2013 Ram 3500 – The Front End Fix We’ve All Been Waiting For From Ram?

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For years, Heavy Duty Ram owners have been plagued with steering issues and poor suspension geometry that has resulted in a less than desired ride.  Most Ram owners and other truck owners alike have heard of the most notorious steering issue, dubbed “Death Wobble” in which the steering wheel shakes violently after encountering a depression in the roadway, especially on a curve.  Other failures have led to premature failure of the ball joints, gear boxes, tie rods, etc. that deliver a sloppy steering and an inferior ride compared to the competition.

Of course, the aftermarket has embraced the short falls and produced upgrades and corrections for nearly every component from Carli Ball Joints that feature a lifetime warranty to the Pure Performance HD Ultimate Steering System to ICON Vehicle Dynamics suspension systems to BD Steering Box Braces, and the list goes on (and on, and on, and on!)  While the aftermarket was eager to correct these issues, it always seemed that Dodge would only make as few upgrades as possible to let the consumer know that they hadn’t forgotten about them, but they rarely actually fixed any of the issues, merely applied a loose Band-Aid.

Well, that’s all changed for the 2013 3500 Rams!  To say Ram (yes, that’s right, they’re no longer “Dodges” anymore) made some upgrades would be a complete falsity.  Ram has completely redesigned the 2013 3500 trucks, with the intent of upgrading the 2500’s for the 2014 model year.  Let’s start with the revised steering geometry, specifically the drag link and center link (bars coming from gear box to passenger wheel, then connecting bar between both wheels).  In the past, there was a revision that seemed to greatly assist in worn tie rods that changed from the original “Y-Style” steering to a “T-Style” steering that eliminated a pivot point between the wheels.  Unfortunately, this design increased the angle of the drag link, resulting in bump steer issues.  The new design keeps the two links completely separated, and attaching to the passenger side wheel assembly in different locations.  This latest (and more robust) design eliminates any pivot points, as well as drastically reduces the angle of the drag link, which results in a more consistent steering that will vastly outlast the previous design.

Another new upgrade that Ram has implemented is the addition of radius arms, eliminating the upper and lower control arm design that Dodge has used since its inception of coil springs in 1994.  Control arms aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but the lengths of the arms that Ram has limited themselves to results in an axle that has constrained movement and will cause major misalignments as trucks are lifted.  Basically, because of the factory short arms, when trucks are even “leveled,” it causes the axle to shift back substantially (think of a pendulum here), causing other misalignments to anything attached to the axle.  The new radius arm design, which is very similar to what Ford has been using, is structured around one single massive beam that stretches further back on the frame, creating a kind of long arm effect.  The arm is also nearly parallel to the ground, which lends itself to a large range of motion, not creating the binding issues of the previous generation control arms.

We feel that these two improvements account for the majority of the upgrades, but Ram has also addressed and upgraded the steering box, track bar, coils, shocks, and a host of other items that will result in a drastically improved factory ride that will last.  Now the big question, what will the aftermarket do to one-up the factory again?

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  1. I have a 2013 dodge 3500 with less than 2500 miles on it and it had already started the death wobble so I don’t believe they have fixed the issue.

    1. I have a 2013 ram 3500 and I have had more problems with the front end in less then 40,000 mile than I can list. Death wobble was just the beginning now my truck pulls hard to the right and there is no adjustments for it STILL! so now I was told by a dealer I need off set ball joins. WTF Dodge? I’m on tie rod number 2, I just had a new steering stabilizer put on. Tires have not worn right since day one! My truck is bone stock except a leveling kit witch the dealer put on when my truck had 17 miles on it

      1. I had a New off the lot 2015 Dodge 3500 dually with the Cummins, and loved the truck, but it pulled hard right from day one. 26,000 miles later and Dodge had it more than I did!
        It would rip the steel belts from the tires..Nexen, Cooper, BFGoodrich, it didn’t matter…..6 right front blowouts, and I finally had enough and traded it on a Chevy…Don’t like the Chevy as much, but at least I can drive it safely.

        I should have made them take the truck back….owned Dodge since 1985….NEVER AGAIN !!

  2. Death wobble has been around as long as lifted vehicles have been around. Although there are many contributing factors, it all boils down to one thing—caster angle. If you get the caster angle right, it will go away. I have been solving this issue for many years; it’s not rocket science—you would think Ram would just go buy a Ford Super Duty and copy their front end! Ford’s design works and does not wear out. The front end on my 2000 F-350 PSD 4×4 Crew Cab Chassis Cab is the original with 297,488 miles on it. I have driven it to every part of the United States with about 30,000 of those miles being off road and off highway miles. Fourteen years and nearly 300,000 miles and still running the original steering linkage and it still steers like a new truck with no slop or play.

    1. what is the correct caster. i have put everything new on this truck still dw. caster is left 6 and right is 4,dr side. is it bent or twisted? everybody says something different. Thank you,Rich

      1. Has anyone ever got with you about the “correct” castor? My 2015 2500 has a bad DW. I’ve tried everything

    2. I have a 2014 3500 ram 4×4 duley needs upper ball joints out side edge of tires wear is significant what do you recommend?

      1. I have a 2014 3500 single wheel that I purchased with 74K kilometres (roughly 40k miles).
        Front tires were in bad shap with cupping and wear at the edges. Brought from Saskatchewan to BC and it had to pass inspection. Chrysler dealer in Rosetown had a shop sheet showing inspection that passed everything. It did not pass inspection in BC because of worn upper ball joints. Replaced with offset mob parts. Thought it was good to go and put new tires. Now at 98K kilometres seeing the same wear happening on the front tires and best guess is that heavier shocks might fix it. Have to try something cause tires are expensive for this heavy truck and 30k km per set is not reasonable. Where is Chrysler on this issue. May have to abandon dodge for a better product.

  3. Well Dodge has never built a great front end on this series of trucks, from spring pockets breaking out to the stupidity of poorly designed steering components and geometry. Every dodge I drove was always wandering like pigs on the road. Tough to beat a Chevy front end, even if I do own a Ford. One of the biggest battles today with front ends and every car manufacturing company does it is lack of grease nipples on front end moving parts, ball joints tie rod ends, and what is even worse is the junk is made offshore of inferior metallurgy. What ever happened to Made in USA parts with grease nipples, it has worked well for years,,, Oh well you can’t fix stupid, so get over it!

  4. Not a mechanic but have been around alot of trucks and own ford and dodge and a fodge gary you dont get death wobble out of a strait axle leaf spring the new coil spring fords 05 and up are vulnerable my brother has bone stock 2012 f-350 20k mi he has experienced death wobble i have an 06 dodge 3500 with 35’s 90k mi never had it i am a ford guy but if every things not right on a coil spring front end u may experience it

  5. 2013 dodge 3500 mega cab longhorn diesel 4×4 death wobble at 8000 km and again at 26000 km, did my research thought trucks new front end design was what needed to fix their handling issues. NEVER BUY A DODGE AGAIN

  6. My stock 2013 Ram 3500 stock has been to several dealerships to fix “death wobble” still not fixed. Clearly, it’s back to drawing board.

  7. I have a 2013 dodge 3500 and I encountered the same Death Wobble issue. Oct 1 2014 as I was exiting the highway at 40-45mph my truck hit a road bump and it began wobbling extremely bad. I lost control of my truck with my trailer and went over the median, through the grass until I could slammed on my brakes with the emergency brake until I came to a complete stop. As I look under the truck my my entire steering crossbar came completely off the frame, yes a factory heavy duty weld off the frame of the truck!
    Now I have no steering the truck just moves side to side. I won’t ever DODGE ever again I’m blessed to be here and not injuring lives of others.

  8. just picked up a 2013 mega cab longhorn 4×4 dually , it has 9k miles on it but has experienced “death wobble” numerous times even from mileage as low as 4k ….. Finally took it to my dealer and they couldn’t find anything wrong with it , this is a very dangerous matter as I’ve had it happen on I95 while doing about 65/70 mph , needless to say , it scared the shit out of me that day …… I’m unsure of where to turn or what needs to be done to get this issue solved

    1. Welcome to the club. My 2011 2500 I can’t drive over 55 on the interstate. I am scared shitless every time a Simi is on my ass.

  9. I have a 2013 ram 3500 mega cab with the same issue.I thought it was the road.So I have installed a 2″1/2 leveling kit since then it continues to happen so I took it to dealership they said that my shocks were to short so I ordered and installed them still having the problem. Almost had two accidentsso far. I’m ready to take much further action….

  10. Bone stock 2013 ram 3500. Death wobbled twice in 3 miles on the highway. Second time I saw a ram dealer at the off ramp I was stopped next to. Took it upon myself to park it right in middle of the service garage. That got everyones attention. They called two hours later and said I need a new steering box. Of course it will take a week to get it. Hope it fixes the problem. Next time I will park the truck in the middle of the showroom floor.

  11. 25,000 mile on my 2013 3500 and experienced “Death Wobble” yesterday. Dealer says I need a new steering box. Time will only tell if that is the “disease” or just a symptom.

  12. I have a 2011 2500 4×4 diesel cummins 6.7 .2015,Jan 22. I was driving down the highway at 68 miles per hour when I experienced the death wobble for the first time. I’ve been driving for 37 years and never had this happen. I was passing a semi 18 wheeler at the time and had to take the ditch to avoid accident.

  13. My 2014 unmodified Ram 3500 4×4 crew cab dually with 35k miles did the wobble this morning for the first time. It was a typical road dip coming off a bridge running about 60 mph. I started the process of looking for a shop to install the adjustable upper ball joints last week to correct the camber issue that is tearing up my front tires. Now this has hit so something definitely has to be done soon as this is currently my only vehicle.

  14. I have a 2013 2500 diesel Mega Cab at 40000 miles started having the issue with stock tires on it. With 35’s on it eliminates it but doesn’t solve the problem. I bought the truck a year and a half ago and just dumped $2000 into to the front end and still have the problem, when will dodge step up and fix this issue? I’ve been faithful with dodge owning six of them. Dodge / Ram should have the same loyalty to their customers to keep them safe.

  15. I bought a brand new 2014 Ram 2500 mega cab 4×4, got 10k miles on it and it has progressively started leaning to the drivers side to the tune of 1 1/4″. Dealer figured it was a weak spring, nope didn’t change a thing. It’s been to the shop several times now leaving everyone scratching there heads, finally RAM agreeded to have the frame checked and wow couldn’t believe it when I saw it, the driver side frame rail is bowed in the middle and dips to the LF,the wheelbase is 1 inch shorter DR to PASS side, no wonder it leans. Now one would certainly hope Dodge, Ram, Chrysler. Fiat whoever they are now would make good on this deal and just admit we have an issue, oh hell no lets re-align the front end n torque the control arms OUT OF FACTORY SPEC to achieve a level side to side look and give it back to me. Case closed is what my service order says on it, glad you found an easy fix and don’t worry if it’s out of spec as long as it’s level. WRONG answer. Now my turning radius has increased 5′ right and 8′ plus left turn, the wheelbase is longer, yet im suppose to be happy. WELL MR.RAM i’m not at all. And as far as i’m concerned never will be just OK with it. If anyone else out there is having a similar issue, please take your truck in ASAP apparently RAM doesn’t think it a big deal or a safety issue.

    1. Hey, got a 14 ram 3500 same thing!!! Passenger side is lower than the driver side, had it in the shop a dozen times and nothing they can do about it, changed the springs and everything. And they admit that it’s not level, had multiple alignments done new tires, truck now has 50000k on it, and consistently pulls to the right and now my steering wheel is getting out of line, don’t hit crazy bumps, the problem is gradually getting worse and they won’t do nothing to fix it. I carry people around for work all the time and have it insured for work purposes. If I get get in a accident because of this issue, there will be a shit storm

    2. I have the same issues on my 2015 Dually. I took my truck in because I had a tire wear really bad on the passenger front, with only 18,000 miles on the odometer. Ram blamed my driving and alined the truck, that is when I noticed for the first time the truck leaned to the passenger side. Ram had my insurance pickup the tab, and after changing out two rear springs and the passenger front spring It still lean one inch low on the passenger side. How did you finally get Ram to resolve this issue?

  16. My wife experienced the wobble in our 2013 2500 4×4 about 3 weeks ago while pulling a trailer with 3 horses and had both our kids in the truck. She was terrified and has not drove the truck since. I called the dealer to ask if this was an issue in the 2013, they said the wobble is only caused by worn out suspension parts and I should bring the truck in asap to have it checked out. The truck only has 35,000 on it. They kept the truck for 5 days and said there was nothing wrong with it. Now I have a truck that sits because my wife is scared to drive it. I’m looking at the Carli front suspension upgrade with the BD steering box stabilizer. Has anybody had any luck with that setup?

    1. 2012 ram 3500 4×4 dully, put one of those steering box kits from BD. went for a ride 2 miles from the house , at 45 mph shook the wheel out of my hands , 29,000 miles, recall has been done by the dealer on steering parts. recall #n-49 under warranty

    2. I had the same issue twice within 100 miles while driving. Scared the crap out of me.
      Dealer couldn’t find anything wrong of course. My 2013 Ram 2500 Cummins Crew Cab only had 30k on it and no modifications, complete stock.
      I purchased and installed a solid, one piece steering box stabilizer with a built in grease fitting and a Bilstein steering damper. When I pulled the factory steering damper shock off, it seemed very weak compared to the Bilstein.
      After I installed those components, I could feel the difference in the wheel and have had no issues since.
      Now the newest issue was my EGR valve went bad leaving me broke down in the middle of nowhere. That was at 36k. Emissions issues really hold the true potential of these engines back.

      1. Can you email me the part numbers you put on your truck I’m having this problem with the 2013 3500 long horn I’m driving I’m thinking if this truck dont kill me I’m going to have to quit this job

        1. One thing to note is that while both you and PA Ram have 2013 model years, 2013 was a transition year for Ram in which the 3500’s, such as yours, received an upgraded front end, where the 2500’s maintained the same basic front end used in previous years and would receive the same upgrade as the 3500’s in 2014 model years. So basically, the part numbers would not match up. However, comparable parts are made for your application. For the steering box brace, you would want part number BD-1032008 and we would recommend the Carli’s steering stabilizer, part number CS-DLMSS-14.

          Here are links to both products:

          Please let us know if you have any other questions, or feel free to e-mail us directly at [email protected] or give us a call at 888-99-DIESEL.

  17. I had one extreme wobble, with my ’13 3500 Dually RAM, I think it went of the ground 3 ft one either side, 10-15 times before I got it to stop. I thought the wheels were from underneath it, but no. Continued driving as before. It happened when I crossed a slant railway crossing on the highway, doing perhaps 45 mph. I happened several times after, but never as violent. Changed stabilisers twice, Shocks, Ball Joint, Line-outs. It still has it. Every time it improves a bit, but it never goes away. Service people in Dodge dealership don’t know their heads from their asses. Their billing department always will issue invoices though, I think they just want to suppress the problem, rather than fixing it.

  18. I have a 2013 Ram 3500 dually. No death wobble but somewhat of a shimmy between 38-42 mph. Brought it the dealer 3 times. They balanced and road forced the tires. Replace I think 2 tires and 1 wheel. After the third visit and no fix, they said that’s the way the truck was designed. Brought it to another Ram dealer, they said all tires needed to be balanced and road force. What? The other dealer did that already. Anyway, they said it was better. It was not. There final say was it was a typical 3500 suspension. Brought it a reputable tire place in town, they said all tires were out of balance and road force. Ugh! They rebalanced all tires, no better. Any suggestions out there?

    1. Mine had a shimmy and i found it to be a bent axle on the left rear , still shook slightly till i found a good tire shop, went to Michelin and truck is smoother than ever

  19. I have a 2013 Ram 3500 dually that started this when towing my car trailer empty but fine when loaded.Turns out one aftermarket shock i put in a year ago was weak, so enough of the so called high quality shocks i went to a bilstein front towing shock, the lower bushings look poured and moulded not a cheap piece of rubber with a steel collar that you can slide in with your finger.Also went to a B D S dual steering stabilizer. Truck works awesome,up to 70 mph and the same rough road and you could hold the wheel with your fingers, highly recommend this if your truck is almost new and you have no other worn out parts.

  20. I forgot to add that i run Michelin l t x tires and keep the front at 75 psi, i do tow a lot and the truck had always been good, and we have nothing but potholes and rough roads so first thing i thought made sense was that a shock went, hope this might help someone .

  21. These “death wobbles” we’re around long before lifted trucks. Back in the 50’s thru 70’s they were known as “caster shimmies”. They were caused by EXCESSIVE CASTER. Vehicles that have greater than 2 degrees positive caster are susceptible and more positive caster, the greater the likelihood of a caster shimmy. The problem went away for years because all manufactures kept their caster specs pretty much in the range of -1.5 to +2.5 degrees. Chrysler started believing the old adage that more of any good thing is better. Not so with caster. I have a 2003 Dodge 3500 4×4. At about 180,000 KM’s I started picking up an occasional shimmy. Checked my frt. end parts and found the damper shock and some steering parts needed replacement. Replaced some steering linkage and the damper. There was some looseness in ball joints but not enough to warrent replacement. Still had occasional shimmy. My caster cams were seized so I bought new ones and replaced them so that I could actually adjust the caster. I went as much towards the negative as I could, while still maintaining a 1/2 degree positive working angle at the pinion u-joint. This took the caster cam pin most of the way to the other end of the slot…. a fairly dramatic change towards the negative but due to the severe positive setting from factory I’m sure I’m still in the positive. I set the toe to dead ahead with a scribe and a tape measure. I don’t even know what my caster is setting is, but I’m now at 273,000 KM’s. Drives perfect and now tire wear. If people would think about what caster actually does to the vehicle they would soon understand.

  22. My previous post should read “273,000 KM’s and drives perfect with NO abnormal tire wear”. Sorry about the poor editing.

  23. Just bought a used 13 2500 4×4 lone star and what a terrible ride. I got a slight death wobble pulling my 8,000 pound trailer when hitting a bump on the road. Had an 05 dully with a 2 inch level kit which i took it to an off road place where they welded a piece of steel to accept another damper shock. The shock was opposite of the other that took care of that wobble. I owned a f250 diesel fx four and an awesome ride. I traded a f150 for this rough riding truck, I regret that now. Guess I will keep it for a year and trade it in again and won’t go back to a ram. The fuel economy is better then the 250 but that is it.

    1. This is my second Dodge Ram 2005 and now have a 2013, 2500 both 4 x 4 and never had the problems I see here. 260,000 on the 2005 before selling and I have 98,000 on the 2013

      Sorry to hear about the problems but Dodge definitely should be liable to make a fix.

  24. I have a 2011 RAM 3500 40,000 miles, has leveling kit, CARLI Ball Joint, Stock Tie Rods, CARLI Track Bar, Single DBS Steering Stabilizer, Steering Gear Box Stabilizer and have Death Wobble at above 65. You would think with a Class action law suite against them they would fix these trucks or get them off the road. Guess more people will need to die before something else will be done.

  25. well I’ve read a lot of negative comments on the 2013 ram 3500.
    I unfortunately am adding to this, my 2013 ram 3500 has the Death wobble so bad it broke my sway bar and it took 2 months to get it fixed. today I picked up and I was excited about getting my truck back and within 1 hour I had 10 I say again 10 Death wobbles and I have my truck back in.
    I’m going to talk to go auto tomorrow (I bought this truck used) and see what my options are.
    Dodge has lost me as a customer until they can prove their products are safe and reliable.
    even if they fix the issue I still feel like my well-being is at risk

  26. Purchased a 2013 Ram 2500 this last July. Have had the death wobble happen three times in 5000 miles. All of these were on highways after hitting a bump or dip in the roadway. First was on I80 in Wyoming with semis in front and behind. VERY dangerous!!! Had to wrestle the truck to the shoulder and come to a stop to get out of the wobble. Of course the first thing the dealer told me was that the problem was fixed post-2012…”Right!” Still under warranty so they replaced the front end “shimmy shock.” We’ll see.

  27. I drive a 2013 Dodge Ram 5500 4×4 I have 38000 miles on it and have had the death wobble twice now. Bad deal. Shook so bad at 65 mph all most out of control both hands on wheel and could hardly hold it on the road. Had to hit brakes and all most to a complete stop. I will take it back to Dodge dealer and tell them to fix it Monday 4-4-16 or face a law suit for having a un safe truck on the road.

  28. I have experienced the same front end wobble on my 2013 Ram 2500 Diesel 4×4 SWB, 2″ level kit and 35×12.5×17 tires on stock rims. This problem is most noticeable at highway speeds after hitting a large “bump ” in the road! I bought the truck used with 67k miles on it. I am very unhappy with the rough ride and suspension problems. The truck looks amazing and is very good on fuel consumption, Avg 18.5 MPG on the Hwy at 70 mph! I will be taking to the dealer soon to explore if it needs any new front-end parts…

  29. 2016 ram 2500. Having alignment issues and wobble issues. First Ram owned. Always had Ford’s. Never had this issue. You think 2016, $65k that this issue would be solved. They got me.

    1. Got me too! $65K lariat 2500 and all kinds of wobbling and alignment issues. Not even over 2000 miles.

      1. 2016 2500 4×4 6.7, 35″ nitros w/2.5 leveling kit. Have had it aligned twice now. Yes,l bumped a curb, but not that hard. Taking it in again. Just passed 10k miles.

  30. I have a 2013 Laramie Longhorn 3500 that we use to tow our 5th wheel between FL – WI and everywhere in between. It’s a 2wd, crew-cab, diesel with 24,000 mi and on our last trip north, consisting of 1,600 mi, my right front tire’s outer edge wore almost completely down and the left tire is just starting to wear.
    So this is what Mopar claims is an improvement and I have to buy tires every 25,000 miles. I’ve been told maybe new shocks will work and I been told it may need an alignment. It just seems like I’m paying for $100/hour mechanics to guess what may be wrong. My 1st doubt was they were going to do an alignment and never said anything about replacing the tires. When you do an alignment with worn tires, your aligning the truck to the worn tires.

  31. 2013 Ram 3500 loaded SLT C/C short box with the HO Cummins and Aisin. Bought new out of the showroom. 74500.00 msrp. Never off road, all highway kms. No accidents. Stock OEM tires , no lift kit.
    3 letters from Ram Canada about the front suspension recall. Parts finally came in after almost a year. Since new, there was a shake or funny vibration up front. Dealer said its normal. I’m like say what!!! Took truck in for the recall late March 2016 55000kms . Fixed they said. at 57000kms/32000 miles June 2 going into a sweeping left corner followed by down hill and a bridge,it did the DEATH WOBBLE at 80kmh and almost rolled it. (Wish I had). Towed to the dealer and Told that there is no fix for it. Each part will have to be replaced one at a time they said.. WTF!!!!! Being a 1st responder/ medic, I’m scared I might be needing my EMS co workers responding to me while I’m trying to respond to help someone else. You would have thought the RAM would have got their shit together. Here in Canada we have Arbitration or small claims court, not the lemon law.Now I will be getting rid of what was once called *MY BABY* because I cant trust this truck anymore.

    1. Went to the dealership this morning to get an update on my truck. Seems the track bar will be replaced because it bent almost 6inches causing the front end to literally move to one side. Ya, theres the reason why the steering wheel center went from horizontal to vertical in one shot. They are also replacing the 3 shocks up front. As for the bolts, bushing, the frame, the steering box etc etc, who knows what has happened to those pieces in the meantime. They have no clue to why the front end failed. I DO. STOP MAKING PARTS IN 3RD WORLD COUNTRIES!!! Quality control. What frigging quality control.
      I cant attach the picture of the 2 track bars. But trust me, I almost shit when I saw the old one versus the new one.

  32. Franco A, shaking!! It’s all what I see on all the comments, well I was looking for something to solve the problem I has on my 2013 3500 but looks instead of that I find more and more problems this track has on it. Like many of this people I be on all the dealership s close around the area the service person s they act like stupid like they ever had this kind of problems, Now I am in shock I don’t what I going to do with this track spend more n more money or rid of it.

  33. I miss to say this, I have appointment for Monday at dodge dealer to do alignment but the right side tire wear out they’re said needs new tires before doing anything to it, 47,000 miles on dash and it’s going to be the third set of tires I put it on the rearone s still have tread, I think what I do called tomorrow and cancel it and go trade in for a Chevy that my heal up this mistaken

  34. I just get my Dodge Ram 3500 from dodge dealership I take it to do alignment right after putting new tires on it, they said can’t do alignment because need to replace up and down bolts joint that song to me not a sorprise they going to say that. My question its why do not do it when I bring it the very first time after I buy the track ef I’ve been saying what the track do it, the bad part of this frustrating nightmare it’s this person at the dealership ” helped me yesterday and today pulled out all the records of my truck to the dealership, the record said I never bring the track for suspension problems it’s weird I feel so bad dodge been using customers and sale something not worth the price. I geve a piece of advice to anyone thinking to buy a dodge better thinking a bit you going to buy a lot of headache

  35. Dam, looks like I just bought into this death wobble mess. I just picked up a used 2013 Longhorn 3500 DRW crew cab 8 foot bed with 19K miles. Hit a bump and it started hopping uncontrollably. Guy I bought it from payed to have it aligned and balanced. Still have the death wobble. I went to the Dodge dealer and the service guy got to experience it first hand since it is easy to recreate this issue at the south end of 190 in Worcester. Dealer says its not covered under warrantee and and will cost $400 for a new steering stabilizer. Looks like the class action lawsuits only cover up to 2012. No wonder why the US has more lawyers than the rest of the world combined. New Motto: Dodge the blame and Ram it to the customer.

  36. I have owned 7 different heavy duty dodge diesels. 2 2500’s, 4 3500’s and a 5500, Still have 4 of the 7 and they are all garbage. my 2015 5500 claims to be the heaviest duty pick up on the road. 1700kms and the track bar was replaced under warranty, has only 17000kms and need a new steering shaft. My 2014 3500 is on its third intermediate steering shaft. There was recently a recall for the frame side of the track bar mount where they added a bracket to the frame because of the bracket ripping off of the frame due to poor grade steel and garbage welds. I had this same truck aligned when i had a new set of tires installed and the tire shop said to get them where it should be I would need offset ball joints. So either the knuckles bent after hitting bump in the road or it was like that from the factory. Im leaning towards the factory. Since day one the alignment is out on these overpriced death traps. I personally only own them because of the engine which requires $3000 of deletes so that it can still somewhat retain the legend that this engine once was. We need more lawsuits on Fiat/Chrysler until these trucks are fix. They are only recalling trucks within 7 seven years. There is many many victims of these that need recalls and aren’t getting any because Chrysler doesn’t care. So much so that they have had recalls on their recalls.

  37. Anyone here have experience with the Cali Extreme Duty upper and lower ball joints? My 2013 Ram 2500 Bighorn 6.7 has 40k on it, used very lightly and the ball joints all ready have play in them and will need replaced soon.
    I have experienced the death wobble in this truck also. I hit an expansion joint on the highway twice at 70 mph and got the death wobble. I can certainly tell you why they call it that because I thought I was going to die.
    I put a steering box stabilizer on and a Bilstein steering damper. My truck is 100% stock. I haven’t had the death wobble since but still grip the wheel hard when I see an expansion joint coming up.

    1. Carli ball joints are our number one pick when it comes to a heavy duty replacement ball joint set. They use some unique features that make them the most durable joints we can get our hands on. Death wobble can be directly related to wore out suspension parts, and ball joints tend to be one of the more common front end components to cause this. As always diagnosing the front end properly is vital, as to insure you are replacing the correct parts. The benefit of going to a Carli Ball Joint is they are designed with a special material that will allow them to outlast the factory O.E.M joints 3-1. They will also come with a lifetime warranty that covers the joints for the life of the vehicle to the originally purchaser.

  38. My 1978 f250 super cab runs a 6 inch lift and 38s, I set my toe with a tape measure and the caster with an angle level. Drive straight as an arrow.

    I guess truck have come a long way.

  39. 2013 Ram 3500. Had death wobble at 10k miles. Trac bar tubber bushing was bad. Dealer replaced bar and the replacement track bar has a bushing that has a large metal center and thin rubber bushing around it as opposed to the original which was all rubber with a small metal sleeve in the middle. So the engineers know there was a problem and corrected it but wouldnt admit it.
    But new trac bar cured the death wobble. 70k miles now and no issue.
    Recently installed a Thuren trac bar and leveling springs. I highly suggest both this bar and springs. Way better ride and sits level too. Trac bar is super heavy duty.

  40. My bad – I missed this WEB site. 2016 3500 dually at 1400 miles driving home from selling dealer, wobble, Rt tire wear cupping in ribs and edge, blamed me for lack of rotation except they were x6 by 7k miles. Rt frt spring bowed forward (replaced), 2 new tires replaced. At 500 miles wear, 900 cupping, 1200 miles wobble. “Left sweeping highway speed curves” and “down hill, transition from concrete to asphalt – new surface” right tire shimmy and dangerous wobble pulling 4000# boat, so bad it cramped my arm.
    Dealer started with off set ball joint on rt upper, then rt spring and tires. Replace OEM ball jt to put back in specs after spring? Waited for authorization. Then wanted my authorization for after mkt ball joint on upper left – WTF? Interesting the comment above (8.28.15) about Caster. My Right and left had swung “out of specs” >5.1. Arbitration was offered from Customer Service the first attempt to fix, “Uh, I haven’t picked it up from dealer. Aren’t you supposed to get 3 more tries to fix it?” My bad again, except I was to eat a large portion of my original cost. Told they know of problem, but don’t have a repair for it, “just like the water pump” in the Recall.

  41. I forgot some info on my original Post – Right shock got too hot to touch. Right front .8″ of an inch lower (wheel to top fender). “Right front “offset” back .31 degrees (1″ less wheel to fender than left). After spring replaced opening at top of wheel equal left and right. Right rear 1″ lower. I should also mention that this truck hasn’t been used yet? 2- 4,000 pd. single axle trailer pulls on smooth roads. There were whoopies dos I had slowed down for at 285 miles after spring replace that height and ride went away. No off road, I have 2 other Fords – 1980 and a 2000 that have been rode hard, over 275K each and they don’t have tire wear. I wouldn’t allow wear or handling issues!

  42. Ok everybody is correct about the Death Wobble. I’m victim as anybody. At 100K, I hucked a Rough Junky X series 5 incher kit at my 13 2500 4DR 8FT. I sat on it for a year, and during then, RC discontinued the line. Hmmm, Whatever. The front end design is sickening. Only the lower Ball Joints support all the weight. The uppers are actually king pins, they don’t orbit. Again, whatever. Lifting the truck 5 inches from original datum does the following: Nullifies the casting to the spring plate angle or spring plate angle to thrust angle or thrust angle to casting. Its a hot mess. Correct the thrust angle, the springs will vertically arch like MacDonalds playground rides from the 80’s. Correct the casting, in lieu of spring plumb correction, then the thrust angle is wrong, and so on. So the thrust angle, 20 seconds of tolerance??? Yep. Becaaaaaause, some jackass drew up 3 joints. You cant have 3 joints, unless you want to fail. Cardan demonstrated way too long ago that thrust can only be transferred thru angles when those angles are out of phase. Meaning every 2 joints will require a 90 degree offset. 3 joints leaves the prop shaft unresolved. Since the TC needs room to boogy, the double Cardan got the job at the TC connection. Leaving the single joint at the diff to be a tight son B. It needs a CV at both ends for optimum results. The double Cardan is almost constant velocity, but the trunion between the joints is bulky and likes the needle. Moving on. The steering has one big design failure. The draglink at the pitman is mounted vertically. This gets missed the most. When the suspension encounters extension, usually a convex profile on the road, the suspension wants to go further than the axial angular allowance. meaning the tie-rod runs out of room to articulate. When this happens, the tie rod pulls up on the steering bar causing a rainbow shape, which in turn, temporarily induces severe tow in. This is one of many causes of the Wobble. in the moment the tow in changes the weight of the vehicle is returning, only to keep the tow where its at causing the truck to “run over” the front axle. But it can’t. At this moment now, the oscillation is otherworldly. My experience put coffee stains on the ceiling. The position of the draglink pitman needs to be horizontial like at the other end. Next, trailing. Its a fixed thing. If your wondering, the trailing is the axle location in reference to the verical position of the upper and lower ball joint. The trailing is very small. requiring the casting to be an advertised 4.5 degrees. Well here comes back the thrust angle bull. And the prop shaft and the spring plumb. WTF. Here’s what I did. Accounted for the tow bump by towing out just a degree or less. This gives the drag link half a chance of stressing while the suspension rebounds. The casting and the thrust angle are split. So I set the casting at 4. Which makes the thrust angle at max. Small window there. Since the upper and lower control arms both adjust, I have the front end forward a pinch extending the wheel base. This allows the prop-shaft to operate without burying the slip joint. The springs are the kids in the corner. Their arched some. Poor mans variable rate option I suppose. To cap it all off. Lift or not, more with lift, every component of the front axle needs changed all at once. Not 1, or 3, all. Its a tightness thing. All those parts wore together. The replacement of what wore out first, just amplifies the wear of the other components. Especially when using opposing steering dampers. (Wobble source #2 btw) It sucks. But it works. They geometry mess dictates frequent replacement, but everything tight at once beats all. I gained one advantage I did not foresee. The short control arms means steep ride angle of the arm. And that makes for a harsh ride. However, the steep angle fights against front end body roll. A LOT. Its unreal how tight the handling is. And my final trick is the bolted and slide connections. I pour motor oil on top of the leaf packs and let the oil seep inside. Dubya Dee 4ty the rubber bushings on the front. Mazeballs. Any or all of these traits at any point will put coffee stains on your ceiling if out of wack. GM and Ford front ends are better. But the answer Ram and or Dodge needed was in the family. Gen 1 Commander and Gen 4 GC with QDII packages. Limited slip units in both diffs AND in the transfer case. It would have worked perfect. The bell housings already matched! FCA just didnt want to sit with cool kids I guess.

  43. WOW just WOW! I have a 12 RAM 3500 longhorn SRW. Lifted 4” with 35” duratracs and NEVER have experienced anything like you all are talking about. Rough ride, sure but it is a one ton. Just did a front axle u-joint today so took that chance to check the front end over. She’s perfect. We have some of the roughest roads in the world here in Saskatchewan Canada I travel over angled railroad tracks at 120 kph all the time. The steering is tight. I also tow a 10 thousand pound RV

  44. Front end wearing outside of the tires bald in less than 6 months. Death wobble etc and wearing tires faster than I can buy them 2012 Ram 3500. Had alignment after alignment nothing works

    1. Hi there, thanks for inquiry and sorry to hear about your troubles. The fact that you say the outside of the tires are wearing in almost all cases means your ball joints are in need of replacement, which is not uncommon on these trucks. We offer several options for ball joint kits that will alleviate your issues: Dynatrac and Carli. Both of these options are built to never need replacing, are greasable, and even rebuildable if the need ever arises.


  45. i think that the people that have these issues should sue ram dodge who ever responsible. 63,000 2013 2500 hwy miles death wooble 70 mph scared the hell out of me . dealer wanted to chare me to fix it hell no paid 100. and it came back. they said track bar and ball joints really ram tough huh. had them tighten a bolt they said and 26000 miles later and a rough ass ride it did it again ball joints bad track bar bushing pushing out and drag link and tie rods worn out. amazing how much a 70,000.00 dollar truck is really a piece of junk. my wife is afraid to drive it. and they dont do anything about it. should have stuck with chevrolet.

  46. i have a 2016 dodge ram 3500 4×4 with only 80000 miles on it and its been doing the wabble stuff; i change caliper,rotors,track bar,damper,two new front tires two new front shocks and still doing the same i feel like setting this truck on fire i have spend so far $2500 on it and still doing d same thing dont know what to do even put an extra kit that everyone told me it will kill the issue and nothing DODGE NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS BIG BAD ISSUE just thinking of buying me a chevy even know i hate chavy but chevy owner are not having this safety issue with their truck!!!!!

    1. You’re right, we were all really hopeful that the updates Ram made to these trucks now nearly a decade ago would eliminate the Death Wobble issues, but short of reverting the truck back to a leaf sprung front end (instead of coils), its evident that the issue can still be there as even Ford SuperDuty trucks still have the issue, just not as prevalent as Rams. Overall, it can help to also understand Death Wobble to try and figure out what’s causing it. In most cases, Death Wobble occurs when the front wheels are moving at least slightly independently from one another typically due to excessive wear in one of the components that’s supposed to be keeping them tracking exactly together. You mentioned the items that had been replaced but didn’t mention the integrity of the ball joints or tie rods, which both are known to cause Death Wobble. Another very commonly installed item is a spacer style leveling kit when other components have not bee added to properly recenter the axle, such as a longer or adjustable track bar or radius arm drops. Surprisingly, insufficient tire pressure can even cause it. I would first recommend having the ball joints and the drag link and center link tie rods inspected for wear, and if worn, replace.

      Finally, while we have a TON of relevant articles about Ram front ends and Death Wobble, below are a few pertinent ones. Definitely check out the first one originally written by Carli Suspension that dives into great detail:

  47. Has anyone on here has fix or find out the problem of this wabble problem on this rams please post the solution on here thanks a lot guys!!!!

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