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Review: EZ LYNK Auto Agent with Custom Tuning from PPEI

APPLICATIONS:  2011-2016 6.7L FORD POWERSTROKE / 2011-2016 6.6L GM DURAMAX LML DATE WRITTEN: JUNE 16, 2016 In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard all of the buzz going on a ... read more



In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard all of the buzz going on about the recently released EZ LYNK Auto Agent for 2011-2016 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke and 2011-2016 GM Duramax LML (with more applications on the way), let us take a few minutes to fill you in on why this new tuning and diagnostic device is making massive waves throughout the automotive industry. First, lets cover the basics and what in the world an EZ LYNK is. In short, this is a device that plugs into your vehicle’s OBDII diagnostic port under the dash that reads EZ-Lynkdata and transmits that data to your smartphone via a downloadable app. Further, this information is able to be shared through a cloud based server so that it can also be accessed remotely. What does this mean? You know those annoying times when your vehicle is acting up and you have to schedule an appointment with your repair facility a week out, only to have your vehicle act completely normal by the time you get it in? That’s a thing of the past as technicians can remotely access your vehicle’s computers, and even provide an update to the ECM, having the ability to flash your vehicle from half way around the globe. But wait, did we say flash?! Yes, this is the substantially more exciting part, as the Auto Agent can also store tunes from your preferred tuning company in order to unlock the power potential of your vehicle. And for anyone that has ever owned any type of performance programming device is also probably aware of the typical updates that are released by the manufacturers in which they recommend you to update your tuning device to. In doing so, this requires you to return your vehicle to stock, then plug your programmer into a computer, download the new tunes onto your programmer, then reload those tunes into your vehicle. While this isn’t the end of the world by any means, its time consuming and does go forgotten many times. With the Auto Agent, this is all done automatically anytime your vehicle is within WiFi access. Basically, you park your truck in the garage for the night, and your home’s WiFi will allow it to automatically update if there is one available. Or, lets say that the out-of-the-box tunes that you originally received need some tweaking because you’ve installed a larger turbo, injectors, whatever. With other tuning devices, the tuning company is going to be required to send you files via e-mail and you repeat the same process as for any update. With the Auto Agent, the tuning company can merely load the files right in without you having to do a thing.

Now that everyone’s excited, the big question is……will this work in my truck? As of today, the Auto Agent alone will work in nearly any vehicle with an OBDII port for diagnostic purposes. But for anyone wanting to use this device to store custom tunes, the current offering is for both the 2011-2016 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke and 2011-2016 6.6L GM Duramax LML, with many more applications on the way. And whom better to provide the tunes than the man, the myth, the tuning legend, Kory Willis of Power Performance Enterprises, Inc. (PPEI). Kory has been tuning anything with an engine since he was knee high to a grass hopper, and has always specialized in diesel engines. His company is literally a household name in the diesel industry and because of this, we can’t thEZ-Lynk""ink of a better, more reputable company to go with for tuning the EZ LYNK. Further, Kory and his team had early access to this device before anyone else, thus has been able to gain a better understanding of its potential ahead of the competition.

Overall, if you’re the proud owner of a 6.7L Powerstroke or LML Duramax, you need this in your life. Whether your truck is currently stock or you’ve already made upgrades, expect increased power, fuel economy, and the diagnostics and updating process simplified beyond what anyone previously knew as possible. We live in the age of technology, why not have a tuner that lives up to your expectations?

  • Shift On The Fly power level adjustments for 6.7L Powerstroke and LML Duramax
  • Up to 200 RWHP gains
  • Datalogging
  • Live vehicle diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Mobile app that communicates seamlessly with your vehicle
  • Plugs into your vehicle’s on-board diagnostic II port and relays data to your phone
  • Your technician sends you software updates for your vehicle’s computers. The update can be installed without having to bring your vehicle to your repair facility
  • Easily send data to any technician for instantaneous assistance with your vehicle
  • Check and clear diagnostic trouble codes, as well as playback 30 minutes of data
  • Your technician can login to EZ LYNK’s cloud server and connect to your vehicle almost as if they were riding with you
  • You can use your smartphone to quickly view live data as it streams from your vehicle
  • The EZLYNK Dashboard conveniently displays information not available on your factory instrument panel

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