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    • 2007.5-2011 6.7L Dodge Ram Cummins
    • 68RFE Automatic Transmission
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While the 68RFE transmission has been a far superior transmission to any of the previous offerings from Dodge, it's shortfalls have ultimately reared their ugly heads. On top of this, the 68RFE is he ... read more

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While the 68RFE transmission has been a far superior transmission to any of the previous offerings from Dodge, it's shortfalls have ultimately reared their ugly heads. On top of this, the 68RFE is heavily computer controlled, which means that when stall rates and other necessary items are upgraded, the factory computer gets which can lead to the immediate demise of what should have been an upgraded transmission. The professionals at ATS have determined how to properly upgrade the 68RFE to ensure its longevity under any circumstances.

ATS started RD in 2007.5 and spent countless man hours and resources re-designing and strengthening the platform. This began with building their Five Star converter for the transmission. It features a billet cover, five square tab lock-up clutches, billet stator, furnace brazed impeller, billet piston and HD bearings - all stalled to the Cummins torque curve. Capable of handling 2500 ft/lbs of torque, this torque converter will handle whatever is thrown at it.

The ATS Stage 3 68RFE Package is designed for stock up to 800 rear wheel horsepower. Without ATS Co-Pilot, this transmission will be limited to supporting 750 rear wheel horsepower. With the addition of the ATS Co-Pilot, capability is increased to 800 rear wheel horsepower.

Torque Converter Regular Valve Upgrade - The Torque converter regulator valve has been redesigned to prevent over pressure and ballooning of the converter. This also regulates minimum converter charge for proper cooling and lubrication of the transmission gear set. This redesign eliminates the common problematic valve and bore ware that is usually the first cause of high mileage transmission failure.

Pump Upgrade - The main pressure regulator circuit is modified to enable a broader range of pressure that can be commanded from the Co-Pilot. This allows the pump to lower line pressure when the engine is at low loads and more responsively raise pressure above stock to react with increased engine torque and horse power levels.

Low Sprag Upgrade - Next, ATS removed the plastic low sprag and replaced it with a metal clutch. Due to physical limitations inside the transmission, there is no way to make it physically larger. However, ATS bypasses its use when paired with the Co-Pilot, thus eliminating failures between 1st and 2nd gear.

Reinforce the Forward and Intermediate Shaft Hubs - A common failure on the 68RFEs are cracked shaft hubs. Even with stock power, the hub can begin to crack near the point it meets the shaft. ATS reinforces this area to avoid torsional stresses that can cause catastrophic transmission failure. This is a standard on all ATS 68RFE packages.

Reinforce the Rear Planet Pinions - Modified power or towing frequently can cause the rear planet pinions to loosen and cause catastrophic transmission failure. ATS reinforces the pinions to prevent any movement of the pins - thus eliminating failure from the factory design.

Clutch Pack Upgrade
  • For power levels over 400hp, the clutch packs need to be addressed. ATS built 68RFEs feature extensive machining to the pressure plates to add:
  • The Under Drive (Forward) clutch pack surface area is increased by 21%, using single sided clutch plates.
  • The Over Drive clutch pack surface area is increased by 17%, also using single sided clutch plates, this allows for better clutch control when overdrive is used at higher power levels.
  • The 2C clutch pack surface area is increased by 34%, using double sided frictions.
  • The 4C clutch pack surface area is increased by 34%, using double sided frictions.

BilletProof Channel Plate Valve Body Upgrade - The 68-RFE uses a non-synchronous, clutch-to-clutch design. This means that the shifts from gear to gear must be timed perfectly thereby releasing and applying a friction clutch to achieve a flawless shift. Because of the sensitivity of the hydraulic circuits, ATS heavily modified many areas of the valve body. Hydraulic oil flow is ported to certain clutch packs where additional pressure is needed. The accumulator piston seals have been redesigned to ensure hydraulic pressure integrity. The accumulator plate is made of high-grade material to compensate for the additional pressure that the accumulator pistons and springs exert during heavy power situations.

Optional Line Pressure and Transmission Control Upgrade - The 68RFE transmission is heavily computer controlled and in order for it to properly operate, it must be calibrated beyond factory specification using either a TCM flash or an ATS Co-Pilot Controller. ATS recommends pairing their transmission package with a Co-Pilot Transmission Lockup Controller that will aid the transmission in delivering more positive shifts and will net less transmission fatigue. The Co-Pilot features line pressure control, clutch-timing and by-passing the low sprag accurately and completely controls transmission operation. This is imperative towards reliability and performance in the transmission.

In order to maintain the full 5 year / 500,000 warranty, you must purchase the transmission package with the Co-Pilot controller and 5 year Warranty selection, otherwise, your warranty will vary depending on what transmission package you select.

Deep Pan and Eliminating Case Flex - All ATS 68RFEs come with a deep pan. The pan adds extra fluid, features an aluminum-finned design, magnetic drain plug and is tapped for a temperature probe. One of its most important benefits is that it adds rigidity to the case. 68RFEs are known to have excessive case-flex, which results in a cracked bellhousing, tailshaft or main section. Further, this kit also includes the exclusive ATS Case Brace which further aids in prevention of cracked cases.

A broken case, bellhousing, tailshaft housing, shafts or planetary/sun gears are not covered under the ATS warranty. Please consult the ATS Transmission Warranty for specific details.

Billet Flex Plate Upgrade - Stock flex plates become a liability when power exceeds 500hp. To cure this, ATS Stage 3 transmissions come equipped with an SFI-Approved flex plate. The ATS Flex Plate is designed as a direct replacement to the factory unit. Factory crank bolts and OEM spacer are re-used on the ATS Flex Plate.

Billet Input Shaft - As power output increases, the input shaft of the 68RFE Transmission becomes a weak link. Horsepower is now easily modified in the engine and upgrades such as the Co-Pilot Controller allow for increased clamping-control of the clutch packs inside the transmission. This means that torque is now transferred to the transmissions input shaft and can lead to breakage during heaving towing or aggressive take-off. To avoid breakage, ATS includes a vacuum-melted 300M chromoly steel version of the input shaft. This 300M super alloy material is an ultra-high-strength metal which supports vastly more power than the original or OEM input shaft. This American-made material is used in mission-critical applications such as aircraft landing gear, and while being more costly than imported variants, offers the best strength and durability available. ATS provides this billet shaft with an unmatched production process where inputs are first machined, then splined and heat treated. ATS furthers quality by executing a finish machining process which ensures clean fitment and improved fatigue resistance.

WARRANTY INFORMATION: As with all ATS Transmission Packages, this transmission is covered by a 5 year / 500,000 mile warranty. In order to be eligible for this warranty, all paperwork must be filled out upon installation of the transmission and returned to ATS, to include verifynig line pressure with a mechanical gauge or scan tool.

SHIPPING POLICY - PLEASE READ - Due to the size and weight of transmissions, they cannot be shipped through traditional couriers, such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc. and MUST be shipped via truck freight. For this reason, we cannot offer free shipping on transmissions. However, we do offer the option to pay for return shipping up front. If you select this option once your core transmission is ready to be picked up, you just need to give us a call with your original order number and the core tag on the transmission, and we'll take care of the rest. As always, if you have any questions, give us a call or send us an e-mail.


  • ManufacturerATS Diesel Performance
  • MPN3097322326 | 3097332326 | 3097342326 | 3097352326 | 3097362326
  • ATS Built 68RFE Automatic Transmission
  • ATS BilletProof Channel Plate Valve Body
  • ATS 68RFE Transmission Case Brace
  • ATS 68RFE Reinforced Overdrive Hub Assembly
  • ATS 68RFE Reinforced Underdrive Hub Assembly
  • ATS 68RFE Upgraded Compound Planetary Assembly
  • ATS 5 Star Viskus Clutch Drive Torque Converter
  • ATS Extra Deep Transmission Pan
  • ATS Billet Flex Plate
  • ATS Billet Input Shaft
  • Optional CoPilot Controller
  • This transmission kit has 3 different warranty options to select from. If you select the NO Co-Pilot option, you will have a 1 year 100,000 mile warranty on the transmission. The two options with the Co-Pilot will either consist of a 3 year 300,000 mile warranty, or a 5 year 500,000 mile warranty. There is no differance in transmission build between any of the transmission options, you are just simply paying for a longer warranty term with the transmission and addition of the Co-Pilot controller.


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ATS Stage 3 Transmission Package 07.5-11 6.7L Cummins 68RFE

ATS Stage 3 Transmission Package 07.5-11 6.7L Cummins 68RFE

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