thermostate, Water pump, check brakes on truck and trailer witout any fruit full results.
    I was travelling to New york and started on Tuesday morning at 3Am. after traving 126 miles from Forrest City AT, Truck was smoking. White smoke was comming out, We thought water in Fule. Emptied tank and refueled but no chanhe . I was stuck on I-40 and HWY trooper was asking me to two to exit. From 4AM to 4 PM we struggle to fix it on site final towed away and worked up to midnight. We give up. Left truck at truck stop with already expenses of $500.00.
    We back again on wenesday December 31st, 2014 to fix and bring it back. Chenged three Starter and then learned that engine had been locked and will not turn. Now i lest my truck at truck stop and came back about 10.30 PM.
    I have to tow this truck back to Arkansas and may have to replace the engine.

  131. Bought a 04 F-350 in the summer of 05 after Katrina to pull my Home behind us due to loosing ours to the storm From Crossroads Ford in Cary NC It had a little over 20k on it and asked why did the guy trade it in. Answer was to big for the tguy and he was a good customer so we were working to get it “Placed” with a new owner. Asked about the 6.0, He lied through his teeth! He knew that the had a lot full of trucks in service that had all the usual 6.0 problems. 6 months later after it had left me high and dry several times from A/C Compressor, Injectors and smelling the tell/tell Coolant from the heads, I stopped back by the dealer to see what they could do for me since it was still under warranty. They put a Coolant Reservoir cap on and patted me on the back and said that should do it. 4 months later when I limped back to the Dealer after about $7,000. not under warranty fixes all across the USA I walked in one Sat Am into my dealer with 2 road Flares and threatened to burn it where it sat, they admitted that Ford 4 months previously would not approve the right fix but they were going to do it this time. Head Job with all kinds of other problems to fix. 7 months later I got my truck back, 7 months ! ! ! ! They were that backed up. On top of that they didn’t want me to leave the state with the rental truck which was a 1/2 ton short wheel base. I could do my work at all afraid of damage on the rental truck. They even tried to make me pay for damages that I had not done to the vehicle. On and On Ford has screwed us to the wall on these trucks. This was a $53.500 K truck new They wanted 47,500 when we bought it. I still didn’t pay that but I sure have been screwed by Ford. I use to call Ford Care but got no help. I had the extended warranty from Ford then when it ran out I did 2 other extended warrantys to help off set what ever I could with the cost of the problems with this POS. Now Brake Problems, I just had to replace the fuel tank because of Delamanation and chunks of Shit looking stuff in my fuel. I found that the “ShowerHead” Pick up strainer was broken at the factory and there was nothing to strain the chunks coming out of tank to the filters. I bet I have put at lease 50 fuel filters on theis truck at 50-55 per set. 2 fuel filter caps, 4 A/C compressors, 16 injectors.
    I am sick of this mess.
    What is the Lawyers name and number.
    Thank You,
    Phillip Cobb
    [email protected]

  132. I own a 2004 F350 6.0 with 225,000 miles. I have to do the normal maintance. I have replaced the EGR and alternator twice. Rebuilt the front end once. I feel the truck has done its job for me. The only problem that popped up now is filling up with fuel it foams back and takes forever to fill up. Any answers for this problem.

  133. We have a 2006 F250 6.0L Pickup. My son has been working in the oil industry and on his way back from Williston, ND he was almost out of fuel and used what he thought was red dyed diesel in 5 gal container in the bed of his truck. After he put enough in to make it, the truck stopped running. Period. We took to a diesel mechanic in Dickinson, ND and after several days they told us they couldn’t get it running and they used a whole can of eether on it. It sat all winter before we could get to Ford Dealership. They claimed if we had gotten it to them first, the damage may have only been a few thousand dollars. Now they tell us 19,000 for new engine and fuel system. That is more than we paid for the truck. We have been jerked around by several places up her in ND and desperately need help. Do we rebuild or get rid of it? We still owe 6,000 on it and has sat for two years now and we are just out of our minds trying to figure out what repairs really need to be made. What, if anything is salvageable. We would like to find out just what happened and no one can tell us. The best they have said is the eether probably did the most damage and we the place we originally took it will not admit now they did that. It is a mess. I swear. If you put another kind of fuel in your truck it should run, but should it ruin the entire injectors? Would there be any chance that something was wrong prior ? How would we ever prove ? What I would like is some honest answers from mechanics that know this truck inside and out and aren’t jerking us around like everyone else trying to price rape everyone in ND. We work here but aren’t rich. We are honest family needing help. Can anyone suggest a mechanic near us or any legal help that might help? We are paying on a truck that we cannot use and we don’t know what to do or who to turn too. Why are these engines so expensive. I don’t get it. Please please. Anyone..we need help. God Bless.

  134. I have a 2006 Ford F 350 Supper Duty still in mint con, It was two year old when I got it with 152000 on it so far It has cost me 43,000.00 plus. This is no lie I have replace the motor, the turbo three times , Have new o rings and shaft in new motor. I live in Canada The truck came from the USA, Ford Dealer Have Rip Me off so bad, I would Not take my Bicycle to them. The sad thing I can’t afford to get a Lawyer now. and can’t afford another. J.D.W. On. Canada

  135. Just bought my 03 f250 6.0 . There should be something Ford should be doing about this. Got to drive mine for all of 3 Months before this $12k pos is having to go in the shop for a $4000 overhaul. Why arent the “ford tough” people backing what they sell?

  136. I bought a 2004 F550 with a 6.0 in December of 2004. It has been the biggest piece of crap I have ever bought. I have only 132,000miles on it and I already replaced (3) Transmissions (1 at 8,000 miles, 1 at 68,000 miles and 1 at 115,000), one turbo, injectors (do to faulty gas tank that deteriorated), Gas tank, (10) alternators, 4 starters. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of times the truck has left me stranded on the road and all the towing expenses. Ive been trying to get rid of this piece of crap for three years. Ive had it!!!! Ford is an absolute disgrace!!! I will never again own a ford. I will do all that i can to discourage anyone from buying one. They are the absolute worst!!! You want a good quality commercial work truck, buy a Chevy, International, hino, or fuso. Stay the hell away from Ford! They Suck!!!!!!!

  137. We bought a 2005 f250 almost 3yrs ago. We bought it with 82000 miles on it and it now currently has 96000 miles on it. In that time we have put four thousand dollars into it! My husband has decided to trade it…one problem…no dealership wants it!!!! A GM dealer told us that they have a policy that they will not take 6.0L diesels anymore!!! UGH! They need to recall the motor completely! We actually love this truck but are sick of it penny and diming us!

  138. Some people say that we as owners of the Ford’s with the 6.0 motor should have known better bc of the info was told about the problem s with the motor but not everyone gets this info. We didn’t and we have put lots of money into ours, we tried to put in on the lawsuit but they told us that we didn’t get it in on time mileage / year it was just a way for them not to take responsibility for their juck they sell and government let’s them get away with by giving them tax breaks. For myself I wouldn’t get another ford again bc they don’t have integrity for their products.

  139. I have a 2003 Ford F550 crew cab 4×4 and have spent in excess of 17,000 in repairs all surrounding the HPOP and it down again. I have done everything imaginable to correct this issue but every 14-16 thousand its down again and only have 155,000 on the truck


  141. Once again I’m another 2004 Ford F-350 superduty owner with the death wobble. I’m pretty sure it’s going to kill me if it keeps happening. I bought it for $17,000 from a dealership and it looked spotless but little did I know this dealership secretly planned to eff me in the A hole. It’s pretty messed up that they would take advantage of me and allow me to buy this truck especially being in the Navy making only E3 pay I can barely afford my “dream truck” and now I can’t even get rid of the damn thing cuz everyone knows about the 6.0’s problems. On top of that WA state isn’t covered in lemon law. If there is ANYTHING I can do to get back at these guys please let me know cuz I got screwed over by buying a $17,000 polished turd. Thank you.

  142. Love my 2003 6.0L Powerstroke. Mine has a February build date, so it’s one of the first 6.0 runs. It’s had it’s issues from a previous owner that abused it but the price was right. I have about $15000 tied up in this truck (including the purchase of it). Best money I’ve ever spent! It needs constant maintenance and tweaking, which suits me just well. I’ve studded the heads, got rebuilt heads from UCF Machine that rock, rebuilt the transmission, put a coolant filter on it (and am running ELC coolant instead of Ford Gold) and have a bullet proof EGR cooler (stainless tubing instead of failure prone honeycomb). I replaced two injectors and a power steering pump, oh yeah, and a starter. I bought it at 160k miles and have almost 300k on it now. I thank the previous owner everyday for giving up on it, because after doing all the work to it, it’s been flawless (I did all the work myself and saved a TON of money). It’s a great truck! And for the record, Ford emissions systems are what made it weak in the first place. Good luck to everyone else with their issues!

    1. I have less than 6k in my 06 it had 180000 on it when I got, it now has 300000, it is a good truck. I do know never take it to a ford dealer the are crooks they tell you what is wrong and they get it wrong every time I have had to replace all the AC parts for no reason. Transmission and injectors in last 10k miles

  143. Everybody is blaming Ford for the problems with the 6.0 Diesels. In fact they should be pissed at the regulatory government that imposes strict emission laws on manufacturers. It isn’t the engine that is the problem, it is the emissions. You want clean air, ride a bike. People like to blame Ford for not being able to produce a low emissions diesel that runs on pot smoke, group love, and world peace. Point the finger where it should be pointed.

  144. I have had nothing but trouble with my 2003 F550 6.0 I have had the engine rebuilt 3 times and now it is down again. Everything from the injectors to the cylinders have been failing. The worst part is that I run a towing company and cannot afford to have this truck not working. This has by far been my worst investment ever. Ford should be ashamed of themselves. I would never ever buy another Ford product and I encourage everyone else don’t buy them either. I have my experience to validate my claims. I could have bought 3 more trucks at the expense I’ve put into this garbage.

  145. I bought my 2007 F-350 King Ranch as a one year old used truck with only 12,000 miles on it. I always faithfully maintained it. We didn’t drive it much…trying to save it to last a long time…in February, 2015 we had an engine failure with only 68,000 miles on it. Obviously out of warranty. Then after installation of new motor, check engine light continued to come on. So the next thing was replacement of the Turbo…rusty…replaced it at a cost of $1500 after just spending $14,000 for new motor. Also, I find out we still need to do the EGR delete or put bulletproof EGR. Is anyone in Louisiana having luck filing lawsuits on Ford?

  146. replaced head studs and all gaskets at 130,000 now at 250,00 needs it again.. Will never buy another FORD Diesel. What a Piece of Shit !!!

  147. My name is Alvin Young and I have a 05 F350 with the mechanic’s tool bed. The truck runs great but i have a new Chevrolet now. Make me a offer on the truck. People are scared to death to buy them so I can sell just the motor and transmission if you like. The motor’s head studs have been changed and the egr has been deleted. New turbo charger. You can come hear the truck run and even drive it if you like. (229)288-1132 or (229)886-3208 [email protected]

  148. I have a 2006 ford f250 turbo diesel the oil pressure pump went out have that replaced and had the egr delete put on then a couple of weeks latter my truck got harder and harder to start took it to shop and they put a programmer on it updated it and still my truck won’t start

  149. I bought a 2003 F-350 Crew Cab Sonic Blue, 74,000 original miles….never been off roaded or abused original owner. I saw the truck and fell in love…..ran great Drove it home 5 hours. Within a few days I noticed a miss and lack of power….took it in replaced an injector. Drove it out of town broke down, took it back 4 times, keeps breaking down, I swear to god I fking hate Fords now. I have spent 4K in repairs and upgrades and things are just falling apart. I just ordered an ICP>IPR< WIRE HARNESS I have had more issues and spent more on repairs on this POS than I have in the last 30 fking years. Ford needs to fking fix this shit. I am one pissed off Army Vet.

    1. I honestly believe 8 ounces of rev x would have fixed your issue . 70 bucks but the dealerships never want to tell you that . Its good stuff , it took care of my rough idle and miss in overdrive literally in about 10 miles.

  150. 05 F350 115,000 miles running great, regular synthetic oil changes, diesel fuel additives, monitoring parameters with a scan guage. No chip, no tune, no performance additions. Did the coolant flush with coolant filter and blue spring mod. All well until return from labor day weekend. Catastrophic failure of injector which melted piston. Complete engine rebuild required and with addition of bulletproofing will cost $15k. No real other options other than driving off a cliff and collecting a bit of insurance money.

  151. I have a 2007 FX4 with 209,000 miles now, I have done nothing to this truck except routine batteries, tires, brakes, U-joints and shocks, runs perfect. The only mod I have done is a sinister diesel coolant filter and a SCT tuner. However, I don’t run the shit out of this truck, and maintain it properly. I picked this truck up 5 years ago with 101,000 miles for $9,000 because nobody wants them, I have the original $56,000 window sticker. It owes me nothing. Sorry to hear about all the grief people are having with their trucks, maybe the 2007 models had some of the bugs ironed out.

  152. I have an 05 6.0 f250 6in lift 37×13.50r20 to you open country tires I need a lawyer or someone to buy it if anyone knows something call or text me 6018325697 .

  153. I’ve got a supposed 2003 F350 turbo diesel that’s not running at the moment but I’ve been having problems with it for over 5 years now. First it was the turbo that seemed to go out, was told I needed a new one of those but it really seemed to have a mind of its own because while driving, it would once in awhile kick in.? Then the starter was going out, it would still start but after a few toys. I did put a new starter in and it ran beautiful for 2 days. Than at the end of my driveway, .just quit, stopped running, and now it won’t start. Turns over but it’s kinda like a.high whining and just won’t start. Any suggestions or if anyone knows how to contact a Ford CEO, or even tell me if the lawsuit is still open? Thanks in advance for any help.

  154. well i have a 2006 6.0L and it has a 157k on it and the the motor is running stronger then ever so maybe you ppl should do the updates on the motor that are support to be done to it

    1. I hope some day Karma comes back to bite you. If you read the comments – people have done their updates!

  155. 2007 f250, 66000 miles, I’m the original owner, had oil changed every 3000 all maintenance done as required. Had to put $14,000 into a new engine last month. Have had no luck getting any help from Ford. Has anyone else had any success.

  156. I own a 07 f-250 lariet 6inch lift on 35s. My truck has 150,000 miles and has only been serviced for routine matinence . I had a stiction issue and 8 ounces of rev x and 10 miles it was gone. I do not baby this truck
    I run a custom performance tune with my livewire ts tuner . I recently put it on the track and ran 98 mph in the quarter mile. I average about 19 mpg on the highway. I put it on the 7.3 motors quite often unless we are trailering and they woop my ass. I am am a firm believer that by 07 the Dallas plant put out some quality 6.0 trucks , I live and die by FORDS they didn’t have to take a government bailout for reason and that is they build the best, most reliable trucks from the ground up hands down so all you haters go get a fucking DODGE and then you can replace every part. From transmissions , front ends ect. ect. Ect. LONG LIVE FORDS ( FIRST ON RACE DAY!)

  157. I have a 2006 F250 turbo diesel lariat with tow and off road packages,and engine heater, that I bought new in 06.Was my primary mode of transportation for 9 years. Lots and lots of highway miles and towing. (boat) Didn’t start having problems until I hit 100,000 miles. Had the high pressure oil sensor replaced. Now at 103,000 need to have EGR replaced. I have been happy with mine until now. Gonna get the EGR and Oil pump replaced and then sell it. Haven’t driven it in 6 months,

  158. Well I bought a 2004 350 ford super duty on December of 2014, trying to grow a little bit on my business, I didn’t know all this about the 350 6.0 trucks before I bought it. Now that I am trying to sell it I understand why people don’t want a truck like that but mine has run really good and I haven’t had to invest any money in the engine and it runs pretty good. It’s almost at 173k miles so if anyone out there is interested in buying it please contact me. I live in Denver Colorado. Asking for $10,000. 303-775-5301

  159. My 2007 still only has 66,300 miles on it. If it weren’t in shop all the time it might have more. With my truck the entire chain of events began with a delaminating and rusting tank. I’m on tank #5 at present. Have a Titan on order. I’ve spent $10K on repairs. My dealer has done what they can. Dearborn is the problem. When the fuel tank goes bad, the filters go bad, then the fuel pump, then the pressure control module, then the injectors are stressed and eventually ruined along with damaging the FICUM. The first thing you must do is junk the Ford tank, install a polymer one such as a Titan, clean everything, new filters, repair the downstream damage ( yeah I know….very, very expensive). With a good tank most of the problems will be solved….but, at your expense. Too bad Ford can’t be easily held accountable. They will never sell me another heavy truck….ever.

  160. I got an a 2006 6 liter F250 get the typical bulletproof issue needs fixed I did put a brand new water pump on it but new thermostat in it That’s where this thing runs good and not a bad truck when it runs however it does start and run right now I would advise driving it if you need a good truck I want a bullet proof this bad boy come get it $9000 . 231000 on it. I’m in Miami Oklahoma my phone number is 918-320-4369 text me

  161. That didn’t quite come out right up top the truck does start and run and keep running however it’s blowing some white smoke so it could be the EGR cooler or could have popped a head gasket I’m not sure I can tell you that Ford went through the top end of that motor at 98000 Miles right now is at 231000 So when the truck runs it runs good right now it’s not you know Road safe so it’ll leave you broke now you try to drive it down the road but it does start up and run in my driveway and it just started happening last week I’m just trying to get out from underneath the truck I don’t want to mess with it So Come on I’ll look for a DuramaxI’d also like to mention that this truck has the air balloon bags added to the rear end the heavy-duty ones go home or wait it’s got everything on it you know it’s the lariat 4 wheel drive heated seats you know leather Good-looking truck beautiful gotta brush guard chrome chrome brush guard on the frontRunning boards text me 918 320 4369 My name is Mike Reeves

  162. Well same story here. Brought a 2005 Ford F-350 6.0 with a aftermarket warranty for $4000. That wasn’t worth the paper it’s written on. The truck had 60,000 miles on it. Now has 96k on it. Paid 38k in July of 2014 heading to Utah Dec. 2015 2 am 17 degrees out. Going 75 mph then wham in the middle of now where it just dies. 115 mile tow to a ford dealership in south Jordan Utah. $3500. Dollars latter and a new egr, oil cooler, cleaned turbo ( veins and new ring). Systems flush with simple green and their cleaner (2 gal), reman modulator, gaskets.I get a call 3 weeks later come on down from Seattle and pick it up all fixed. Get there 25 miles down the road and wham! Same thing. Limp it into the dealer. Back to Seattle. 3 weeks later it’s all fixed come on down. They installed a new fuel pump and filters. 10 miles down the road and yup wham! No power, just a idle. Back to the dealer. I stay in town for a couple days. They replace injector #4 and 8. Come and get it. Heck runs good for 100 miles anyway. Trucked dumped me in snow vile Utah in the frumpy little town. Now I’m really pissed! Waited for awhile and finally got this POS to start. Drove it to Seattle in tow gear on any hill and got lucky on the down hills. Heck hit 80 once. Just a bad trip and piece of crap truck. Now what? Thanks Ford! I just don’t have the money to do anymore repairs. Truck payment $530. A month. The gift that keeps on coming ea month. Never never will I or my family buy a ford product again!!

  163. Any estimate on what it would cost to convert to a Fummins? I have an ’05 6.0 with a manual transmission. Anyone know of a good shop in NW Arkansas or SW Missouri who would do the job?

  164. I’m from Alberta, Canada and I have an ’07 F350 6.0L powerstroke with an SCT programmer and airbag helpers on the rear. I have had the EGR delete kit and ARP head studs installed about 2.5 years ago (when the head gasket blew) at about 125k miles ($6000) and one full bank of injectors done about a year ago at about 165k miles ($2500). It is on it’s 3rd alternator (they seem to last about 18-24 months), 3rd set of batteries (dual 850 CCA batteries last about 2.5 years per set), had the entire instrument panel replaced last summer because it would intermittently just go dead leaving me with no power windows, no gauges and no heat/vent controls (free because the original problem was misdiagnosed by the dealer tech). I replaced the AC compressor and condenser last fall at about 190k miles ($2000) and it just started throwing codes and stuttering last week indicating more bad injectors at about 210k miles. I USED to be a Ford man, tried and true, but between this truck and my previous ’02 F150 with the 5.4L Triton V8 that ate coil packs and shot spark plugs right out of the head, I’m done with Ford forever. If I could afford to buy anything else right now I would tune this POS F350 up with 3 sticks of dynamite and a short fuse. I don’t find Dodge or Chevy much better and at this point I’m starting to wish they hadn’t been bailed out and were left to go tits up. Go pound salt up your ass Ford, I would rather drive a 30 year old Toyota than purchase anything from you god damned crooks.

  165. Bought ’07. F450 new $45,000 with dump body,started to experience problems at 25,00 miles with egr , turbo and replaced all eight injectors. Truck was still under warranty so ford had to replace them. Went and talked to my local diesel mechanic and he told me to get rid of truck ASAP . That was in 2009 best advice I took. Went out bought a few older 7.3’s still running. Just bought a 2001 f250 7.3 190,000 runs like new. Will never buy new truck from ford. They screwed hundred of thousand hard working Americans .i have friend who didn’t listen ,they can’t give there 6.0s away.

  166. I purchased my 2005 Lariat 6.0 Super Duty Diesel and was feeling good about my truck, until it reached 123,735 miles and cost me 4,726.93 for the same problem other owners are complaining about. And until some legal entity take the case we can do nothing against big money producers. Ford Motor Company is making money in their suit and as long as they hold on to that money, it is compounded in interest. Hold on to your receipts for repairs. I just believe that Ford Motor Company will eventually payoff. I will not buy another Ford Motor Company product until they do payoff. Let us stand together on this principle and express it when the opportunity present itself.

  167. Well yet another victim of Ford Motor Company and there 6.0 faulty engine that they are better at hiding than caring at all about their customers,

  168. Yet another Victim of Ford best kept secret of knowingly using faulty engines and than ignoring the problem and making their customers suffer the consequences. Only 100,000 miles on my 6.0 diesel that has been cared for properly and now a $16,000 dollar repair bill on an engine ford told be should easily last to 300,000 miles plus. this is pure fraud.

  169. I have a 2005 F250 FX4 supercab with a 6.0 and 153K miles. It runs good, had the EGR deleted, Alliant oil cooler, new injectors this spring, very nice condition, but it’s in the shop today with a wiring harness rebuild to address a rough running issue. Once that’s done, I’m selling it and buying a 1/2 ton gasser. I’m asking 10k for it. Let me know if you’e interested.

  170. I own a 2005 Ford F-ING 350 6l diesel. The head gaskets had to be replaced 3 years ago and know I had to get the injectors replaced along with glow plugs, egr delete and various other parts in order to make engine Bullet Proof (BULLSHIT PROOF) . It would be a lot cheaper if was able to buy a gun with one Bullet and do the proofing myself!

  171. Well the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. Is go through hell with one 6.0 and then be dumb enough to buy another one. I have probably paid more in repair than the cost of the trucks to begin with. I have one with a catastrophic lifter failure total rebuild necessary. I have another one that nobody can stop it from blowing white smoke and it no it’s not the EGR cooler Ford will never end this lawsuit theyll just keep kicking it down the road.

  172. i just bought a 2017 ford f350 super duty truck with a 6.7 diesel motor i did not know all this with ford was going on did i get in trouble i would like to know

    1. Thus far, the 6.7L engines have proven themselves to be quite dependable, so I wouldn’t fret over any major issues. The 2017’s received some updates to the engine compared to the previous model years, but nothing major. The only recurring issues that come to mind on the 6.7L’s were turbocharger failures most prevalent on the 2011-2012 model years, but Garrett, the turbo manufacturer, stepped up and released an updated version that replaced those units and they’ve been working quite well. Overall, you’ve got a nice truck that shouldn’t give you any major headaches.

  173. I am another victim that purchased a one owner 2005 F350 6.0L. I had 4 oil coolers replaced, head gaskets ARP head bolts, EGR delete, 4 inch turbo back exhaust, coolant filter, water pump, thermostat. After studying the 365 International engine I remover the oil cooler from inside the engine and installed in front of the radiator along with 2 10 inch electric fans. The EOT and ECT still have to large of separation EOT 208 ECT 180 hauling around 8000 lbs at 70 mph.
    I keep doing mods because no one wants to buy it and no dealer will give me any thing for trade in. I have been checking the possibility of installing a newer engine and transmission. Auto salvage people said to request a drop out unit that will come with all wiring and computers needed for installation. I will still have an old POS but be able to use it maybe for lots of miles.

  174. I have a 6.0l 06 f250 truck had 281000 I owe 5k I want to sell it. Previous owner was an oil company I bought it from a friend who wholesales cars ahe traded it for my v6 mustang. (I owed 3k on stang and needed some extrs cash and got 2k back) Truck runs good I’ve been told I have showed it to several people and they say it has no blow by and looks in good shape. I was told they had the injectors recently replaced the oil pump. It’s f250 xl longed extend cab (hideaway doors) what’s a reasonable price I get get or ask for? I have a project that is a transmission rebuild away from basically being new and with about 1500 I could get it accomplished. Is that a feasible return?

  175. Hey guys so I have a problem with my 6.0… imagine that. I’m leaking coolant from an area just behind my ac compressor, yes it is coolant I dyed it to be 100% sure. Anyone else have this? It’s coming from what looks like where a hose connects but I don’t see a hose to put there. It’s in line with my coil springs passenger side.

  176. I purchased my 06 F250 6.0L Diesel new, currently around 118K miles on it and haven’t had any problems at all. Is there something I should look out for if these problems do arise? or should I just get things replaced now? My Diesel mech said he’d keep an eye on things when oil change time comes around, do you think that’s a wise choice?

    1. Me personally, I would look at fixing these things prior to something failing. Typically its not a matter of if something fails but more of a matter of when.

  177. I have a 07 F350 4×4 lariat 6.0 crap I have done more work to this truck egr cooler and so forth no cant stop it from over heating put new rad in new thermostat hose flushed system 1 ton crap cant pull a small 21′ trailer what good is a 1 ton. Still cant figure out ford says nothing wrong. Says if you stay off the throttle you will be fine. Live in Az can’ go up a 2% grade without over heating and if I do what ford says cant get up a 6% grade semis pass me I am going so slow. Help anyone.

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  180. I have owned an 05, that the EGR crapped out 2 months after my purchase, sold it after repairs and ~80k miles and it died again on the guy I sold it to. Fortunately he was well aware and anticipated the meltdown, so he accepted it very well in my opinion as we are still friends believe it or not. However, I was completely stupid and bought an 06 off of Chris Muina that lives outside of Rossville, GA. Within 180 miles of purchase, total boat anchor. Motor is bound up, have no clue what all is going on with this truck. Pulled the maintenance report from Ford, had typical repairs of the 6.0s, but this truck was a real piece of junk. It’s issues were well hidden and the former owner, Muina, a very dishonest person to say the least. I blame myself 100%, I should have never purchased another 6.0, perhaps another Ford for that matter for not having the decency to own up to their mistakes.

  181. I have a 2006 f 350 6.0 with 376012 y only replace hight oil pressure pump once and 3 inyector honestly no complaint with my truck

  182. I want to sue or find a way to get reimbursted for Head gaskets, on a Ford F-350, 6.0, 60,000 miles, $5000.00 bill to replace. Any law suites going on against Ford? Call me 406-652-1539, Montana. Buzz Tuell

  183. Sounds like a lot of legitimate complaints but most of it they should have some cheese to go with the wine, trucks with problems at 150,000k Christ, some don’t know shit from shinola what there talking about, you’d think after the first year of the 6.0 people would catch on, if someone wanted a ford 6.0 and make it run well, gotta pay to play, unfortunately I guess, then there is the crowd that says fuck ford, well, they simply don’t have the money to own the best, when there is a lot of something to see of course you’ll see more problems, it’s like seeing vehicles the same color as yours not realizing how many others are the same color, so leaving ford, fuck’em what ya gonna buy, ha I’d like to know, a dodge, thats, dressed up like a ole cheap whore stinks like one to, or a Chevy, government funded, and if not there’d be no such business called the pinky in the air bow tie, yes I bleed blue, I don’t jump ship, never will, the country needs some loyalty, everybody is out to see someone fail or fuck up then sue them now there’s your fucking joke boys and girls.

    1. You are as ignorant as they come.
      Your color has got nothing to do with it.
      Loyalty goes both ways.
      If your logic was right then you would purchase a house that the roof kept leaking from faulty shingles. Or work for an employee who said You can have leave and then not pay you for it.
      Most of the comments here are from legitimate consumers that have paid money for Fords lack of “Loyalty” to put in parts for the top notch vehicle they commercialized it for. If you want to spend $5000 because the vehicle parts are faulty then go someplace else.
      My blood is true American through and through and my family all cam over during the depression so I know what good hard work for personal quality is. It is about taking responsibility and accountability for your actions.

      Had I driven the vehicle like an idiot, not done the repairs as called for, not monitored the vehicle for signs of problems, then I would be the jackass you appear to be. But you buy a vehicle and within 3000 miles is craps out on you and your told there is nothing they can do about it, that is not loyalty by any stretch of the meaning

      So instead of making hateful comments, help people.

      By the way I have this awesome for F350 that I want to sell you for $30,000. Show me your loyalty.

  184. Was just told I needed 7000 worth of seals replaced. Two years ago had blown oil cooler and 7000 worth of other damage. This is the worst Ford truck engine 6.0 ever. I have a 2006 power stroke diesel. Pure TRASH.

    I’ll be buying a dodge next.

  185. Anyone looking for a 2007 F350 6.0? I have 168,000 miles on it and my mechanic said I need a new motor due to no oil pressure. 801-518-5676

  186. I have a 2006 f350 turbo diesel I just bought used. All the issues got by me during the test drive and on my own down it went. Runs like a beast and just shuts off randomly. It’s in the shop currently. No faults on the injectors or oil pressure. Dash shows a tbc fault when it dies… My mechanic is calling it a science project …but something is randomly shutting it down after about 10 miles.. Runs great during
    Any ideas would be appreciated. And yes it is for sale!

  187. I have a 2003 f450 6.0. This is a tool truck that had been “bulletproofed”, new injectors, trans rebuilt, etc. Not 10,000 miles and injectors went again! Just had new ones installed… haven’t even picked up from the shop yet. I’ll never buy another Ford, ever again. Anyone interested in the truck?!

  188. i bought used 6.0 turbo diesel 120,000 mi . 4 months later oil pump went out, front plate had a crack in it needed replaced 4,500 to fix so i was over 20,000 dollars into it. 2 yrs 5 mo. oil pump came apart and needle bearings went through the crank .i was told 18,000 for a new engine. so now i have a nice looking truck that takes up space in my back yard,and i went out and bought a chevy.( thanks a lot ford.)

  189. Any news on 6.0 claims. This truck is about to make me file Bankruptcy. 🙁 The 6.0 has literally ruined my life and bank account.

  190. Hi, I’m scott….
    Well,… I have an 05 f200 6.0 with 65000 on it. it was a hunk of junk I spent more money fixing it. The mechanic said that the best thing I can do is drop another engine in it.

  191. I bought a 2004 f350 super duty turbo 6.0 diesel and i hate it. I want to sell it asap $5500 it runs and drives but im scared all these nightmares are coming soon to me 205,000 miles. I just had oil changed transmission lines replaced and a few other things. I just want out NOW. [email protected]. im in western pa

  192. I bought a 2004 f350 diesel turbo powerstroke and have had some things fixed but i want out of it before all this bad stuff happens to me it runs and drives looks nice $5500 obo 205,000 miles
    7249313527 western pa

  193. Delete the egr.
    Change your oil and fuel filters regularly
    Get a gauge monitor for oil temp and coolant temp also
    Fuel and oil pressure
    Floor it every now and then to prevent crap from building up in your turbo.
    Have two good batteries so your fi doesn’t get starved for volts
    Use stiction eliminator in your oil changes
    Use fuel treatment t each fill up. I’ve had tons of these 6.0 “ nightmare “ trucks
    I do my maintenance and am learn about any potential issues and prevent them from ever happening. Most of the people with problems don’t do maintenance on them or don’t work them hard and put around in them

  194. I purchased my 04 F350 6.0 Diesel SD with only approx. 82K mile. I did some basic reaseaerch and asked the dealer if they had done the 6.0 work to fix the powerstroke diesel problem. Of course he said yes.
    Being a trusting person, I took their word and purchased the truck. It was a good deal Right!
    Right! at the first oil change period first 3-4 thousand miles, I developed white smoke from the exhaust, then the temp gauge started to act up. Naturally, I checked all the fluids and they were fine. I immediately scheduled the oil change and talked to the shop about the problem….(I am not a diesel mechanic by any stretch of the imagination)
    I was told it was the EGR valve and cooler. $5000 later I was running it with no problems.
    Now mind you, I would be considered an old lady to some of you die hard dually enthusiasts. I drove it sparingly and it was used to help me coach my Little League and Travel Baseball teams…Lugging the gear, coolers, riding mower and stuff like that. I never hauled large objects…That was the hope for later to purchase a trailer to go on vacation.
    Then, magically, as the next oil change was coming due…(3500 miles later) I noticed the same thing.
    This time I brought it to ford dealer. Fearing the $5000 cost again.
    Wait it wasn’t $5K but a complete engine replacement over $15K. I had to take money from retirement just to get the vehicle fixed.

    Of course it has run well since. But now I’m into this thing for an additional $20K + (technically more because of the loss of retirement investment and the tax penalty I had to pay to get the money out so I would say about $80K) could not sell it to get anywhere near the value put in and I think ford put back in the factory crap that causes the engine to crap out. Needless to say, I afraid to drive it and afraid to get rid of it.

    My hope is to save money to get the Bulletproof (or something similar) to upgrade and then hopefully have that dream truck that would last me forever.

    I feel that Ford does owe consumers for their blunder. It should have not been allowed to be resold by used car dealers (another issue of integrity) and full outright consumer warnings full disclosure available prior to purchase. That is the right thing to do. Hell if the dealer said, that the upgrade needed to be done but it would cost the $5-7K, I could have put that into the finance of the vehicle and been on my merry way.

    There must be a lemon law for even used cars. And Ford should not want to have advertisement that their engine can’t last 85,000 miles without blowing up on the consumer.

    If anyone has any information to help please share.

  195. Have 2005 f250 lariat White with Topper very nice truck has air bags ,pro comp wheels has fuel in coolant system looking to sell 406-210-1162

  196. In 2007, I purchased a 2006 F350 4×4 6.0 Diesel off road package trading in a 2000 F250 4×4 with the 7.3 with 200,000 miles, paid the diffference in cash. In less than a month, smoke and water started coming out of the tail pipe…. EGR and injectors……. In shop almost a month before I was able to pick it back up. (They did give me a loaner 1/2 ton)
    Had it a couple of months and had a long crank time to start. At just over 36,0000 miles, with no warranty left per Ford. I had an independent shop do an EGR delete and it ran much better and didn’t smoke anymore.
    The truck has been broken down more than it has ran in the last 10 years. Now with only 130,000 miles and nearly $8,000 of new injectors, fuel rail, oil rail, down pipes, high pressure oil pump, FICM, IPR, turbo and new Y pipe……… Still has long crank time and takes at least an hour before it has power to pull it self.
    Pulls good after it warms up and not afraid to drive it from coast to coast as long as you don’t turn it off!
    After you shut it off, it takes until the next morning or almost 10 hours later after it cools down?
    I have spent over half the value of the truck trying to keep it running and spent thousands on tow bills since it is an oversize truck.

    Anyone know a shop that will repair it with a warranty?
    I looked at a cummins swap, almost $12,0000

    At this point in the game with ford……. I may sell it for scrap and purchase a new Dodge unless anyone has a better idea?

    I would sell it knowing it will not start back unless you drive it across the pasture and turn it off after running only 15 minutes. Or wait until the next morning.
    [email protected]

  197. i just heard about all of this and i bought my truck 2003 f/250 super duty new had 38 miles on it it is now 2018 and i have only 680000 miles on it and its still broken and cant drive it,the reson it stays broken down can i do anything this sucks.

  198. Wow I have heard of 6.0 problems over the years, but this site really drives it home here. I was contacted several years ago about the lawsuits pending etc, but at the time never had any real issues to complain about, fast forward to 2018 , my 2005 ford f350 dually just turned 100,000 km this year so 62,000 miles I believe. Im a licensed 310s/310t mechanic here in canada
    for close to 40 years,I replaced seized up garret turbo at 10 years because the variable vanes had stayed shut because of lack of use so cost me 800 on ebay and 2 hours of my time on a saturday morning, other than a rear caliper seized and front and rear pads, the ole girl is still running great. close to the 14 yr mark now only 1 cell in the original batteries is now at 11.9 volts as the rest are 12.4 or higher, tires are slightly weather cracked but still have 10/32 or higher tread life. ford recommended 10,000km oil change intervals, this is what I prefer 5000km from day one with less expensive oil and filter, and a bottle of kleen flow injector cleaner 2 times a year. 3rd air filter now as water tends to distort and swell them up. . Most of the buses I work on in the shop has these 6.0l or navistar 325 which is very similar are all pushing the 300,000 km mark , so yes we get the odd injector plugging up, ficms blowing , iprs going but the repairs on these pre emmision ones are way cheaper than all the problems with the docs and many other sensors on the cummins right now, give me a 20 yr old cummins and it will put this newer stuff to shame. cheers P

  199. I have 2006 6.0 liter. Drove truck 2yr. Would never start on first turn. Started blowing white smoke.
    Now it’s been sitting 2yr. Still paying for truck.
    Never got chance to use truck 4 purpose it was bought for. Test head gasket, blown. Thick um
    Bad. It’s going to cost an arm & leg to fix. On top of that I’m still paying for the truck. Thanks Ford….
    Needless to say what my next truck went be….

  200. I have a 2004 F250 with 6.0, I have had it bulletproofed cost me 3200.00 now it will not crank was told it was the High pressure oil lines or pump, also had the EGR cooler replaced by Ford still cost me 1200.00. Talk to Ford about it they said there was no problem. Would like to get info . Thanks Richard.

  201. Purchased my 2006 super duty with 19,000 miles only 10 months old. At 65,000 mile oil change at ford dealership in avondale az they sent me off no problem. One week later fluid on the ground and white steam out the tail pipe like a fraight train ? Took it in to a recommended 6.0 diesel mechanic here in phoenix. Bullet proof egr 4500 dollasr 3000 miles later it just turns over doesn’t start. More money bad seniors. Today it has 71000 miles looks awesome Butt has no resale value and I’m NOT a believer in FORD Diesel Trucks you would have to Own a Ford parts warehouse just to Keep Your P.O.S. Ford truck running even then I Wouldn’t Want another one!!!!

  202. my name is Tyler Clinton I have a f350 2003 power stroke stuck on my front lawn due to the fact that it has practically bankrupted me. I purchased it from a local dealer here in Roswell NM I paid $10,000 at 180,000 miles I thought It was going to be a great deal but turns out that it causes more trouble then she’s worth… I didn’t even know about the issues they had nor their reputation as well as the fact that I was sold a lemon I literally didn’t even know what that term meant when I first heard it. after my purchase I decided to go visit my mother 400 miles away in fort worth Texas with no problems. a few weeks later I took another trip to Arizona and ended up stranded outside of Wilcox where I had to be towed to Tucson to the nearest ford dealership…. which costed 300 I then was told my engine was going to need replacing I pretty much laughed at the guy when he told me 16 grand for a used engine….I had my grandfathers brother come pick me up and take me and the old girl home. I then brought her to revelation towing here in Roswell and got charged for a compression test as well as all injectors swapped the truck was up and running again the issue was that one of the pistons had filled completely up with fuel once I had her back she ran for about several months but left me stranded again on my first date with my wife (before our marriage of course) I had then brought it to hawks services in Roswell and I had to have injectors replaced as well as a hpop which ran me 1300… once it was done I then drove it off the guys lot and the hpop breaks down again 2 blocks away so I have him haul me back and I order a egr delete kit while I was at it cause I did some research and heard the bad things about the egr so I decided it would be best to delete it sooner then later… that costed another 1200 btw… everything was fine up until recently where it broke down on me and wouldn’t start anymore so I took it to the last shop that would take it in Roswell hoping this guy could find the problem… he scanned it for codes and everything pointed to low to no fuel pressure so he puts in a new fuel pump and gets it running for a minute but it went out again for the final time… now we are broke without a working vehicle and I have no idea what to do next… I can take the engine apart myself so im not worried about labor but I need some advice or even a demonstration of my problem and the solution someone please reach out to me on Facebook or other social sites ill post them now please and thank you for reading this and expressing any concerns ( (

  203. I have a 2005 6.0 f250 with 258,000 miles on a stock motor and just now having issues with electrical but that is all so idk how these people having blown engines at 125000 treated them but mine has been hauling pipe its whole life to the mines

  204. Purchased my 2005 Super Duty new and soon was blowing black smoke behind me. Learned on YouTube how to clean the EGR valve with carb cleaner. Oil leaking from everywhere under engine under 100K miles.
    Had to replace FICM at under 100K miles. Had it towed 3 times well under 100K miles due to no start, something electrical. Extremely long starts all the time… Used it for truck camper at 160K + and moved from Oregon to Arizona. On trip down it shut down twice on the I-5 in the middle of nowhere. Had a Uhaul with everything I own, my dog & cat with me. 9K dollars for injector regulator and injectors, oil temperature anomalies, hotel room at 100$ per night, $400.00 for the tow of 8 miles from freeway to Ford Dealership. After that, finally resumed trip south, engine light came on again, scoped at Auto Parts store revealed bad Glow Plug cylinder 8. Finally made it to Yuma. 2 months later, engine light still on, can’t afford repairs, yet one more tow from local grocery store, starter spinning and grinding. Got under engine next morning and starter hanging by one bolt on top and looks like Bendix is jammed up on flywheel. That is where is sits right now. DEAD AGAIN! Now I am a senior walking to the grocery store. WTF?

  205. Addendum to previous post:
    Did I mention that this truck has changed my life financially. I am now strapped with a crappy loan and all my credit cards are maxed out. That means that in order to keep my credit from really tanking, I am paying huge interest charges & paying the minimum payment which is a circular monetary nightmare. I am stuck in the paying loop. If I could sell this truck which now has a lien on it due to the loan it took to pay Ford Dealer and get out of the middle of nowhere breakdown hotel room situation, I could pay off the loan and begin financial healing but how do you sell a truck with the engine light on, oil spilling out from seemingly everywhere and the starter hanging by one bolt! I’d like to tow it out into the desert and have a bonfire!

  206. You ran your diesel, without proper maintenance. You failed to repair parts that were going bad for some time, you blew your own engine. You are a dumbass.

  207. 03 Ford F-350 Super Duty 6.0
    Replaced transmission last yr
    Replaced all 8 injectors a month ago with NEW Ford Factory Injectors
    Vacation pulling camper a week ago and #1 injector failed. Split down the side.
    Replaced injector and still no luck. Mechanic that replace the injector where the tow truck took us initially said no fuel in oil so that was a good sign. Had truck towed home and mechanic says truck will need a new engine?? WTW
    Says glow plugs are chewed up!
    13K to replace the engine.

    Thought we bought Ford Factory parts so we could trust them????

    Upset is an understatement!


  209. I have had a lot of experience with navstar engine
    All these engines suffer from basicly same issue
    I fix them all ther time. Taking trucks that won’t stay out of the shop and get them working. Proper only going in for reg maintenance now. Most won’t use my services because Ford tells them lies and trys to scare them . It’s a bit expensive but works wonders and fixes newer emission engines as well

  210. Paid $1k for a non running 2003 f350 lariat dually with a 6l powerstroke diagnosed to need an engine rebuild because IPR screen had been compromised and would not fire. Replaced the IPR, replaced the batteries, dumped the dino oil and filter, replaced with T6 and Rev X. Cranked for 30 seconds, fired up. Been dragging equipment around the province ever since.

  211. In 2014 I bought a 2005 Ford F350 4X4 crew cab dually (Centurion Model) that had been diagnosed with a blown head gasket at 115K miles. Absolutely beautiful truck. It was a package deal where I also received a 2008 Mercedes ML350 with a bad balance shaft that caused it to throw timing codes (but still ran good). Paid 10K for the pair. Flipped the Mercedes as was for $4500 as was so that put me at 5500 for the Ford. Expecting to pull the cab, I determined it was a EGR cooler instead, Bought a new cooler on e-bay and had a machine shop weld the ends shut. Installed it with an SCT tuner, a couple new glow plugs and a lifetime guaranteed FICM from Diesel Ron with new batteries so the weak ones wouldn’t wear on the new FICM. Now Im in it just under $7000. I have mainly used it for hauling heavy loads on 100 mile or longer trips, at 180K miles and has never skipped a beat. A neighbor asked me to look at his 2007 that was smoking and going through coolant, was bid $7300 for head gaskets and injectors, same thing-EGR cooler and now it runs like a champ just for $7000 less than the mechanic estimated. All you 6.0 bashers and so called mechanics- thank you for helping me out with your mis-diagnosing and un-educated bashing so I have been able to buy 2 different 6.0s at low prices and put them to good use with minor (the real needed repairs). The prices on these rigs have seemed to come back in the past few years since word got around that most information out there on 6.0s came from people that are unable to clean their own vacuum cleaners.

  212. I have a 2003 F350 6.0 my truck is will not go pass 50mph and is blowing out white smoke. I purchase the truck from a dealer whom told me the truck was in great condition and is the best out here.

  213. The 6.0 powerstroke is one of the best diesel engines ever built but ever changing emission laws caused a chain of events that doomed the fait of this engine. And engine with a turbo that attempts to direct a large portion of its exhaust back into the intake to be returned in an attempt to lesson its emissions is going to gave huge issues. This engine actually does this and has a cooler built in to cool this hot ass exhaust before its re introduced into the intake. Using the engines coolant that’s already getting its butt kicked by trying to cool the some 16+ quarts of oil it uses a heat exchanger to run coolant next to the hot hot exhaust gas and it’s this EGR cooler that gave all the early issues as it would fail and allow coolant to weep into a cylinder that when one tried to start it the lack of room in said cylinder do to coolant inside it would bust the connecting rod on that cylinder. So in the valley of this engine which is the space between the headed where a carb would sit if it had one is a oil cooler that uses coolant to cool the oil that’s at extreme temps do to the injectors using up to 3000psi of oil pressure to fire causing the oil to heat up huge. In the oil cooler oil flows threw tiny channels next to coolant filled channels where the oils temp bleeds of into the coolant. also sitting inches hardly away from that is the EGR cooler where again coolant is used to cool down red hot exhaust before it re enters the intake and right next to these 2 coolers sits the turbo itself which is red hot half the time. Now put this all in a Ambulance ,RV or van where breathing is limited and you’ve got a recipe for disaster as all know temps are an engines worst enemy. But once u eliminate the EGR cooler and Rrlocate the oil cooler with an aftermarket option your left with a great set up that I recomend getting the upgraded head bolts if your gonna use a tuner to beef up the power level. With a turbo that gives both low end and top end performance which prior to this isnt a reality you’ve got big power in small package .. for ALL your 6.0 power stroke issues go to youtube and search 6.0 with your issue behind it and look for a guy named DIESEL TECH RONS videos and he will walk you threw each and every issue there is period. I swear to God Ford owes its name to this guy who has single handedly put millions of these 6.0’s back on the road. And get a sct scanner programmer so u can monitor things like exhaust, oil and coolant temps.. the act x4 will add 200hp and 300lbs torque in the click of a button and you’ll see why this is the best diesel made. Also please feel free to text me as I buy broken down 6.0 powerstroke trucks & vans all over the U S but I dont pay much for them as I’m buying someone’s trouble but if u want a cash offer text the trucks info to me at 7634645515. Thanks

  214. I have a 2003 F 250 Super Duty ( JUNK ) I have done all of what these people have but went one further I went and got upgraded and put on the Boss package hope it will- help.I am a disabled vet ( 73 years old ) and hoped this would be my last truck.I hope it would last me but I think I have put into it another cost for another cant sell this one . Let me know if something come up to help. Thank you Bill

  215. I have a 2005 F350, with over 25000.00 in the POS engine, I am looking to see if anybody has had a problem , where the engine will start when it is cold, or cooled down, but if you try to start it, within minutes of shutting it off, it will not start, will start with a small shot ot starting fluid, mechanic says it the down tube, they supposedly replaced all the orings on the top of the block, and injectors

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