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In 2010, the Ram HD received a major facelift in the form of a completely new body style, featuring a larger back seat, new interior, and a ton of other cosmetic and creature comfort upgrades.  For the most part, the powertrain remained relatively unchanged from the previous model year.  But with GM and Ford hot on the heels of Ram, they made some finite adjustments to take the previous torque rating from 650 to 800 foot pounds of torque in 2012 in order to be at the top of the power podium.  Then in 2013, Ram turned around and released the High Output 3500, sporting a brand new Aisin HD ASC69RC automatic transmission to be an available option in the pickup applications, hitting 385 horsepower and 850 foot pounds of torque.  The non-HO pickup models would still have the available options of a 68RFE automatic or G56 manual transmission.  For cab and chassis models, Ram maintained the standard Aisin AS69RC automatic or G56.  We are glad to see Ram keeping the hand-shaker models available, when their rivals have abandoned manual transmissions altogether.

Also in 2013, Ram finally released an upgraded suspension and steering configuration for 3500 models that would assist in eliminating the issues that had plagued them for years.  Most people with a Ram have at least heard of “Death Wobble,” if not having experienced it themselves.  There are many contributing factors to this occurrence, and to combat this, Ram made a complete design change.  One could say that Ram took a lot of notes from Ford by switching to a radius arm, as opposed to control arms, as well as a new steering configuration that separates the drag link and center link, very similar to a SuperDuty.  The 2014 Ram 2500’s followed suit with this same treatment, but then threw an entirely new wrench into the mix by sending huge shockwaves into the heavy duty pickup market by being the first automaker to go with rear coil springs, as opposed to leaf springs, and later to have an available rear air ride option.

Were all of these changes for the positive?  You bet!  Are there still areas for improvement that the aftermarket can fill?  Absolutely!  While these trucks are light years different than they were a decade ago, there are still ways to gain greater power and fuel economy.  There are still plenty of ways to improve the reliability and drivability.  And anyways, who wants to drive a stock truck?  We can help you achieve whatever goals you have for your truck, whether your goal is to run 10’s in the quarter mile, make it the greatest tow vehicle on the planet, or capable of pounding through a sand whoop section in the desert.

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