High Pressure Oil Pump Upgrades | T500

Diesel Power Products is proud to offer one of the best upgrades that you can do for the fuel system on your 94-03 7.3L Ford Powerstroke. Terminator Engineering offers dual high pressure oil pump systems and high performance single HPOP's to give you that extra when you need it!

The high pressure oil system in the 7.3L Power Stroke is critical to performance because it is used to actuate the fuel injectors. The volume and pressure that the high pressure oil pump can produce directly impacts the injection pressure and duration. With larger injectors, or even with stock injectors and a high performance program, the stock high pressure oil pump often can not keep up with the demand, causing lower injection pressure, more smoke and less power.

The Terminator high pressure oil system doubles the capacity of your stock high pressure oil pump. This will allow you to get the full performance from your stock injectors, or run much larger injectors than stock. Every injector, from stock to hybrids to B-codes, will benefit from a better high pressure oil system. The Terminator couples your stock pump with a second stock high pressure oil pump. Using stock pumps allows you to keep all of the durability and reliability that International builds into the pumps.

The Terminator High-Pressure Oil System is capable of delivering 3650+ psi of ICP to your injectors. Having this kind of pressure available for your high pressure oil system means that you will be able to get optimum performance from stock injectors to modified B-codes. TERMINATOR supplies oil for the World's Fastest Powerstroks. Not a "one-off, secret or experimental" setup either, the Terminator HPOS is the same race proven system that helps power Snow White down the track!

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