2006-2007 6.6L GM Duramax LLY/LBZ
Automatic Transmission | Torque Converters | Pans

The introduction of the Allison 1000 transmission to the diesel truck market restored confidence in consumers that an automatic transmission can indeed handle the demands of exhaust braking and diesel engine torque. But while the Allison is suitable for stock applications, we’ve found that it does have its limitations— particularly when flywheel horsepower exceeds 370 horsepower. That’s when the stock clutch packs can begin to slip, putting the computer in the dreaded “limp home” mode.

We offer many solutions to make sure your transmission as bulletproof as the rest of the truck and to ensure that all of the power you're making hits the pavement.  Obviously, we recommend a complete transmission package in which the ENTIRE transmission is gone through and all necessary parts replaced with heavy duty components.  However, for those simply wanting to "tweak" the Allison, we do offer BD, ATS, Banks, and AFE performance torque converters, Mag-Hytec, AFE, and ATS transmission pans, TS lockup controllers, and much more!

As always, if you are unsure of what's right for you, call or e-mail us at [email protected] and we'll be glad to help you decide.