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Carli Suspension - It's not just about Baja..... Yeah, we know Sage Carli can launch a full sized truck over nearly any obstacle. If you are into Baja racing, everyone knows by now that Carli is the ... read more

Carli Suspension - It's not just about Baja.....

Yeah, we know Sage Carli can launch a full sized truck over nearly any obstacle. If you are into Baja racing, everyone knows by now that Carli is the name to go with. What you may not realize is that Carli has a suspension kit for your needs too. You probably don't care anything about having your expensive truck leave the ground, but you do want the best performance out of your suspension for your application. Carli Starter and Commuter 2.0 systems are designed to give you the best possible street manners compared to any other system on the market. Potholes disappear, you find yourself building speed on corners and washboard, and that's just when you are on the way to work. Now imagine heading out to feed the cows WITHOUT hitting your head on the headliner. Imagine coming back from your hunting trip WITHOUT needing a trip to the chiropractor. Take another look at Carli. It's not all about Baja. It's about YOUR truck and what you do with it. Stop by, we'll give you a ride and show you what you're missing. Just bring the checkbook and permission from the boss! One ride and you'll be hooked!

The entire engineering philosophy behind Carli aims to offer the real world Dodge Ram a suspension system that drastically increases the street drive of the vehicle while offering incredible off-road characteristics. So far, Sage Carli's suspension systems are the only option available where you don't have to compromise.

Carli products are designed to meet the expectations of both the daily street driver and the most extreme avid off road enthusiast. From the urban streets to the most remote places, Carli products will far exceed all your expectations.

Stock production trucks are built mainly to keep costs down. From a truck enthusiast's point of view these standards simply are not acceptable. From people looking to get a better ride with a more aggressive stance to people looking to get some serious off road performance, Carli understands the needs of these enthusiasts. This is epitomized by the ever growing list of satisfied customers. Carli Suspension’s relentless pursuit of producing the best performing suspension systems is something that can be felt every time a customer drives their truck. Carli wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here at Diesel Power Products we only want to sell the best and let’s face it, the stock Dodge and Ford suspension needs help. Your stock suspension system is designed to be adequate and nothing more. Carli not only makes the ride of your Dodge better, it makes it safer. Whether you are towing a trailer on the interstate or doing a little off-road adventure, we will attest that you'll be more than satisfied by upgrading to Carli.

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We get questions on a daily basis from customers looking to upfit their truck with a Carli Suspension Kit, but not sure which system is right for them. And we can't blame anyone, as their kits are structured differently than the majority of suspension manufacturers. While other companies have varying kits that simply differ in amount of lift height, for the most part, Carli only has two lift sizes for each application. However, there are multiple kits within each lift size that are determined based upon use of the truck.

To better help you understand, we have put together this guide that will hopefully provide some insight as to what kit is right for you and your truck. As kits move further down the list, the more off-road oriented they are, so even though there are multiple kits within each category, they definitely do not perform the same both on or offroad. Further, due to the structure in which Carli has kit their systems (with exception to a few), they are typically very easily upgradeable. So, if you start out with a Starter Kit due to either budget or current use of the truck, you can easily upgrade it to a Pintop 2.5 down the road. In many instances, the only thing you'll need to change are the shocks, and sometimes the rear springs.

Entry level suspension systems designed for those that keep it on the tarmac. Street Systems boast an aggressive stance while providing the user with more travel and control than the stock platform. Unlike mass-produced lift-kits, the above is accomplished without sacrificing ride quality or drivability as typically associated with lifting a vehicle. The Street Systems are fully upgradeable to the “Recreational” and “Off-Road Systems” without the need to purchase an entirely new suspension system.

  • Leveling Kit
  • Starter Kit
  • Commuter 2.0 Kit

Dubbed the “Jack of all Trades” systems; these suspensions are designed for those that consider their truck to be a tool. Carli Signature Shock Tuning pairs with industry leading components to provide users with more predictable suspension response while increasing in-cabin comfort. Systems in the Recreational category are a very balanced increase of both on-road and off-road performance.
  • Backcountry 2.0 Kit
  • Performance 2.0 Kit
  • Pintop 2.5 Kit
  • Coilover 2.5 Kit (SuperDuty Only)

Purpose built systems which drastically increase the control and off-road capability of the Heavy Duty Truck Platforms. Tuned for the unpredictable, this level of suspension system far surpasses the expected capability of an 8,500lb truck while providing the best street ride of any of our offerings. A roll-cage is highly recommended if the user plans to attempt to find the limit of the suspension. Ancillary components are also recommended to ensure known weak spots of the truck are coerced into supporting the newfound offroad capability.

  • Dominator 3.0 Kit
  • Coilover 2.5 Bypass Kit (SuperDuty Only)
  • Unchained 3.0 Kit (SuperDuty Only)
  • Performance 2.5 Long Arm Kit (03-13 Ram Only)
  • Unchained 3.5 Long Arm Kit (03-13 Ram Only)